Monday, April 9, 2012

Fun Easter Weekend With Family...

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Our 2 daughters, Courtney and Kelsie and Courtney's boyfriend Courtland, came home from school for the Easter holiday. Love it when the house is full!! Lots of food and laughs.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend...I know I'll get a text from the girls as soon as they see this post!!

Pretty as ever for Easter.

Then the fooling around starts waiting for daddy to come out for a family picture!!

Why didn't they go to acting school? LOL

We finally found daddy for the picture.

but laughing gets much worse after this, but I'll spare you.

Courtney and Courtland visiting at Grammy and Grampy's.

Blowing up some peeps!!

The before and after puff!!

Courtney also found a heart in her potato chip this weekend!

Baked Alaska was a here's my first attempt!

Yummy with strawberries!

Always sad when the kids leave and go back to school, but they'll be home mid May!

Hope you have a great day today,

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  1. I never heard of blowing up peeps. Any instruction? Do you still eat them afterwards or is it just for fun?
    The other Karen

  2. Looks like you had a great weekend. Your daughters are lovely, and the peeps, well, what can you say about the peeps! One of our area newspapers has a annual contest where the peeps are center stage, literally. The dioramas are amazing. here is a link if you are interested. It is called The Peep Show

  3. What a wonderful time with your family! Your girls are lovely and seem to have tons of charm - just like their mom, right?

    That Baked Alaska sure does look yummy!!! I've never made it either, but it's tempting. As for the potato chip, what can I say - an epiphany?!? hehehe

  4. Your daughters are so adorable! Are they twins? A heart in a potato chip? You should have sold it on Ebay! Ha ha. Your family looks like so much fun. Glad you had a wonderful day.

  5. You have a beautiful family. So glad you were all able to get together for the holiday.

  6. What a beautiful family. Only one of of college children cam! Our son had a test this morning. He sent me a picture of the church yesterday to prove he went. (LOL!) We had a wonderful week-end with our daughter. Our kids save peeps for camping then roast them over the campfire. (YIKES!)

  7. Tienes una familia preciosa, felicidades las chicas son muy guapas.



  8. Reminds me of picture time with my three boys! So much fun!

  9. Hi Karen!
    Well they sure grew up fast (in a blink) and what lovely young ladies!! Lucky you to have them home for the long weekend! Such fun!! Love all the pics...thanks for sharing!

  10. Beautiful family Karen. My daughter came home too, much to the delight of my 8 year old who thinks she has hung the moon! My 18 year old boy was no where to be seen though! Funny how that works out. When they are home, we never see them. Then when they leave, they always come home! It was fun for us too. I love having her home.

  11. Great photos, Karen - thanks for sharing! Your girls are gorgeous! o:)

  12. It was a good day here too this Easter!
    Thanks for sharing your family photos!
    Iv'e got to run out and buy some strawberries from the local stand and think of your Baked Alaska as i enjoy them! It sure looks YUMMY!
    Thanks for the ideas!!!

  13. What fun! Happy belated Easter!

  14. Beautiful girls! Wish my son could have been home for the holiday but unfortunately they are busy studying for finals. The Baked Alaska looks delicious!

  15. Looks like you had a wonderful Easter weekend. That's super! Family is so much fun!

  16. What a beautiful family, Karen. Glad to see you had kiddos home for the holiday. I have never tried Baked Alaska...was it hard to make? My 18 year old son puffed and repuffed his peeps in the micro - they keep puffing up many long as they cool inbetween.

  17. Family is absolutely the "best!" It's so much fun to see older kiddos still able to have fun & be silly. Looks like you had a great time!

  18. Thanks for sharing your family pic with us. We got to visit with one of our sons, but couldn't see our other son that lives out of state.

  19. No his name Courtland?? Too funny!!

  20. What a beautiful family you have!


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