Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sew Darn Crafty Party #38 MVPs...

Hi All...there were so many great posts linked to last week's Sew Darn Crafty linking party! Can't thank you enough for sharing all your wonderful ideas and recipes.

According to the linking service I use these were the top three posts...Sew Darn Crafty's MVPs!!!

According to my family all these recipes will be made...we're a big apple dessert family!!

All red links will bring you to their blogs.

First recipe is from Lucy from the blog The Farmer's Attic. This recipe looks awesome and the best part for me is the crumble that you sprinkle on top has melted butter. I'm not a fan of cutting in cold butter. Thanks Lucy for sharing a great recipe and for the melted butter tip love it!!

Next up is from Linda from the blog Lavender Ridge. This looks so yummy and the best part for me is the addition of cranberries. Love the sweet and tart desserts. Thanks so much Linda for sharing and for showing us your new apple peeler...peeling is the worst part for me!!

Last, but certainly not the least is from Rachel from the blog Not-So-Plain Jane. These are a definite "to do"...Apple Cinnamon Buns...what could be better. Her recipe looks very easy too. I'm not afraid to roll out the dough now, she makes it sound so simple. Thanks Rachel! Rachel has been a blogging friend since I started in January of 2009! Although we've never met, it's great to have made friends from all over the world!

Thanks again to every one,

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  1. Apple anything in the cold months is just so warming!!! And these are new ideas for me - the apple cinnamon buns type thing is anyway, so I might just have to go check this out and make some myself!!! Thank-you!


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