Saturday, November 12, 2011

Give Away Linking Party #2...

You know I love doing linking parties to share inspiration from around the Sew Darn Crafty on Sundays

Well, I was thinking, how about a linking party to share all the give aways that bloggers are having. Like Give Away Central!! So this is week #2. Click the link in the upper right side bar to see last week's give aways

Bloggers who are having give aways will stop by here each week and link up their give away they are sharing on their blog.

Why a give away linking party?
  • brings new friends to your blog who might not ever stop by
  • more entries to your give away
  • for the people who want to enter give helps to search through the ones that are right for them...all in one place!
Here's how it works...
  • bloggers who are having a give away will click the link below to enter their give away post. Follow the steps to add your link and photo.
  • to find the url or http of that particular give away post, just click the TITLE of the give away.
  • make sure give aways are in keeping with a "Blog Friendly" atmosphere.
  • Sew Many Ways has no connection or responsibility to any of the give aways that are linked...I'm just the middle man! Lol !!
  • when your give away is over, it's a good tip to go back into the edit section of that post and type GIVE AWAY HAS ENDED at the top of the post. Helps to prevent people stopping by and joining the give away when it's already over.
  • I will have this each week, so if your give away is longer than a week come back and link up again!

If you are searching for giving aways to enter, just click the picture and you will be linked to that blogger's blog post!!

If you know of any friends who are having give aways, pass this on so we can have lots of friends stopping by.

Happy Give Away,


  1. Karen, Thanks for hosting this fun idea for a blog party! Just wanted to give you some love for hosting and for having a fun blog. I've been following it for about 6 wks+/-, and I love it. And not because I'm a transplanted New Englander! btw, do a search for Foxworthy You might be a Englander and have a good laugh (if you haven't seen it making the rounds already). Happy sewing!

  2. This is a great idea for a party, Karen. Will the giveaway party be on Saturdays?

  3. Thanks for the party, Karen :) It's always great to find new places to promote giveaways.


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