Monday, November 14, 2011

Belt Makeover and Flower Tutorial...

Being frugal with 2 girls in college is a way of life right now. Doing simple projects to spice things up is easy.

Here's a new look for an old belt...add a matching flower and we're good to go!!

I liked the belt, but don't wear much pink...

All you need is some kind of glue and fabric. I used  spray glue, but Mod Podge would work great too...even just white glue.

I traced the belt buckle on paper.

and trimmed to fit.

Used that for a pattern for the fabric.

I sprayed the back of the fabric with the glue not the belt buckle.

Use a plastic sandwich baggie to press the fabric. Spray glue is very sticky.

Now for the flower...I just cut 8 three inch circles of the same belt fabric and one smaller circle out of felt. You will also need one pin back and hot glue.

You can buy large packages of the pin backs at the craft store if you are going to make flowers for gifts.

I pinched 4 circles with the right side of the fabric in...

and 4 circles pinched with the right side of fabric out.

I gathered up the 4 with the right side in...

and whipped stitched the 4 of them together at the point.

Here are the 4 with the fabric for the center of the flower.

Now place the 4 circles with the right side of the fabric on the outside around the first bunch. Whip stitch the points together again.

All stitched together.

Now take your smaller felt circle and punch little holes the size of your pin back.

Place the pin back through the holes with the back flat part of the pin on the back of the circle.

Hot glue the whole unit to the bottom of the flower.

Belt and matching flower pin!! Fast and easy!

Go through your closet and see what you can spruce up for FREE!!!


  1. That is amazing and so inspiring I am going to go rummaging through my closet this week! I really like the fabric you used here too.!

  2. A friend made me a similar flower out of wool recently and I love it - it's a soft yellow and perfect with so many things. blessings, marlene

  3. Funny what a little thinking outside the box can create... use your imagination and you will surprise yourself what you can do.

    I love to come on here and see what you have done. Thanks for the creativity boost you give me!@!

  4. Great idea!!!!! I love the end result.

  5. Cute idea! Both simple and classy:)

  6. Es un broche muy bonito y facil de hacer.

  7. Es un broche muy bonito y facil de hacer.


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