Monday, November 21, 2011

Address or Gift Label Tutorial...

You all know I love labeling everything....everything!! If you stand around too long at my house, you might leave with a label on your tuckus.

Avery labels are my favorite and now they come in the best shapes ever. They have the brown paper look in round, oval and square...great for your craft business. Check your local office supply or the Avery website. I have no affiliation with Avery...I just love them. They make business cards too.

These are a few of the ones I use. They're great for...
  • address labels...especially for all those Christmas cards coming up!
  • return address labels
  • gift tags
  • organizing labels

Here's a quick tutorial on how to use Microsoft Word to make labels. Mine is 2007 on my computer, so things may be a little different on yours. The process is the same...just the buttons might be in a different place.

When you open up Word, a new page will appear like this. Click on the word MAILINGS...circled in red

Then click the LABELS button.

A window will pop up. Click the word OPTIONS.

Another window will pop up and you will scroll for the corresponding number that matches the number on the label that you have purchased. My address labels are #5160.

When you're done, click the OK button.

Now click the NEW DOCUMENT button.

and the template that matches your labels will appear.

If you want to have your print center in the label, click the LAYOUT button and then click the CENTER button. It doesn't say just has lines centered in the middle for the top and sides. It's circled in this picture on the right.

Now you can go back to the HOME button and play around with fonts and letter size.

just left click and drag to high light when changing a font or font size.

Not sure about your printer, but mine has to have the labels go in upside down in the paper tray. Practice with plain paper before you waste the sheet of labels.

Hope this helps during the upcoming holiday season. You can use these for so many things this time of year.

If you make out your Christmas card list, you can type in all the address labels and save it on your computer and then just print it out each year.

Have a great day,


  1. Thanks karen! I have never been good at making my labels with Word. It is going to help me a lot!!

  2. Thank you so much for posting these tips. I don't know how to do a lot of stuff on the computer and you just taught me something new!!!

  3. Thank you so much for this. My MIL wants me to make her some address labels and this will help me out!

  4. Thanks for the help. I don't know if people take the time to say thank you when you post all these helpful tips but I know that I learn something new almost every time.

  5. This must be what Santa does. At my house, we don't know what Santa's handwriting looks like because every year, we get our presents with labels like this. He uses clip art to add a small image of himself to the left of the label, then he puts To: (insert name) and From: Santa on them.

    He also uses only one print of wrapping paper for each of us making Christmas morning easier on us so we don't open each others presents by accident.

    I sure do love how Santa is so organized, he must follow Sew Many Way's blog. ;-)

    Thank you for posting this to let everyone know how to make labels like Santa.

  6. Miss Karen,
    I don't comment much, but I always catch your entry in my Google Reader. Thank you for postings! I most appreciate the blogger tips and all your organizational entries.
    Have a great week and thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Just in time! I just purchased a package of mailing labels. I didnt know I could print them off Word. I used to use a Printmaster program, but it does not work anymore (too old!HA!)

  8. I have always wanted to learn how to make my own labels and no one would show me how, until now!
    Thanks so much and I'll have to give this a try!

    Hop on over and join in on my 'your choice' giveaway!


  9. Thanks for this great tutorial, I am learning something new all the time. You make everything so easy. Thanks again.

  10. Thanks so much for this tutorial. I've always wanted to know how to print labels. Your tutorial is great! Take care.

  11. Thanks Karen. I never even knew this could be done on my computer. Still loads to learn but thanks to you I'm getting there.

  12. Thanks. I use labels all the time but you gave me some additional info.

  13. I needed to read last week! I can't wait to try. Thanks so much!

  14. I love Avery Design Pro software which is available as a free download for Windws and Macs. Have used their software for years and find it very user friendly.


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