Saturday, October 15, 2011

Instant Wrist Support For Computer Mouse...

You know that if I do something, even something small, I'll take a picture of it and share it with you. Well, here is a quick and easy wrist support I came up with when I was on the computer for a long time and my hand started to bother me.

Works like magic!!

I already had the note pad...

Supports my wrist perfectly now.

and you can tear away pages to fit your wrist and hand!

Quick and easy...give it a try,


  1. In a similar way, I have removed the stress on my foot and leg when sewing by putting a small paperback book behind my foot pedal and rest my heel on it. Can't take credit for the idea, don't even remember where I read it - but it sure helps my sciatica and foot pain. Thanks for posting even the small things in life - they can be really big solutions for someone reading them.

  2. So ergonomic LOL. You could also sew yourself a nice bag stuffed with rice.. and it would be SEW pretty too. and mold to your wrist.. oh and no paper cuts. Oh, another thought you can put a rice pack in the microwave to heat it up and make it nice and toasty, or in the freezer and make it nice and cold to make your wrist feel good if it is feeling uncomfortable. :)

  3. I have a note pad that big and it should work perfectly! Thanks for the "Oh yeah!" moment.

  4. I love it! And I've been keeping a small pad of paper on the computer table already. Can't believe it never occurred to me to use it for my wrist. Thanks.

  5. Oh, I love this idea! I am going to try it for sure!!!

  6. I have a mousepad, one I've had forever, that has the built in support. It's real soft and cushy and doubles as a pin/needle cushion when I'm doing hand work in the evening! :)

  7. Good Morning Everyone!
    Actually, this is the WORST thing you can do for wrist pain! Preventing and allieviating wrist pain is all about how you sit in the chair and the chair to your desk!
    1. start with someone else looking at you sitting in your chair.
    2. Your ankles, knees and hips should EACH be at 90 degrees. If they aren't, use the other person to help you adjust the chair until you achieve this. You will need to lower or lift the chair seat to achieve this.
    3. Next, being sure you are not slumped in your chair, sit back making sure your back is straight under your head, sitting in good posture.
    4. Then, if your chair has arms, adjust the height or the arms of your chair so as you are sitting in good posture, your elbows are at 90 degrees.
    5. Your forearms and hands should be level with your bent elbow (at 90 degrees) to the mouse and keyboard. Ensure your hands are in neutral position, as if you are going to shake someone's hand. This is VERY important!
    6. If your arms, hands are level with your elbows, then move your chair to the keyboard. You may have to add a little keyboard drawer under your table, desk, etc. If you already have this setup, then now is the time to raise the height of the WHOLE chair so your forearms and hands are level with your keyboard.
    7. If your feet are dangling, find a little stool, a few old phonebooks, etc to make the right height to rest your feet, ensuring ankles, knees and hips are at 90 degress, and lower back is straight.
    8. If you body is in perfect alignment as above, you should have NO joint pain.
    9. Using those wrist cushions, etc are the worst thing, they change how the tendons, muscles and ligaments in your wrist work and will actually make your pain worse, NOT better!
    10. Another suggestion, is using a track ball mouse, so your thumb moves the arrow on the screen, not your wrist or elbows.
    11. This falls in line if you are on the computer in bed, or laying on the sofa. This is bad for your neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, lower back, etc.
    12. If you have any questions, please email me at
    Hope this helps!
    Love your blog!
    Take care, Leslie

  8. Wow, what a simple solution to a real pain.
    Thanks for posting.
    Warm Regards,

  9. Totally practical as always. May I ask a question? can a non-blogger, just a follower, win any of the many giveaways? or are they only for folks who keep a daily-or-so Blog? Just wondering>


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