Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tool Time Tuesday...Magnetic Clamp Sewing/Kitchen Helper!

Welcome to Tool Time. You know I love the hardware store. I roam around just looking at things and think to myself...hmmm, what can I use this for (other than it's intended purpose).

Well, here's this week's tool that I won't be using for painting! It's a magnetic clamp for your paint can.

It clips to just about anything...

If you do use it for painting, it has this little metal thingy that gets under the lip of the paint can to pry it open.

Here is the original use. Clamps to your paint bucket and the magnet holds your paint brush.

The metal part of the brush sticks to the magnet.

Not using it for that here at Sew Many Ways though...

How about clamping it to your stitching patterns to hold your place in the book and the magnet holds your needles.

You can keep several needles threaded and stick them to the magnet.

How many times do you lose your spoon in cake or pancake batter? No more! Clamp it to a bowl and the spoon sticks to the magnet!

You won't being fishing for your spoon at the bottom of the bowl any more. This is made from plastic, so I wouldn't try this on a pan.

Back to sewing. If you have a small table or something next to where you do your hand sewing...use the clamp!

Holds your pins and needles perfectly...never search for them in the chair again!

Now here's the best! I sew a lot in the car on long trips. I've had 2 other tutorials for sewing helpers in the car, but this is the easiest to use.

Just clamp it to your air vent and never search for you needles again!

If you think I don't use my crazy creations, here is a picture of my car Monday morning on the way to work. That red note pad is a tutorial I made from a plastic gift card and a name badge clamp. Way down the end of the picture is the clamp for my sewing.

The clamp is found in the paint section and costs, I think, about $1 or so. Well worth it for a needle keeper.

Here are the links to some of the things I mentioned above...

Click here for the note pad clamp

Click here for the car caddy tutorial

Click here for a cup holder sewing organizer

Thanks so much for stopping by. If you haven't visited this week's Sew Darn Crafty Party, click here to join the fun...everyone shares such great projects. Maybe you can link up too!

Happy Tuesday,


  1. I see handsful of these appearing in Christmas stockings this year :-)

  2. I have to have one of these, where do I find it?

  3. What fun ideas you have!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  4. I must pick up a couple of those, such a great idea!

  5. What a great idea! I am always losing needles in my upholstered chair that has nonremovable cushions!

  6. love this! I saw those at the big home store a couple of weeks ago and looked at it and looked at it and couldn't come up with anything... wonder about clipping to my sewing table to keep my scissors at hand!

  7. great idea, wow. Today is my birthday and I'm going to go to home depot and get one right now! Happy Birthday to me!

  8. So clever - I really love it for sewing in the car!

  9. I've got to get me one!

  10. Hi, Karen, nice to meet you. What a great tool. I will be looking forward to reading
    your blog to see what else you come up with!
    Warm Regards,
    Susan, Western MA

  11. I'm always a sucker for a good new tool. Thanks for your ideas, pretty neat.

  12. oh man! I need this the other day when I lost my tiny scissors in the couch! I looked for ever and then after finding them I realized I dropped my needle too. had to search even longer...after putting the scissors away. ha ha

  13. OK, I'm gonna have to see if I can find one (or more - LOL) of those!

  14. Okay, I've needed this since I was about 8 when I first started my habit of setting my needle down for "just a second"...and thenb losing it. It drove my mom nuts!

  15. Great idea Karen....i'll be on the lookout ofr these!

  16. Another winner!! Love it!

  17. Such a great idea! So glad I found your blog :)

  18. So clever, I agree with Chris, good stocking stuffer!

  19. Just picked up my magnetic clamp. Brilliant idea. Here's one for you: the toe sponges used for pedicures fit sewing machine bobbins perfectly. No more loose threads in the drawer. The dollar store brand will even fit into a "brasseler bur" box. Sally's beauty supplly's are longer.


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