Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thoughts on Thursday...


Excrutiating. Sudden. Pain.

Biting your tongue or stubbing your pinky toe.

I did both in the same day.

Almost brings you to your knees!! LOL

I know there are worse things in life, but those are up there.

By the way...that pinky toe. What do you call it...pinky, piggy, baby, that broken thing on my foot?  LOL!!!

Happy Thursday,


  1. We call it a pinky toe. And mine still is sore from the last time I banged it 2-3 weeks ago. It was a doozie!

  2. Pinky toe. And biting one's tongue is *nothing* compared to having a canker sore (or five...) and getting ketchup or something else acidic directly into it. Ouuuchhhh.

  3. I dont know but I think getting a paper cut on your tongue is really painful and doesnt heal up all that fast either. Getting a paper cut under your fingernail is painful as well. I'm always hitting my toe on something too.

  4. Been there, done that! Yewowie!!!

  5. Ouch!! Been there, done both! I always jump around after I do that as if that would help!

  6. Last night as I was walking out of the bedroom, and the dogs were being lunatics in the doorway, I swung my leg around their teeth showing wide open mouths to leave the room, and whacked the last 3 toes on my foot. OUCH! Heard them crack and crunch, thought for sure I had re-broken one or more of them as I limped my way to the sewing machine. They are fine. This time.

  7. And isn't it awful that we never really bite hard on anything, but when it's your tongue, it's usually a hard CHOMP! Why is that!?!

  8. Ya call it a painful toe!! Look at the bright side your tongue is the fastest healing organ on your body so it will be well before your toe.
    I stumped my little toe on my bench and broke it and it finally
    healed after months but it pops everytime you walk. Can't sneak up on anybody. LOL.

  9. Ouch!!!! Neither sounds like fun.

  10. Yep. We used to have a footlocker for a coffee table. Looked cool, hurt like - well you know. Ever seen A Christmas Story where the dad is in the basement swearing in what sounds like a foreign tongue? That was me when I'd kick that sucker with my pinky toe. Made up words like you would not believe!!

  11. I think I just broke my toe last night-not the little toe. I am surprised I haven't done this before. Kicked the wall where I thought the door was. Ouch!

  12. Ouch! I've done both and didn't like it at all.

  13. I call it 'baby' toe. My right one I have dislocated so many times, I just push down on the dislocated joint and you can hear it POP back into place! can you say GROSS???? And it hurts like heck too. Lucky me...and I live in a hot place, so dont like to wear shoes in the house.


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