Friday, August 12, 2011

A Place for Dog Leashes...

We've had this mirror for a long time. It's been used for many things...keys, hats, coats, necklaces etc, but poor thing landed in the basement. What to do with it? We have a blank wall in the back hallway where to take our dog Annie outside.

I thought about these sticky scrap book letters, but

decided on these chip board letters. This was my practice placement.

and here's the finished mirror in the back hall. "Doggonit, I have to GO!!!

Holds here leashes, collars and brush.

Great spot so you always know where her things are when she has to GO!!!

Happy Friday,


  1. What are chipboard letters? Are they stuck to the mirror or are they glued on?

  2. Very cute! What a great saying too. Nice job!

  3. That's so clever! Definitely made me smile!

  4. What a great idea - so cute!!

  5. You just have the cutest sense of humor! Love your blog.

  6. LOVE this ! ! ! I might just have to copy this and make a place for my dogs leash ! !

  7. How cute! I have the feeling some of my first-graders have thought the same thing this week.

  8. Really cute! I have to tell you what a great time my DD and I had spray painting a bunch of metal baskets the other weekend--amazing how that paint married all the different ones. Now they are perfect for her wedding reception decor!

  9. You have so many wonderful ideas. I really wish I had that gift but don't. So thanks for sharing all of yours. I don't have a dog, but I can see where you could adjust this idea to other areas. Thanks.

  10. Very cute idea! Love the saying too!

  11. Fantastic! Candace sent me a link to your post as I have 4 hounds.

  12. Okay, so Annie is spoiled. ;)
    Ahem...very loved!
    Loved this idea!


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