Saturday, July 2, 2011

Did You Know...

Just an FYI...Did you know a Pringles can fits in the cup holder of your car? Must have been a women who was PMS-ing who invented that can! LOL Such a clever woman. This was my running errands bad for you. Don't do this!

I love all the flavors, but Sour Cream and Onion does the trick for me this time of the month (wink, wink)

Diet iced tea...sugar free because I am a dental hygienist and watching out for my teeth...

Maybe I shouldn't be eating the Pringles and should be watching out for my butt!!

Why is salt so darn good?

Have a good weekend,


  1. I was expecting to see some fabulous craft made from the pringles can. slacking off for the holiday weekend?

  2. I'm thinking the DIET in the iced tea must be providing counter balance to the pringles. I really eyeballed the pringles good at the store today.. and got the pretzels instead telling myself somehow they were better for me. I'm trying so hard to be good. I gave up sugarry things, and then this last week I gave up caffiene.. and soda in general for water which I used to not drink enough of at all.. so I am really trying to be good.

  3. You know, I realized today that I am your groupie. I check your blog first of all that I follow. Just love your blog and enjoy all that you share with us. Every blog I visit, your blog is listed to follow. I know you don't get paid for this, but I have to say thank you for all of the time you put in on our behalves. You had me at hello.

  4. Now, if only the Pringles came covered with dark chocolate, I'd be a very happy PMSer.

  5. You make me laugh !!!
    My weakness is dark Chocolate. My husband calls before leaving work and asks how much and what kind of chocolate he needs to bring home.
    He said if he comes home empty handed during "that time of the month" it is dangerous.
    And I carry dove dark in my purse if needed.

  6. I've heard that chocolate is actually good for you, so that's what I grab when I'm out and about. It doesn't fit in my cup holder, so I just have to eat it fast! Yum!


  7. I thought to is not tuesday today (thinking you were probably making something with the can!!!) 8-)) !!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE PRINGLES!!!!!!!!!! If my butt gets bigger because of them, I don´t care...I will just get a pringles tatoo on it!!!! 8-)))) !!!!!
    have a nice weekend!!!!!

  8. Cute post. Yup! I'm with you on why does salty have to taste so good? I did the same thing, Mommarock, and gave up chips for pretzels....but not the same. I'm trying not to buy the drinks in cans, and using the 'singles to go' drink stuff and my water bottle.

  9. Evil salt, evil salt ! ! !

    Boy, I love the stuff
    but, only if it's on
    Lay's Baked Chips
    give me more, more, more


    p.s. I may have to talk to Gra about a tatoo

  10. I wouldn't have a butt if it wasn't for chips!

  11. It loooks like you are set for anything behind the wheel! Take care and enjoy...

  12. Isn't interesting how we want salt when we're PMS'ing. (Must have something to do with retaining water.) I know I love Lay's potato chips and ketchup during that time.... and because of that...I do need to start exercising my butt! lol

  13. Well I realize I really shouldn't say this, BUT, you can get Candy Melts, melt them, then dip your Pringles 1/2 in..Shake off excess and drain on waxed paper. They will fit back into the can, less a few you just HAVE to eat.. They are to die for. By all means, drink lots of water with these, it has no calories and balances the salt intake out...;o)

  14. And to think they just came out with a new Whole Grain one...I need to check up on that one...I guess no real potato...lolo

  15. I think it's a pretty balanced diet you have

  16. Just to say, it was a MAN [Fred Baur] who invented that can- and was SAO proud of it, he decreed in his will that his ashes should be buried in one!!

    but yes, they are addictive! blessings xx

  17. I go for the salt too! And I have the swollen feet to show for it. Totally worth it!

  18. oh Karen we must be sisters! I LOVE pringles jalepeno. my hubby calls them my stress chips! once in a while i think surely I could use this can for something. but it goes in the trash. you made me laugh! thanks for sharing.....


  19. Hey, I just saw a commercial for the multi grain Pringles. We could feel less guilty about those, I mean, we all need our grains, right? :)

  20. Don't DRINK DIET SODA/teas, etc! My mother died from Alzheimer's Disease and it is one connection they believe at least exaccerbates any neurological disease. She drank diet sodas going back to Tab. The imitation flavoring somehow makes a film (similar to plastic) on your brain and, at the very least, prevents your brain hemispheres from talking to one another. (We did have her brain autopsied and findings were consistent with research.)
    People also have larger waistlines if they drink the diet drinks.
    Either take the plunge and drink real soda/tea and save your brain, but brush/floss/rinse more or save your teeth by drinking water.
    My husband is telling me that I am crazy for even putting this out there, since I have my own monthly habits, too (which he has learned to accept and remain silent about)!

  21. Well, I can tell you why the salt on the Pringles tastes so good! It's mixed with potato and that's one tasty combination!!!

    Anyway, a few won't hurt you and if I remember correctly from your picture, you're slim and trim. No worries about your butt!!


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