Saturday, July 30, 2011

Before and After Spray Painting...

Thought I would share some before and afters of more spray painting adventures. You know I love consignment shops, thrift stores and yard sales too, but you have to look beyond what something looks like to see the gem inside.

This was an old letter holder with broken hooks...I think it was 50 cents.

The magic of black spray paint...what else but black spray paint for me!! Great spot for the kids' car keys and their incoming mail.

I couldn't find small enough hooks for this, so I used brass picture hangers and spray painted them with a galvanized metal paint.

Our sad mailbox was all rusted. Can't spend money on a new one when something still works, but just looks bad.

Hubby sanded down the rusted areas...

and then I used a metal primer...

Looks a lot better even with the primer.

but even better with a final coat of tan paint to match the house. I also sprayed the flag a nice new red.

An ok looking thermometer...

Much better with a coat of black spray paint. I used a plate rack instead of mounting it on the wall.

See that little topiary over there on the left? I personalized it a little with an old tie clip...

It has my husbands first name initial on it.

just clips to one of the leaves.

Adds a special touch...

Look around your house, attic or basement, I know there must be something that can be spray painted for a whole new look.

Happy spray painting,


  1. I've been spray paint'n things for almost 20 yrs, gosh that makes me sound so old. :-( In the beginning spray painting things irratated my husband. Now I go show him......say a.....plant at the store and ask "You know what I'm gonna do with this?" He'll say "spray paint it". LOL

  2. I absolutely love the letter holder and thermometer! Oh, and the mailbox!! Maybe I can talk the hubs into getting ours ready for me to paint! Thanks for sharing these great ideas!

  3. I forgot to mention I really like therometer. Never would have thought it would look good to display it on a table. Good idea.

  4. Wonderful...I took a bunch of things a few years back that were that old brass color and sprayed them all black...and I had all kinds of mis matched patio tables...I sprayed them all white...I love painting the tie clip...grat idea!!

  5. Little details that make big changes. I love your blog.

  6. Karen, you just make things look awesome, no matter what you do...

  7. I just scored some sweet shutters. I have many ideas for them. My problem is choosing the spray paint color.

  8. Yet another great post, with tons of fabulous ideas! You're awesome! I really need to look through that attic, and start picking things for these projects.....there is a ton of stuff up there just waiting! lol

  9. Just painted some lamps, some hooks (that were an ugly and worn brass, some baskets (yes baskets, and I'm eyeing some others now!), and also some letters, and light fixtures. I think my most fav was a brass chandelier that looked so dated. I painted it silver and then the ceiling medallion (that ALSO looked dated) I painted black. I was the best result!!!!

  10. Hi I love your site. I've gotten so many great ideas from it Thank you. Quick question when your spray painting furniture black, what kind of black spray paint are you using? Your's always looks so nice & I have a few pieces I want to paint to create a wine storage center but I would like it to look nice. Thank you. Tasha

  11. I love these ideas! I have an old milk can that my husband found in his grandparents' barn. We've spray painted primer on it, but I can't decide waht color to paint it. I'd love turquoise, but I can't find any turquoise spray paint. Any suggestions on a good color to spray paint it? Or any tricks i can use? Love your blog by the way! :]

  12. you can buy turquoise spray paint at Hobby Lobby
    $5.99 a can

  13. Really enjoying your blog! The thermometer is my favorite. I used the spray paint idea on a wine rack I got at the thrift store for $1. It was dingy and blah, but with a can of wine colored spray paint it was reborn! My hubby was quite impressed. Thanks for the encouragement.

  14. I don't know what I would do without spray paint. I spray paint just about everything.

    The thermometer looks so cute on the stand. I especially love the picture hangers turned hooks! I'm gonna have to borrow that idea!


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