Friday, May 20, 2011

How To A Mail Package For A Fabric Swap...

Here's a quick picture tutorial on how to mail your packages for a fabric swap.

Your package must include...
  • the fabric squares in a plastic baggy. Protects them if envelope gets wet in mailing.
  • 2 address to the host of the swap (Karen at Sew Many Ways) and another envelope addressed to the swapper.
  • the envelope addressed back to the swapper must have appropriate amount of stamps on it to get it mailed back to you or include the money for Sew Many Ways to mail it back to swapper.

Fabric in Zip Lock Bags.

  • I live in Rhode Island and most swappers seem to be from the mid west or the west.
  • this is the fast shipping 2-3 days
  • and weight or destination are not a factor in flat rate envelopes
  • envelope must say FLAT RATE
  • flat rate is $4.95

The second envelope is addressed back to the swapper.

This is IMPORTANT. You can either send me the $4.95 and I will put the postage on when I mail it back to you...or

The only other option is to put a $4.95 cent stamp on there or a combo of stamps that equal $4.95. They do have $4.95 stamps...I called the post office.

You can not put a METERED MAIL sticker on the envelope going back to the swapper, because it will have your state and a date on it. I will be mailing it from my state.

In the envelope addressed to Sew Many Ways, you will place your fabric, the folded envelope addressed to the swapper and the money if needed.

If you would rather mail it First Class, make sure the correct amount is on the second envelope and the post office weighs it for you. They will factor in that the package has a thickness of more than a 1/4 inch...that's extra.

This is for all swappers in the United States. ALL INTERNATIONAL swappers will get a separate email from me with the shipping cost back to your country. Remember...the easiest way for me to pay for international shipping is for international swappers to pay me through PAYPAL...unless you have access to US funds.

Hope this helps,


  1. Awesome directions Karen! Thanks! Jenn

  2. You've nailed this one Karen! Sounds like the best way to do a swap. TFS

  3. Thanks Karen. Will you be emailing us your mailing address?

  4. Thank you Karen you did a awesome job will be waiting for you email with your address thanks again

  5. Great tutorial, even for veteran swappers...sometimes we need to be reminded too!

    Shopping tomorrow for my red and white!


  6. from a postal employee, the first envelopes you showed, the address is actually on the wrong side of the envelope. they do have from and to printed on them. also you can use a meter strip, companies do it all the time, when the envelope is folded in half it is obvious that the meter was mailed to you for return postage. if you do a lot of swaps you can even buy the priority envelopes with the postage printed on them from the website and have them mailed to you so you always have one on hand. if your envelope goes over 13 oz and you have the stamp on it, don't drop it in a blue mailbox, you have to take it to the postoffice and hand it to a clerk over the counter, otherwise you will get it back the following day.

  7. You may want to consider double-checking on those flat rate envelopes. I recently hosted an I Spy Swap and the post master refused to ship out the fabric bundles in the flat rate envelopes. He said the policy had been updated and the envelopes could only be used for "flat" items. Good luck with your swap. Sounds like fun!

  8. You do the best tudorials. So easy.
    I was wondering if you could show us the red and white quilt in which all of us blogger friends sent you our red and white squares.
    I would love to see the finished quilt. If you showed it, I guess I missed it. Seeing all of these red and white squares reminded me of it.

  9. My fabric is ordered and I'm ready to cut. Who knew that the $4.95 stamps was for the beautiful New River Gorge Bridge here in my hom state?

  10. I didn't know the Post Office sell $4.95 stamps. I will have to check into that since I do love to swap and like you said flat rate makes it so easy. Have you seen the Flat rate bubble envelopes? I ordered some online recently. They open at the short end and they are that tyvek material. They expand a bit so they seem to fit more than the cardboard envelopes plus they keep everything nice and dry. They are free just like the cardboard envelopes.

  11. I mailed my squares a week ago. Hope the package arrived without incident. Gail


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