Friday, April 22, 2011

Paper Shredder Ideas...Easter Grass and Other Projects Too!!!

One last quick Easter Project...and other projects below too!

Do you have a paper shredder? You know the ones that shred important documents so all your personal info isn't in the trash for all to see. Well, get that shredder out and do some crafting!

You can shred anything.
  • old paper shopping bags
  • magazines and catalogs
  • old book pages
  • newspapers
  • old gift wrap
  • construction paper
  • those nasty little magazine inserts 

My shredder...well, actually my dad's shredder, shreds it into long strips. Some have the option to cross cut too.

Turn a little pink construction paper into a little Easter grass.

Too cute!

Or how about old book pages.

Love the look of these.

Just take Styrofoam balls and some Mod Podge or white glue and...

start gluing all the strips on to cover. I am in the process of making several of these to fill up a pretty bowl or basket for the coffee table.

Don't forget recycled paper for quick and easy packing paper.

How about a pretty colored magazine?

Shred it...

Layer on some white glue or Mod Podge on the strips and roll the strips over a nail or screw.

Let it dry.

and now you have a great bead for jewelry making.

I love my shredder...uh my dad's shredder. Maybe he won't miss it. Shhh, don't tell him!!

Have a great day,


  1. Está estupenda la idea de la trituradora. Se pueden hacer muchas cosas bonitas y a la vez reciclamos el papel. Un beso

  2. You always have such great ideas!

  3. Clever indeed! I would think he will miss the Sports Illustrated more than he will miss the paper shredder.

  4. My daughter is a elementary school teacher and I know she will love the paper shredder idea.

  5. I like the shredded book balls, they would look neat with an aged patina, maybe brush them with watered down paint/stain or just use tea. Hmmm I may just do those myself, if I can keep them out of the mouths of the dogs, that is lol.
    Again more great ideas!!

  6. I used my shredder for grass. Love your ideas keep them coming.

  7. I love the Easter basket with pink shreddings in it. So pretty and creative. Easter is wonderful,isn't it. It really gets the creative juices going.

  8. Good evening, Karen,
    Our paper shredder is jammed right now...too many bills, I guess. But as soon as it's running again, I am sure to try your wonderful ideas.

    Anyway, not sure you know about my Etsy team should stop by and sign up!

    Have a blessed Easter. ~Natalie

  9. remain my most favorite blogger!!! Love your ideas and your creativity! Keep up the good work!! love all the shredder ideas!

  10. I've just spent over an hour reading in amazment on your blog.....Martha Stewart got NOTHING on you.........fabulous, I'll be back often. I'm very yealous at your gorgeous sewingroom..........
    Thanks EvaLena

  11. The bunnies and chocolate eggs come only tell and remember us
    Jesus is alive
    in our hearts ...
    Happy Easter!

    Silvia Maria (follow me)

  12. I like this idea of yours! If you don't have a shredder at home, you can still make this by manually cutting spare papers. A shredder, though, can allow you to make a beautiful project like this!

  13. With the right organizational skills and 'green' materials, you can have a beautiful scrapbook without wasting paper products. These days, people are starting to opt for 'green' or recycled materials as their way of helping out in the conservation of our natural resources and be good examples to others.

  14. With this, you can turn garbage into treasure in no time! My sister has already tried this for her daughter's birthday giveaway, and everyone loved it. I will definitely try this project too!

  15. Teaching kids how to recycled paper would be a great help in reducing amount of waste. By shredding San Antonio papers they could make wonderful craft out of it. They just have to widen their own imagination.

  16. I shred colored paper that I have used for school notes (I like to use a different color for each course per semester). I keep the color separated and when I send packages I use an appropriate color for the holiday or mix colors to match the wrapping paper and or ribbons.

  17. I also put the shredded paper in used plastic bags when used for mailing packages so the recipient does not have to clean up a mess. I put some pin holes in the bag so that the bag s full of shredded paper fit in the package more easily.

  18. This is one way of expanding the purpose of business related equipment. There is always the question of what we will do with the paper we have shred. Well, recycling paper is not only beneficial to the environmental. You are also doing yourself a favor by disposing of papers with confidential information in a manner that makes them useful for other things around the house.

    Ruby Badcoe

  19. When I had my business I used shredded paper as packing material nowadays we add it to our compost:) I have also mixed it with cat sand to fill my "draft snakes". You can also use paper to make new paper..

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