Friday, March 4, 2011

Friends on Friday...Lots of Them Today!

First, I had a lot of giggle comments on my new Thoughts on Thursdays post. Thought I would add a day with just simple thoughts instead of a whole post or know, mix things up!! I guess I mixed things up alright...shaving is out of left field, far from crafting!!

Before I share project pictures, this picture below is from my bestest quilting friend Tina from Seaside Stitches. She is in charge of a yearly quilt retreat and she invited me to join in the fun. This is my first one, so wish me luck. I'm so excited! Aren't these flowers beautiful? She made them for challenge prizes. I'm bringing my camera, so I share all the pictures next week!

Friends on Friday is a place where I share YOUR projects that you've made from tutorials from Sew Many Ways. Thanks so much for sending me your photos!

This first photo is from Betsy at Little Mountain Gal blog. She used my car caddy tutorial to make this one. Isn't it cute? Love the fabric! Go visit her blog, it's full of hexies, needle punch and great wool projects. Click HERE to go to her blog. Click here for the car caddy tutorial.

This is Carlena's picture. She used the coffee tray idea found here for her husband and all their coffee supplies. The tray makes it so much easier to slide the coffee maker from underneath the counter. I LOVE the round tray! You can visit Carlena if you click here ...great site!

These last few photos are from Gail at The Fairy Gardener Quilts Too. Click here for her wonderful blog. She loves to use recycling ideas too. I used plastic cookie trays to store my hexagons, thread and here for that.
Gail uses these bread trays for so much.

Here's a picture of the empty tray.

Here are the pictures of how she uses them. So great under lotions and soaps to catch all the messy drips and water.

and this one is awesome. I know I could have used these in the past. I've ruined some furniture tops from water leaking out of a plant.

Thanks ladies for sending me your photos. If anyone has a project that you've made from one of my tutorials or projects...just send me a picture and I'll share it on Fridays.
If you have any projects, even if it's not from one of my tutorials...I'd LOVE to share those too. Just send me the picture and a link to your blog!
Have a great weekend,


  1. Those are all very good and clever ideas!!

  2. Nice ideas and interpretations of your ideas! Thanks for sharing.


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