Saturday, February 19, 2011

You Might Be on My...No Reply List:(

Ok Ladlies...I had to do it. I feel so badly when someone leaves a comment and you are set to "No Reply". What is No Reply you ask? Most of you may already know, but many do not. No Reply means...every comment you leave on some one's blog goes to their email inbox, but a No Reply has NO email address attached to it, so we can't correspond back to you.

Some bloggers may want to be No Reply, because they may not have a blog or they just love to only leave comments. However, over the past 2 years, I would say 99.99% of the people I contact to tell them they are a No Reply, have no idea they were and want to change it.

If you have a blog and love open communication and emails back and forth between other bloggers, being a No Reply isn't the best feature.

In the past, I have always tried to search out the commenter through their profile and leave a comment on their blog to tell them they are a No Reply, but this is becoming too time consuming for me. This week alone I had over 40 No Replies. I feel so badly that they aren't receiving replies here's my new solution!

A Weekly No Reply List: I know people won't mind their names being on a list, because they have already left a comment some where on my blog leaving their name and I know most will appreciate fixing the problem...I hope...if you don't appreciate it, please don't tell me or I'll cry, LOL!! I'm really only trying to help and this seems to be the best solution for all.

To change a "No Reply" status is quick and easy. Click here for 2 tutorials I've done on this in the past

So here it is...dun, dun, dun (can you hear the low drum roll?)

The No Reply List...

Kay Lynne
Southern Star
M. Rene Noyd
Allyson/HB Mom of 2
Cat n Cart Crafts
House of Hemingway
The Sewing Geek
Jill @ Blessing of a Lifetime
To the Moon and Back
Rachel @ Lovely Crafty Home
Goddess Mychelle
Delightful Order
Tracey @ Bits and Pieces of The Better Life
Nancy B
Stefanie Stanick
Barefoot Apron
Monika K
Emily Love
Lamb Around
Jessica @ My World Made By Hand
Humble Homemaker
The Whites
Hoosier at Heart

I will update this as much as I can, as needed. Remember, I am doing this with a BIG blogging heart, so I hope this is ok!! If you have changed your status and want to check it with me, just leave a comment some where on one of my posts and let me know you did. I'll email you back to verify!

Have a great weekend,


  1. I finally figured out with the help of some other bloggers how to link my email to comments being left. I think you are doing a big favor for these people.

  2. Well I'm a Debbie, and I didn't even know I had dashboard, I use google reader to follow your blog, but I checked dashboard and didn't have show my if I was one of your Debbie's thank You! I just showed my boyfriend your teak cheeseboard post and said we have to go find a few of them in different sizes!! Thanks for the tut :)

  3. Whew! Glad to see I'm not on that list bz I love comments back!

  4. Thank you I never knew that--don't put me on your list right away because I'm going to try to fix it! lol

  5. Hi Karen,

    I am a Debbie but didn't know if I was one on your lists. I went to my dashboard and it showing my email. So I am hoping it works. Thank you for sharing this info!

    Debbie K

  6. WOW that is quite a list. It is very nice of you to take the time to let them know. It is really nice to know that you comments are read and appriciated.

  7. You are once again an angel. I am so new to this blogging thing. I need all the help I can get! lol Thanks for putting me on your list! I have now fixed that problem! ::smiles::

  8. Thank you! I have that same problem with people on my blog too!

  9. This is something that absolutely drives me nuts. I'm starting to hate Blogger.

    I don't HAVE a Blogger profile, because I don't USE Blogger. My blog is self-hosted using WordPress. The fix you posted about works great - for Blogger users only. If you can find any other solution, I'd be happy to hear it!

  10. p.s. If you want to reply, you can reach me at!

  11. Okay, I think I changed it so folks can reply. Did not know only when I leave a comment will it show up, so now I also know when someone leaves a comment I can reply directly back to them, which is nice, at least to thank them for their kind words and continue on with social media.

    Thank you for this little insight!

  12. Love your little tips about blogger

  13. Well said :) It makes me sad as I want to reply to them to thank them etc. and I've done the same and nothing so leave a comment too. You go!!

  14. Well it's very sweet to know that you want to comment back, but there is actually a reason I'm opposed to adding my email address. My hope is that instead of commenting through email, you might visit my blog in return :)
    I'm not sure if it ever actually works out this way, but I like to think that it does!

  15. Ooh, and I am lambaround at gmail dot com, by the way ;)

    Have a happy weekend!

  16. I don't have a blog, but I love to surf other people's. I don't know how to find dashboard. I really don't want hundreds of comments coming to my e-mail box, but since you need to know how to contact me, here is my address: I love your blog and your clever ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  17. I have made so many great new friends by responding to their comments and am always so sad when a new commenter is a "no reply". I like to respond to each and every comment I receive.

  18. What a Good Samaritan! Thank you so much for the tutorial.

  19. Never even knew my Email wasn't showing so I hope it does now. thanks for the Tutorial

  20. Thank you so much. I didn't know I was a no reply, or how to fix it. Now thanks to you I do and I think I did.(fix It, that is) Again thank you. I'm now a follower, I read how to do that too! Happy Quilting, Toni Anne

  21. Hi Karen, I'm a Debbie, but not one of those on your list, as I get replies all the time.

    Just want to make two comments on this. Those that complain that they have no blog or don't use blogger. If you have a gmail address, then you have a Google Account and a Google profile. That's what you need to be signed in with to comment. It's easy to get/use a gmail address if you want to be a part of the blog commenting community.

    How about those bloggers that never reply to comments, even if you are not a no-reply blogger? Not nice. (And, I'm not talking about comments to giveaways, just plain blog posts.)

  22. I am fixed now thanks to you! Yay, this will make it much easier now :)

  23. Thank you, I was sure that I wasnt "one of those people!" but opps I was! So thanks for telling me how to rectify it.

    Umm you wouldnt know how to get multiple pictures into a blog header would you?

    And the cheeseboard button is so cute, I am going to make one of those when I find a cheese board at the op shop!
    Happy quilting Sue SA.

  24. I changed my profile, this time as you suggested. I appreciate the tips.

  25. Guilty - thank you so much for "teaching" us how to blog correctly, I certainly appreciate it. Hopefully mine is all fixed now

  26. I am guilty too, but I am also not a blogger...yet. I went in and set up a blogger blog to allow this to work, but the blog I'm building will be wordpress. Maybe this is the kick in the pants I needed to finally get started. One question, does my email automatically show up in my comment? I am hoping not. Thanks for calling me out. Hoping it works not. I wondered why new blogs I visited never commented back. I guess I know now! Thanks for the 411.

  27. Yes thank you! I am a blogger but didn't know you could email people that commented on your posts. I went and fixed mine I think. At least I hope so!


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