Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tool Time Tuesday...Easy Picture Hanging

Today's Tool Time uses more free paint sticks! Woo Hoo...we love free things. Just don't tell them we're not stirring paint with them. We'll be making a little gadget that will help you hang a picture on the wall...exactly where you want it! I saw an idea similar to this a long time ago. I'm just giving it a Tool Time Twist by using paint sticks

You will need 2 paint sticks, wood glue (or any glue) a pointy screw and a drill. You could use one paint stick, but I wanted a thicker stick so it won't split when drilling. You can also use a regular stick of wood, but the paint sticks are already cut and a perfect size and oh yeah...they're free!

The pointy screw needs to be long enough to have about 1/4" to 1/2" sticking out on both sides of the stick.

Run a bead of glue on the length of the stick.

Place the other stick on top of the glue.

Wipe off excess glue.

Place a heavy object on the sticks until it dries. I used clamps for mine.

Place a piece of scrap wood under the sticks to drill the hole.

Drill the hole smaller than the screw that you are using.

Now twist in the screw so part is sticking out the front and the back.

Place the object that you want to hang on the wall on the front part of the screw. It could be the hook from a picture frame, the ribbon on a plate or that tiny hole on the back of a clock etc. I'm always trying to guess where I should bang in the nail, so this is the trick that will help.

I will be hanging the decorative plate from the ribbon. See the ribbon on the front screw. While your object is hanging from the screw, decide where you want it to be on the wall. Move the paint stick around until it's in the perfect place.

Now with a little pressure or a tap on the screw, you will be making a small mark on the wall with the pointy part of the screw that's on the back of the paint stick, just where you want your item to be.

See the tiny hole? Now you know where to tap in a small nail and hang your picture.

Easy peasy and right where I wanted it. No second guessing where to place the nail.

Now there won't be 15 holes in the wall behind that picture you wanted to hang. Just one and in the right place!
Have a wonderful Tuesday,


  1. Just recently found your blog and LOVE it! Excited every time I see a new post. By the way, I covet your craft room and am in the process of stealing a few of your ideas. :)

  2. This will save me so much trouble! Thanks for your great ideas.

  3. Karen I just went back and read your doggie dishes stand..How clever, I must say. I have one of those picnic baskets in the attic, holding? stuff! Just can't part w/it.. This is a marvelous idea, I have a Boxer and that would be perfect for her too...and still have the basket..
    Idea: How about covering to top with a pc of kitchen oilcloth? I would be easy to wipe off and protect the top.....I think I hear a project calling my name..Thanks, look forward to TTT every week..

  4. Thanks so much for this post. I've been wanting to buy one of those Hang & Levels (I think that's what they're called) which seems to be about the same as your idea. Now I don't have to spend any money!! Love your blog. :)

  5. A friend of mine and I were talking about how we let our hubbies do the pic hanging in the house yesterday:) Too funny that you posted this the next morning!

  6. Awesome! thanks for sharing this tip!

    Have a great day.


  7. What a clever idea! Another keeper, thanks for sharing.

  8. Another fabulous idea! I could have used it about a million times over the past 28 years! But now I'd got it for the next 28 anyway! Thanks!


  9. O. M. G. It's so simple, but so freakin' brilliant.

  10. oh my!! I will have to make one of these!! I needed this years ago. I always place my finger where I think it needs to be and it never fails, I miss the mark!!

    thank you so much for your tips!!

  11. I know I've said this before but you are a GENIUS!

  12. Absolutely fabulous idea. I love following your blog.

  13. Great idea Karen!!! Now if you could install a stud finder on
    that it would be wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing.

  14. What a great idea. Thanks.

  15. Great idea. However, if you had posted this last Thursday I wouldn't have so many holes in my wall right now! You're the best!

  16. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing this.

  17. Love this idea--going to get paint stirrers this week. I have been in my apartment for over 6 months and have only hung 2 things, because I'm not sure about the height or where to hang. This will be a great help so I don't put a gazillion holes in the walls!!!!

  18. I love this idea. And I love that plate. Beautiful!

  19. This is SO clever! I always have to hide the half-dozen holes in the wall!

  20. I am just redecorating my room. This is a very handy tip. Thank you for posting it.

    greetings from Hungary


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