Monday, February 14, 2011

Guess What? I Started a New Blog...

Remember the Swap Meet I did a few weeks ago? I had so many wonderful comments and emails on that idea, I thought I would turn it into a blog all by itself. Much more organized.

Join me over at...

click this link above to go for a visit

but don't forget about Sew Many Ways #1, I'll still be here every day.

Thanks for visiting,


  1. Another great idea that is sure to be a sucess!

  2. I'm doing a post on the new blog -- Mr. Linky is super slow today, so I hope it shows up!

  3. You can do this for free on your local Free Cycle site. We do this all of the time on our local site. This past year we even got a couch from Pottery Barn - FREE. The lady was moving and did not want to pay to move the couch! Lucky us - it's probably a $1,200 item. check the ReUseIt group on Yahoo that serves your area.

  4. Another blog! You are gonna be busy!

    I wanted to put your button on my blog, but don't see the usual box with all the code in it. Is there some other way to put on buttons than adding that code? I just figured out how to put the code in the gadget area.



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