Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tool Time Tuesday...Quilt/Blanket Spike

Happy Tuesday! This week's Tool Time is from the hardware store in the tarp/painting section. If you passed by these little gems, would you think quilting, picnicking or the beach? Well, I did...a long time ago. We use these spikes every year at the beach. They hold down all four corners of our blanket or sheet. Just push them right down into the sand. A normal person would use these to hold down painting tarps, but on Tuesdays I'm not normal LOL!

These are 10 inches long, but they do come longer. I think they were about $2.00 each.

All you need is a spike and a length of ribbon (for each corner) and your quilt for a picnic or a blanket for the beach.

I used a piece of ribbon that was about 24 inches long. Fold it in half.

Place the fold on the wrong side so the fold faces towards the inside of the quilt and the tails of the ribbon are facing out.

Like this...sew in place.

Run the ribbon through the hole in the top of the spike.

Tie a knot or a bow and now you are ready to push the spike into the ground or the sand. This will hold down your quilt or blanket in any wind.

See that little hook on the side of the spike...you could also use a grommet on the corners of your quilt and this hook will latch onto the grommet. The grommet idea is in place of the ribbon.

You can also use suspender clamps or the clips from a name badge. You can find the suspender clamps in the notions section and the name badge clips at the office supply store.

Open up the suspender clamp...

place the teeth on the edge of the quilt and...

clamp it closed.

Slip in your ribbon through the ring and

tie it to the spike.

The name badge clip does the same thing.

Remember this Tool Time post I did a while ago. I used galvanized spikes to organize my ribbon. Well I used these spikes for this idea too.

These spikes are only 65 cents a piece.

Easy to drive into the ground and tie your quilt to.

I wish I could demonstrate how the spikes work in the ground, but this is how our yard looks. We had a storm Saturday and Sunday and we have 14 more inches of snow coming tonight.

I thought I would share this idea with you now just in case you were making a quilt for someone for this spring or summer. When you're done, you can just add the ribbon and buy 4 spikes. Place the quilt in a picnic basket or beach bag for a wonderful gift set.
I hope you enjoyed this idea and remember...when you're in the hardware store, always think twice when you're looking at something and think outside the box...or just give me a call and I'll come shopping with you!
Have a great Tuesday,


  1. Karen esta idea es buenísima. Se acabó el salir corriendo detrás del mantel por culpa del viento!!!!. No hay ferretería que se te resista!!! siempre encuentras utilidad para lo que venden allí. Espero que este año haya empezado muy bien para tí. Un beso

  2. Great idea for my beach sheets and towels and why not for a beach quilt! I am always learning on your blog! Stay warm, we are getting ready for the snow as well!

    Happy Sewing!

  3. Totally enjoyed your post today, as always.

  4. I especially love the suspender clamp! It isn't a permanent addition to a quilt, so any quilt can be used at any time. If it is just a super windy day out in your backyard, it would be a quick fix if you already had these made up for the beach. Just pull them out, and clip them on your quilt in the back yard. NICE!

  5. Karen,

    That is such a cool idea. Thanks!!! We went to the beach with the grandbabies this last summer and I kept "chasing" the sheet that I used for them because it would fold up and be hard for them to get on and off. Wonderful.


  6. Cute idea! Where do you get them all? lol

  7. You've got such a great eye for hardware finds! What a good idea!

  8. Karen, what amazing creativity you have... would love to wander the hardware store with you!! Thanks for taking the time to find such simple items that can make our lives more pleasant not to mention organized!!!!

  9. That is a super idea Karen. We all have had those runaway blankets before. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Karen, I think you just might be a genius!

  11. Karen, I also use these in the garden to set a nice straight line for edging a flower bed or setting edging stones. Love your idea though.

    Gail :)
    P.S. Snowing like crazy here in southern NH

  12. Very creative idea Karen, only you would have thought of that one. If I ever get to a beach
    I will remember that one. Thanks for sharing.

  13. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  14. what a fantastic idea, thanks for sharing!

  15. Muy bien explicado.
    Un beso Paqui y Mari

  16. I love fabric, too. I could spend hours in a fabric store, first touching and then going by color. I don't have much of a "stash" right now, but plan to build on that as soon as we get moved. I have given you a little award, so come on over and check it out.

  17. Awsome idea you gave me for the better weather, thank-you again.

  18. That's a great idea!

  19. After all the years of digging and twisting my corners into the sand... You are amazing!!!
    Thanks for the tip. This summer I will think of you when I sit at the beach with my pegs at the corners!


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