Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tool Time Tuesday...Lasting Templates

Happy Tuesday! Today's Tool Time is a recycler too! Whether you are a crafter, quilter or some one who sews (notice I didn't say sewer, because that can go either way if you know what I mean LOL)...we all have paper templates that we use. Most are on flimsy paper that don't last too long. Today I'll show you a quick way to recycle and make your templates last longer. I'll also show you how to make these 2 cuties pictured below from a hexagon flower template. The first is a note card that you can tuck in with a package or gift and the second is a needle case.

It's after the holidays and I know we all have these...gift boxes and more gift boxes!!

Why not use the boxes that might be a little dented or crushed to help make your templates last forever!

I know I use Mod Podge a lot (because I love it), but regular white glue would work too.

Paint the Mod Podge onto the box...

Place your template down on the wet glue...(you may want to make a copy of your original template and keep the original for safe keeping. The glue might rip the template when wet. It hasn't happened to me, but not sure how thin your templates are.)

and then paint another layer of glue (Mod Podge) on top of that.

Here it is almost dry, but I was off to work before a better picture!

So here it is all dry. The Mod Podge acts as a sealer, so it has a nice plasticy coating to keep it clean and the card board makes it so sturdy. If you need it to be even thicker, you could always print your original template onto card stock first and then glue to the box.

Now for the fun part...doing something creative with this template. For crafters, I'm using double sided scrap booking paper. For those of you who have fabric busting out of your shelves...just take 2 of your favorite fabrics and use Heat and Bond to fuse the 2 fabrics, wrong sides together. Follow the directions on your Heat and Bond...Bond, Heat and Bond! (I couldn't resist. I just watch a James Bond marathon yesterday. Sean Connery is my favorite!) This will give you the same look as the double sided paper.

Now just place your super duper sturdy template on your paper or fabric.

Trace...I used a dark pen so you can see it, but a pencil would be less visible if you miss cutting some of it away.

You have to fold along the dotted lines, so pop over to this post I did on using a tracing wheel to help the process.

Crease along all your fold lines.

For the note card, just add your little message.

Start folding one petal over the other and then tuck the final one under the first one you placed down.

All set for your package, gift or just a little love note. If you want to keep the petals sealed and flat you can add a pretty little sticker to the center.

Here's the back side where you can write their name.

Instead of a love note...how about a needle case for your favorite quilter or sewing friend. They'll love it, especially if they are hand sewing a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt.

This Tuesday was the best of a lot of worlds...
  • recycling
  • saves your templates
  • uses paper and/or fabric
  • project is quick and easy
  • and great gift idea
Have fun with this and Happy Tuesday,


  1. Great idea, and such a cute needle holder :)

  2. Thank you for sharing this nice idea.

  3. Love the simplicity of this project - I am going to try it for a thank you note ...

  4. Thanks for sharing this idea. Now I know what I can do with all that scrapbooking paper I've accumulated! (I don't scrapbook!)

  5. what a nice start to a New Year. Can't wait to see what you have for us this year...
    As always

  6. Gosh awesome! Love the link too it is a great place for templates to get you thinking of other ideas.. hmmm brain work...

  7. Thank you - this is a great idea.

  8. Another great idea! Love your James Bond reference!


  9. I always try to catch your Tool Time Tuesday post. You never disappoint me in your wonderful ideas. Thanks for all of your hard work. I am definitely going to try this one. Love hexies.

  10. Thanks for sharing such a cute idea, I could see those as party favor gifts!!

  11. Just love your Tuesday post...

  12. Another great idea! Love the needle case one a lot. I have seen the term "sewist", usually on Aussie blogs. It is a lot better than sewer!

  13. Cute...and will the fabric stay tucked under as well as the paper (if I make the needle case instead of the note card)?

  14. Thanks for sharing. Very cute idea!

  15. Oh this is so much fun! Thanks so much for sharing your idea and tutorial..Happy New Year too!

  16. WOW! Great Idea - it looks like I am just going to HAVE (LOL) to get some Mod Podge - you do such creative things with it. Love reading about your ideas and your life - thanks for sharing with us your blog followers.


  17. What a great idea. Thank you for sharing.

  18. OKAY! I didn't get very far, and I'm already enamoured!! I think I just might need to 'keep track' of you! On to the 'Follow Me' button. ~karen

  19. I am so excited to your blog. You have such great ideas. I sew for my granddaughter and her 18 inch dolls, but I might just have to try some of these great crafts. I used to use mod lodge all the time when teaching and always keep it in my closet just in case. Now I have many "just in case" ideas! Thank you! 😉 Ann


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