Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sew Many Magnetic Pin Holders...

Hello everyone. Hope you had a wonderful long weekend. Ours was great, but busy. I had so many posts I wanted to write up, but no time to do them, maybe Wednesday. After all...tomorrow is another day! (make sure you say that like Scarlett though)

Onto Tool Time...seems like I'm stuck on magnets lately. Last week's TTT was the magnetic business cards and this week you can turn anything into a magnetic pin or needle holder and I mean anything!

This package of 8 round magnets was $3.00 at a craft store.

These are 3/4 of an inch wide by about 1/4 of an inch thick, but they come in many different sizes.

Just take a look around your house for anything that will hold pins and then hot glue the magnets to the bottom and presto...a magnetic pin holder. You will have to decide how many magnets to glue on depending on the size of the item and the thickness of it. I used 1-3 magnets for the following examples. Glue them on and then test how well it holds all the pins. Add more magnets if needed. Here are a few examples...
How about a sea shell from that favorite beach vacation.

This was a Martha Stewart soap dish on clearance for $1.00. The girls use a pump soap dispenser in their bathroom, so this was never used.

This is an antique glass butter dish.

A little crystal heart.

A small porcelain dish.

A tea bag holder. I have a few of these that I don't use, because I keep my tea bag in my tea cup...nice and strong that way!

This is a little dish from my Christmas dish set. Great to change out your pin holder for the season.

This is a pillar candle holder for the fall...also on clearance last year.

Look for unusual things too. This is a ceramic Christmas ornament, but flat like a dish, so it works great.

Do you have a sentimental tea cup saucer that you may have broken the tea cup. You can also find saucers in yard sales or thrift stores. They are always cheaper when they've lost the cup.

This is a tiny wooden bowl. Magnets work great through wood too.

How about a cardboard jewelry box.

A tiny metal tray.

Last, but certainly not least, a little ceramic heart tray...perfect for your Valentine.

The possibilities for magnetic pin holders are endless. Don't forget recycling too. Peanut butter jar covers, plastic containers, frozen food trays or metal tins. Anything can work...just take a look around.

These pin holders will also make great gifts for sewing friends for Christmas or a special day. You can personalize the pin holder with that person's favorite thing. If she loves tea, how about a basket filled with the ceramic tea bag holder idea, a package of pins, a cup and saucer, some tea bags and a jar of honey. Tea-rific! (sorry...couldn't resist)

Have a wonderful Tuesday,


  1. Sew,sew cute!! I love this idea! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Great idea, I have some of those around here, somewhere, lol. I even have a nice small sheep bowl that someone gave me, will have to try it.


  3. This is a great idea for a gift. I'm going to use it this weekend. Thanks!!

  4. Karen, qué ideas tan maravillosas!!! Un beso

  5. Absolutely fabulous! Love it.

  6. Great idea!!! Question: Do you use regular hot glue to fasten the magnets to the bottom of those items? Or is a special type needed to hold them in place?

  7. This is just so cute!!! I also loved the business card ideas. You always amaze me!

  8. These are very cute, but I'd like to remind you not to put them too close to your computerized sewing machine, even a fridge magnet will affect your mother board and disable the machine! This is what I was advised when those big round magnetic pin holders came out a few years ago!
    Maybe you can keep it on the ironing board, cutting area, etc?

  9. You always have such creative notions! I love the idea of the seasonal containers.

  10. Can I borrow your brain for a week or two? maybe you just wanna come over.. :0 yeah that would be much better!

  11. Your mind must just be going in circles all the time.
    Once again you've got a really cute idea.
    I'm going to get a piece of my childhood moss rose tea set out of the china cabinet and make me a pin holder.
    After all I got the honey yesterday. (Just read my blog, you'll understand).
    Happy sewing

  12. This is soooo clever!!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us! I can't wait to get some magnets now. :)

  13. Sew clever and way too cute ! ! I never would of thought of this ! !

    job my friend.":O)

  15. How clever! I love this idea.

  16. Wow, I love this. I am starting to share your tips with my small group and they are loving them. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  17. Wow you are like MacGyver Karen! You come up with so many cool ideas! I woudn't know that the magnets would work trough the dishes and shells! Thank you!

  18. That is a really cute idea!! Thanks for sharing on TTT!

  19. Awesome idea! Especially love the jewelry box one..throw on the lid and you can take it to class with you.

  20. Very cool pin dishes indeed!!! Great ideas. If you want to go bigger and stronger, try the donut magnets you find at the hardware store. They can be up to 4" wide and are strong. I use them to make my own pin dishes from my longarm. But yours.... a lot prettier than what I've done. Thanks for sharing!

  21. This is a great idea for the magnets. But, you have so many great ideas and thank you for sharing with us. Do you have a recommendation for the glue to use. I find a hot glue gun doesn't hold very well. Thank you Dianne.

  22. Great Idea, I have one you will love since you like to recycle. My neighbor told me about these, inside microwave ovens there are large round magnets they kinda look like doughnuts since they have a hole in them. Sounds more fun than a tire, lol. But these magnets are very strong, you tie a string thru the hole and viola when you drop pins on floor, swing this over the floor and it will grab them. But like LesQuilts said keep em away from your computers!! So next time you replace your microwave, or find one road side grab it and get your screwdriver and get that magnet, you will save it from going in the landfil.

    Love your tool time tuesday, makes me think twice before I throw something away, we have a running joke, "Hey I can make this a sewing kit"

  23. Awesome idea! I totally want to go make one, now. These are just too cute!

  24. This is genius...I can't wait to try it!!

  25. If you are doing quilting or embroidery in a frame or hoop, you can put a magnet on each side of the fabric, and they stop each other from moving. A great needle holder for when you are changing threads, etc. No need to poke the needle in the fabric making extra holes.

  26. Thanks for this great idea. I have already made one for my pins and now will make one for my paper clips at work - I'm always using them and I usually get a pile and then bury them in paper :) I used a magnet from a hard disk. If you have an old (non-working) hard disk, they have the bestest, strongest magnets in them. You will need to pull the whole thing apart, and be careful, 'cos there are two (either side of the disk) and if are not careful they will snap together and catch skin or fingers; and that hurts. They work great for this idea - you only need one. Much better than buying a plastic pin holder - here in Australia they are very expensive and rather ugly. Mine is really pretty :)


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