Sunday, October 24, 2010

Homecoming Weekend...

This weekend was Homecoming/Alumni/Parent weekend at the girls' university. We had a wonderful day with them. The weather was perfect.... a chilly autumn day with bright sunshine. There was a delicious lunch (sorry forgot to take pictures, busy stuffing my face!). They served butternut squash soup, salad, green beans, cranberry chicken, pumpkin ravioli and apple crisp for dessert. I ate every surprise there.

This is our oldest daughter Courtney and her boyfriend Courtland...he also attends the same university. So glad he's with her...especially when they are lost driving to the movie theater and they call me at midnight for directions!!

Here is our other daughter Kelsie (on the right) with her 2 room mates Emily (center) and Amber (left). They made the dance team for the school and were doing their routine for every one on the school's quad for the autumn festival.

They were excellent!

That's Kelsie in the center.

The festival had games, crafts, fundraisers and more food...cotton candy

Freshly made kettle's sweet and salty and soooo good.

Here we are sharing a bag of it.

Fresh pressed apple and cold.

and we can't forget the freshly dipped caramel apples.

Here's hubby patiently waiting for us in the blinding sunlight while we were all in line for fried dough or some call them dough boys. Too funny how Kelsie's gym bag matches his outfit, but I'm absolutely positive that thought never crossed his mind.

They had live music too. Dan Mills was wonderful.

They had a bounce house, pumpkin painting...

and tons of carnival games.

It was the best day. We always hate driving away and leaving them behind. They'll be home for Thanksgiving in November, but I think we'll see them before that. Miss them all to pieces.

Take care,


  1. What a great weekend!!! You all look so happy in the pictures!
    I know it seems like a lot of time, but Thanksgiving will be there before you blink your eyes.
    How could you eat that caramel dipped apple???!!!!!!! So awful for the teeth!!!!...but so good for the soul...right???!!! hahahaha!!!!
    have a great week!!!

  2. What a gorgeous, gorgeous family!! :-) We had out college daughter home for fall break (and her 20th birthday! egad!!!) this weekend. Oh this time is precious! So glad you had such an excellent time with them.
    Mary Lou

  3. I am so happy for you Karen! You had a great weekend with your family! Priceless!

  4. What a wonderful way to spend the weekend with your family.


  5. looks like a wonderful time...just love kettle corn!

  6. Karen, qué día más maravilloso has pasado con toda tu familia!!!. Qué bien, hubo de todo: entretenidmiento, diversión, comida. Me alegro mucho por tí. Tus hijas fantásticas. Un beso

  7. I miss Parent's Weekends! It is so nice that the girls are going to the same university. Looks like everyone had a grand time and wasn't the weather beautiful?!

  8. How nice that they are both at the same school...makes things a LOT easier, doesn't it? (In many ways....for you AND for the two of them!) Looks like you had perfect weather for the weekend activities, too.

  9. I bet that you had just the best time seeing your girls!! What a fun weekend had by all! Yummy goodies to go along with it too!

  10. What fun! Great pictures! Gorgeous girls!

  11. "MOMMMM" at least they called.....LOL. Gosh I
    remember those days, my son woke me up at 2A.M.
    one time to tell me he was late getting home...
    wouldn't dare wake dad up.LOL. Looks like you
    had a wonderful family weekend. Glad you had
    a good time with the girls. My girls and I are
    going on a 4 day weekend trip this weekend.
    We are soooo excited. We go about every 6 mo.
    No little kids,no men, just us girls and we
    meet my sister with her girl crew and have a
    blast. Can't wait.":O)


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