Friday, October 15, 2010

Friends, Fabric and Food...

There's no better way to spend a Friday than with friends, fabric and food. Last Friday I went to a new to me fabric store with my friend Tina from Seaside Stitches. Tina and her friend Janet (no blog, but I think we should convince Janet to start one though, lol !!) invited me to join them for a day of shopping at Ryco Trimming Co. This store is amazing...6000 bolts of quilt fabric and trims to die for. I think I went to ric rac heaven!

Another blogging friend, Shellie, from Shellie Sews, works at Ryco. It was so wonderful to finally meet her in person.

The picture below was taken in the store. Tina on the left, Shellie in the middle and then me on the right. Next time we'll remember to take a picture with Janet and my sister...they were taking this photo.

Here are a few of the things I purchased that day. Isn't this the cutest Halloween fabric from RJR.

and great Christmas fabric too!

Here is a picture of the trim I purchased. I could have stayed in that section all day.

Isn't this JUMBO ric rac the best.

My sister happen to call me while I was in the fabric store, so she met us there too. We all went for lunch and had a great time. I made 2 wonderful new friends in Shellie and Janet that day.

Thanks ladies for a wonderful time!

If you want to follow two wonderful blogs, hop on over to Tina's and Shellie's blogs...they are fabulous. So many great quilts, projects and pictures. Here are their links...Seaside Stitches and Shellie Sews
Have a great Friday,


  1. Ryco is worth the trip?? It's been on my list for 2 years to go check it out and I STILL haven't made it there yet.

  2. I actually went there last year, they do have a lot of stuff and the trim is well worth the visit.


  3. Karen que bien que pasasdte el día, genial. Las telas son maravillosas y los adornos tambiénm. Un besote

  4. What a fun day! Where is this store? I travel to the NE a few times a year. I would love to find this place.

  5. It sounds like a very fun day!!!! Great buys, love the Christmas fabric!!
    No stores like that around here....

  6. So absolutely fantastic to meet you in person - I hope you make the trip often :) xo

  7. Sounds like a fun time! Love your purchases.

  8. It was a fun day! We should plan a field trip once a month!

  9. Looks like a great day spent with new blogging friends. Love the fabric and ric rac!

  10. Wonderful links! Thanks for the information. Karmen

  11. I just found your blog and its absolutely one of the best! I loved some of your Tool Time posts. I thought I was good at finding ways of "thinking outside the box" but you got me beat a mile. Keep up the great blogs and tutorials, we sure love them! Chris

  12. What could be better than friends, food and fabric sounds like me dream day!

  13. Sounds like you had a great time!! Would love to find a place that sells ricrac - I NEED big ricrac!!!

  14. Looks like you had a wonderful day and great shopping!

  15. Oh my goodness Karen, if I had gone too I would still be there.
    That is fabric heaven isn't it.
    Wish we had something like that
    here. Walmart has done away with
    their fabric so all we have left
    is Hancock fabrics and Hobby Lobby.
    When we go out of town that is the
    first thing I look for "A FABRIC
    STORE". My girls are usually with
    me and they hate when I get in a
    fabric store because I don't want
    to leave. LOL.Oh but where do they come when they need a project done.

  16. I visit Ryco quite often. My place of work is 15 minutes away and it's an awesome store. I buy all my trim there!


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