Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tool Time Tuesday...Flower Power

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of TTT. This time it's a recycled Tool Time. My daughter Kelsie received flowers a few months ago for dance recitals and graduation. I started saving those little water vials on the stems of flowers and then the plastic picks that holds the cards. Did you know that those picks are called cardettes? I just learned that myself.
Well, here are a few ideas I thought of to use these instead of throwing them away.

Here is the top of the vial. The cap is usually rubber and has a tiny hole for the flower stem to go into.

If we are going to be using these for anything else but flowers, we need to plug that hole.

The first way would be to squeeze a little hot glue in there and let it harden.

You can also trace the circle on card stock...

cut it out and glue the paper inside the cap.

and here you have it all stopped up. You could also glue a little piece of fabric too.

Now here are a few ideas to use the vials...
How about for the larger needles that are hanging around your sewing room. You don't use them very often, but you still "Need" them. The vials are great for hand sewing needles too. Keeps them in their own special place.

Just pop the cap on and they are all contained. You can also put a little label on it, but it's clear enough to see inside.

They're also great for all your machine sewing needles...you know the ones that you haven't snapped off running over pins, but they aren't sharp enough for fabric. I keep mine for when I sew through paper for craft projects, like the paint chip napkin holders.

and don't forget your regular pins. These vials are great to take with you to a class or retreat.

They are also great for beads, pearls and little doo dads.

If you want to keep the little container close at hand, you can try this.
Add a bead to a necklace or a ribbon...

Insert the clasp through the hole from the inside towards the top.

Pull until the bead is up against the inside of the cap.

Snap the cap on and the necklace is ready to wear. Keeps the needles or beads right there where you are working.

Here are a few ideas for the floral picks or cardettes.

Insert the index card into the tines of the fork of the pick.

Then insert the pick into a plant that you might have in your kitchen. If you don't have a plant, you can always insert it into a cup, can, vase or anything near by that will hold it.

It's just so handy to keep the recipe card up and off the counter. You can easily read it and it stays clean too!!

Close up of the tines. I'll share this recipes with you later this week!! It's a great one from my Portuguese grandmother.

Here's another great idea. The picks can hold your quilt patterns or cutting instructions. If you're like me, that pattern usually gets buried under a mountain of fabric.

Now it's up and out of the way and easy to read.

and don't forget the cutest pictures of your loved ones!! Who needs frames when we have free cardettes!!! That word is just too funny. I keep saying it over and over. I think my name should be Karen Cardette!! OMG if there really is a Karen Cardette out there, I apologize!

So the next time you receive flowers, make sure you save all the extras, because I know you throw them away. If you haven't received flowers in a while, go out and buy some for yourself...you deserve it!!!
My favorite flower is a tulip...what's yours?
Have a wonderful Tuesday,


  1. You are very very clever! How long did it take to think all this up??

  2. Amazing...simply amazing...!!!

  3. No proms or flowers in my future so the next time I see my sister's husband has sent her some I will snag the cardette! Love the idea of holding my recipe.
    Favorite flower? Yellow rose.

  4. Another great day on Tool Time. My favorite flower is the Stargazer Lilly

  5. Another great idea! Perhaps you should consider putting all your creative ideas in a book...

  6. I love how your mind works!!! I have always love lilly of the valley both the scent and the tiny bell shaped flower!
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. great tutorials. love your blog. consider joining us on twitter so we can keep up with your creativity. i will introduce you!

  8. Cute ideas, keep them coming! How fun!

  9. Good Morning,
    Congratulations to your daughter on Graduation and her Senior Dance Recital.

    My daughters also received many of these at dance recital time, and I couldn't bear to throw them away, so I gave them back to the florist to reuse. She look at me like I was a crazy lady! Now, I wish I had save a couple to carry when I bring sewing projects in the car.

    Thanks for the great idea. Take care ~Natalie

  10. Karen, these are great ideas !! Thanks for sharing...

  11. Okay, Ms. Cardette ... I mean, Karen. I love your TTT ideas. I wish I had such a creative mind! Luckily, I get to use your ideas - thanks! Calla Lilies for me!

  12. Love the idea for the vials. I have dozens of those out in the shed. I never throw anything out that could be re-purposed. I need to shoo the mosquitoes aside & go to the shed!

    Fav flower: Bright pink Stargazer lilies or yellow roses. (Yellow smells best - used to work for a florist & I've smelled 'em all!)

  13. Love your use of the cardette for the picture holder, great way to liven up a green plant.

  14. I love the tip, but the flower tubes I end up getting are always dark green and hard to see through. :( I'll see if I can snag clear ones from somewhere...

    My favorite flower is lavender. I also love the gorgeous magenta and yellow gladiolas I have planted, but I got too close to them with the Preen so they're not going to appear this year. Double :(!

  15. Your name should be "The amazing
    Karen". How on earth do you think
    up all of these wonderful ideas.
    That neat ideas and great for
    taking them in your bag on the
    My favorite flower is the New Dawn

  16. Fun tips. I'll have to put those to good use!!

  17. I have been looking for something to display my ATC's (artist trading cards). This is perfect. I can hardly wait to get flowers again. Thanks for your great blog.

  18. My favorite flower is Peruvian Lilies, a filler. It's also called Alstromeria. Really pretty, & comes in MANY colors.

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