Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Crazy Days Are Almost Over...

We have one more week of the crazies around our house and then summer can begin. Kelsie is in the middle of final exams, then next week is all practices for graduation on Friday the 18th.

It certainly hasn't been boring around here this past week or so...We are experiencing lot of "Lasts" around here...

Last dance recital. She was beautiful. She danced in 10 dances and was perfect in all of them. (proud mama!). I never took dance when I was little, so I am still amazed when our girls remember 10-15 dances for a recital or competition. I must confess, I cried after every dance. I think it was the culmination of all the dance classes since they were 3 and now to have it come to an end. I even cried when the little girls who were about 2-3 years old danced. It reminded me of Kelsie when she was little.

I never mentioned before, but Kelsie has been through a lot in her short life. She was born with congenital defects of her shoulder and spine. Her first surgery was when she was 2 years old to move her scapula down in the correct spot. She then wore a body and neck brace forever. Her last surgery was 5 years ago. It took 11 hours. She has 2 rods, pins and screws and her spine is fused from the neck to the lumbar. The way she moves you would never know a thing. I think this is the reason for the extra tears this recital.

Here she is en pointe.

Ballet. She's the one with the leg extended. Sorry so blurry. I had other pictures of the other dances, but they move so fast they were too blurry.

and here she is at the end right after they celebrated the 3 seniors graduating from the dance school.

Then we had her last parade for Memorial Day. That's her waving away.

Right after the parade we drove the family to Newport, Rhode Island for the day. Beautiful day of food and shopping. This picture's not mine, but isn't it pretty here.

I took these in a candy shop. Those huge logs are FUDGE!!!

These are freshly made ice cream cones.

Chocolate covered Twinkies.

and here are the slabs of fudge cut from those logs. It was ridiculously delicious.

Then June 3rd was Courtney's 19th birthday. Can't believe she's that old. She's grown into a beautiful woman right before our eyes. Smart as a whip too. Just finished her freshman year of college with a 4.0. Here she is with her boyfriend Courtland.

Bite of birthday cake...

and blue teeth from the frosting.

Annie wanted to give her a birthday kiss too.

This past Saturday was Kelsie's senior prom (last prom for us). She was so pretty (tears again).

Here is her date for the night. Very nice boy.

This last pictures is with one of her best friends Sofia. Kelsie put together this split picture of the two of them in first grade. They were both in the play The Wizard of Oz. Kelsie was Dorothy and Sofia the Scarecrow. This makes me cry again. Where does the time go?

We have one more week of activities and I'll be back in full blogging swing. I have some snowballs to show you and other projects in the works...just bear with me. I think my last day to cry is next Friday!
See you in a little bit,


  1. Oh my God!!! You made me cry during the entire post!!!! Your daughters are beautiful and very talented both!!! Watch out! You sound like you will feel the "empty nest syndrome" soon. Will both your daughters be away for school????
    Congratulations to your girls for all they have accomplished and congratulations to the parents too!!

  2. Karen, I am in tears too! You are going to be emotionally exhausted before the week is out. It is so evident in this post just how much you love and are proud of your daughters. Wonderful achievements for both and fantastic days ahead too!

  3. Your girls are so beautiful... looks you have a million reasons to be proud!

  4. Beautiful girls ,they do grow up quickly .

  5. You should be proud, you raised a wonderful daughter. With all she has been through, she has come out strong and independent.


  6. Karen, it is definitely encouraging to hear of Kelsie's trials and how she has not let them slow her down or hinder her activities! She is very beautiful! I can definitely relate. I was diagnosed with scoliosis as a child and wore a back brace for close to 4 years. It didn't slow me down, either, and I was an avid gymnast thru it all! I now struggle with arthritis in my back, though, and wish I could move like I did back then! So, cheers for Kelsie and all your beautiful daughters and their accomplishments you've shared recently! Jenn

  7. Ah...we did that whole many years of dance (and the girls were even "student teachers" while in their last couple of years there), so I know how you feel. Your gals are beautiful and you can be very proud. What is Courtney's major at college...a 4.0 is WONDERFUL!!!

  8. Awwwwwwwwwww darling, happy proud mama tears... I'm right there with ya! Your girls are absolutely gorgeous Karen, and they'll always be your little girls, no matter how grown up they are! The "last times" are so sad... but there sure are many firsts to look forward to as well!:-) What a wonderful journey it is to be a mother xxxxxxxxxxx

    Hugs and love - deep from the bottom of my heart!!!
    Vikki xoxo

  9. what a beauty she is, I can see why there were tears at the recital and whith prom...they grow up so fast and your daughter over came so many obstacles....amazing young lady.

  10. What a beautiful post Karen...thanks for sharing with us all this precious moments... Cherish each and everyone of them...

    Your girls are gorgeous...and to know that no matter how hard the road may have been ...they have succeeded... mature and gotten stronger in the process ...

    May God keep blessing you and your beautiful family...



  11. Your girls are wonderful, no wonder you feel so proud. We have a fudge shop in Sydney just the same.

  12. oh I know exactly what your saying....M's graduation if the 18th as well, each day is the last for something around here too
    when I dropped her off at school on Monday it was the last day of classes....just so weird, where did the time go?
    oh Love newport we will be there on sunday for a baptism....enjoy every miinute this next week, we are looking forward to July doing what we want everyday before august begins the countdown till she leaves for college....

  13. Those 'lasts' are always so special and so difficult. You have two lovely daughters.

  14. Beautiful pictures and story, Karen. Very inspiring! You did a good job raising those two! Enjoy this last week and the summer to come.

  15. Beautiful girls - and so accomplished. It's fabulous that K has been able to work past the physical problems and dance so beautifully - I have a niece with mild Cerebral Palsy who struggled with leg cramps at every exercise and is now dancing and teaching dance and offered dance scholarships - it's wonderful! Kudos to the moms who support and encourage these young ones through the struggles!

  16. Such wonderful and touching moments in your life. It is always so hard to see them moving on and experiencing all of the lasts. I know there are big events ahead that will overshadow all that you have experienced already, but time does go by way too fast.

    Your girls are both beautiful.

  17. What a lovely family! Definitely proud parents and I can't imagine your DH didn't have some misty eyes either, looking at these fine young women. Congratulations on raising such a pair of accomplished girls. Hugs!

  18. Your daughters are beautiful and leaving the it should be , doesn't mean you can't have some tears...

  19. What beautiful daughters you have. Congratulations, I will be going through some of the same things this time next year.

  20. Your girls are beautiful like their
    mother. They grow up way too fast.
    Then you get to do it all over again with grandchildren. There is
    nothing wrong with a few tears and
    being a proud Mom. ":O)

  21. Your daughter is so talented and beautiful! Congratulations!

  22. Aw, you had me all teary by the end!! My baby girl is going to be 13 in a couple of weeks, and my boy will be a sophomore in the fall. where DOES the time go???

  23. Beautiful daughters, you can be proud of them. Thank for sharing these emotional moments.


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