Saturday, April 10, 2010

Do You Know There's a Ruler in Your Wallet...

Here's a quick have a ruler in your wallet and you don't even know it. A US paper bill is approximately 6 inches x 2 1/2 inches. (6 1/8th ", give or take).

If you are out shopping at a yard/tag sale, consignment shopping or thrifting and don't have a tape measure with you, just take out a dollar bill. I keep a little list going of the items I am looking for, like furniture, side tables, baskets, frames etc. I also keep the size of the items I need on the list. If I forget a tape measure, all I need to do is take out a bill and measure it!!!

For other countries, just measure your paper bill and you'll have a handy ruler too!!

Have fun shopping and now you won't come home with the "perfect" basket for your closet that sticks out 5 inches too much!!

Have a great day,


  1. Great tip...

    I found a small round (orange!) retractable measuring tape at my local dollar store. I keep it in my purse for will also keep a child (over 18mos) very quiet... They love to pull out the tape and push the button...

  2. Wow that is amazing..... just love the pictures of your sewing room on the awesome!!

  3. This is such a good tip and then I remembered that Australian money is all different sizes so I have different size rulers in my purse!

    I think I'll pick one bill, measure it and use that as my reference!(Probably a 5 since that's most likely what I would have!)

  4. Thanks for the information. Hugs from Brazil.

  5. Great I need to how big is my credit card!! heeee hheee
    Take care!!

  6. I would have to measure my debit card since I never have cash in my wallet :)

    Great tip!

  7. That's a great tip to remember if I ever have any cash on me! My one credit card that I use for absolutely every purchase, then pay the bill as soon as it arrives, is way too small to use as a measuring device! I have a friend who measured her foot and always used it to measure things because it was exactly 10 inches long! Mine are about 8 1/2 which would require too much high level math to figure anything out, so I just keep a handy little measuring tape in my purse.

    You always come up with the most clever uses for things!


  8. Thanks for the great tip Karen! I have to try to remember that!

    Happy sewing!

  9. What a great tip! I always forget my measuring tape and this will come in so handy. I hope you are having a good weekend!

  10. I always try to carry a measuring tape but now I know what to do when I don't have it! Thanks.

  11. Karen~ I saw that on Oprah's show
    a very long time ago. I use it when
    I am at a flea market and have left
    my ruler at the camper,which I do
    sometimes. It really does come in
    handy and works great. Thanks for
    letting everyone know.:O)

  12. Great idea and something we always have with us.
    Wondering how many flood damaged items will be in the yard sales this year;)


  13. Too funny! I would have never thought of that. But then again that is why you are so smart, you need to tell us!! Thank you! This is something I will always remember now.

  14. And here I carry a little "pull-out" ruler that is metal in my those kind constuction workers use - only mine is a mini version of it.

  15. Stretch out your hand all the way and see how far you can reach from the tip of your thumb to the tip of your pinkie (measure on a ruler). I can span 8", so that's my built-in ruler, always "handy." :)

  16. Now, I just have to remember that when I need a quick ruler. Thanks for the reminder!

  17. Thanks for the tip.I did not know this.

  18. I use this tip a lot. It is surprising how many people do not know this.

  19. so simple, so clever.
    can't believe I didn't know this.

  20. Great little tip!

    I actually know all the odd little measurements of my hand. My palm is 4", my middle finger is 3", the middle phalanx of my index finger is 1", the middle phalanx of my middle finger is 1¼", and the interior of my forearm is 8".

    I look like a crazy person is stores, measuring stuff out with the various parts of my hand and arm...


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