Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tool Time Tuesday...Card Display

It's that time when the Christmas cards start coming in the mail. What to do with them? Why not hang them on the door. I know this is not a new idea, but this Tool Time Tuesday uses over the door hooks from the hardware store.


For this project you will need fabric, 2 plastic rings, 2 over the door hangers and elastic. I used 3/4", but you can use wider...I just didn't have it.

These little extras are for the clips that hold the cards on. You can use anything even clothespins.

I started with 2 strips of 2 1/2" wide Christmas fabric. Cut them the width of fabric...so 42"-44" long.

Here's a close up of the fabric...Moda by 3 Sisters, I think Maison de Noel.

Take the 2 strips and sew the short ends right sides together.

I used 1/4" seam in black thread so you can see.

Now you have one long strip about 88" long.

Fold over both long sides about 1/4". Press with iron.

Fold in half wrong sides together...the entire length. The piece should now be about 1 inch wide by 88" long.

Now sew close to the edge along the full length of the strip.

Roll this seam to the middle and press.

Flip it over and you now have a flat tube, without having to turn it right side out!!

Take your elastic and cut a piece about 48" long. Why that length? Not sure...I just hung it on the hook, stretched it out and then cut it. The trick is to have about double the amount of fabric as elastic to give it the ruffled effect. Now use a safety pin to run the elastic through.

Sew through all thicknesses to secure the elastic at both ends.

Push the end through the ring and fold over to the side with the seam.

Sew down both ends to secure.

Place one hook on the top of the door.

and the other on the bottom of the door, upside down.

Loop one ring over each hook.

Add a ribbon or greenery for decoration.

Now you can hot glue little doo dads to the paper clips for added color.

and now you are ready to hang all your cards as they start coming in.

Don't forget the clothespins too.

You can always paint them to match.

Bring 'em on postman...I'm ready!!

I had mentioned in an earlier post that this could be used all year long. If you made them to match you room, you could use them for:
  • the inside of you kitchen cabinet to hold recipe cards that you use all the time
  • in your children's room on the door or closet to hold their artwork or school work
  • in the sewing room to keep track of inspirational pictures or patterns that you want to do
  • or in your office for that "to do" list or family photos
The possibilities are endless for these and so cute to have the fabrics match the room.
Have fun making these and have a great Tuesday,


  1. This is great idea Karen!
    Think I might need to make one for my sewing room later on and I love the Christmas card use... perfect!

    Your decorating hints and tips and especially your decorations look wonderful!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours my friend,
    Robyn xx

  2. Hi Karen!
    Nothing related to this post, but the I spy swap package arrived Saturday! Woohoo! So many lovely fabrics. Thanks again for hosting and also for the nice gift you made for each of us!

  3. well that's a neat idea, would make a lovely change from the wool or string that I hang up..........

    Gill in Canada

    (I am featuring Feliz Navidad as my Christmas song video today; there's a new one every day!)

  4. What an interesting way to do it! Much better than a 'clothesline' approach... very clever (yet again)...

    Hugs - Shari

  5. Love this idea! Another great one. Thanks.

  6. I always thought of hanging wide ribbon down the door for cards but didn't because I thought it would swing and sway every time someone used the door. This solves that problem. Yay! I'm going to try it. Thanks.

  7. That is something that I have never seen before and it is brilliant!

  8. What a clever idea. I am always amazed at your creativity.

  9. Ah, I so look forward to Tuesdays! I use double sided tape attach clothes pin and it's inside my cupboard for recipes. I also have same thing for my rubber gloves..works so well.
    Great stuff...am saving my cans for making can project....

  10. that is just brilliant! I'm doing that this year!! Thank you! (is it wrong that one wakes up on Tuesday mornings, pours a coffee and stumbles to the computer just so that I can check out what today's tooltime tuesday is?)

  11. Great idea. I love the buttons on the paper clips.

  12. I love it! thanks for the great tutorial so I can make one too. Karmen

  13. Awesome idea! You are so darn crafty! Thanks for sharing... 8-)

  14. What a clever, wonderful idea! I love it. Thanks for sharing

  15. I love this idea! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Love this idea. I think I will try it. Never saw this done before.

  17. This is a great idea! I am going to try the one inside the kitchen cabinent..but I'm going to use my fav and yours: Command strips with hooks! I just LOVE those puppies...I should buy them by the case!

  18. I really think this is a cute idea and I sure could use one in my sewing room--so I will have put the supplies on my list!!! Thanks--Happy Holidays--Hugs, Di
    I did show my "I Spy" blocks on my site last week--but keep forgetting to say a BIG thankyou for organizing it--I can;t wait to work with the blocks--plus I have decided it is about the only kind of swap I want to do from now on--so hope you decide to do another one sometime in the new year?????

  19. Love this idea! Receiving a Christmas card is such a joy and this is a fun way to display them, thanks for sharring! : )

  20. Just wanted to tell you that I bought some of the removable hooks and have already put up two: one on the front door for my Quilted Tree and one holding a calendar. These are really great: thanks again.

  21. Brilliant as usual! Thanks

  22. This would be cute to hold little girl barrettes on too!

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  24. You are too clever!! What a great idea. I might even be able to adapt this to use in my mom's nursing home room. Her bulletin board fills up fast!

  25. I just scrolled through your decorating pictures, WOW, can I come to your house? Or better yet, can you come to my house and decorate for me? What a big job, it's beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing your corner of the world!

  26. Great idea - I'm going to try this! And maybe a birthday one, too. My kids get lots of birthday cards from family and we usually tack them up, but this would be so much better. You have a beautiful tree, too!

  27. This is really a cool idea and with tons of uses. Great job.

  28. This is such a cute way to display your cards...tooo neat

  29. Thanks for the instructions. I post a picture on my blog of mine.
    Merry Christmas

  30. Thanks, Karen. I made mine today and hung it up using 3M control hooks...couldn't find an over the door hook thin enough for my rings. It's full already. I need to make another one. http://www.flickr.com/photos/44209534@N02/4206657161/

  31. that is such a cute idea! I will have to try it for next year :)

  32. This is great! I'm going to link it to it on Sew What. http://www.sewwhattoday.blogspot.com

  33. Another great idea!! Thank you again clever Lady.. :)

  34. I love this! It is SEW cute! I think on the inside of a cupboard I would use cup hooks to hold it on, just my my one cent's worth..haha!p.s. I've been on your site all afternoon going through all the TTT's!I'm soooo glad I found your blog! Sew much fun!
    one last thing, I noticed every time I get down to where the worldwide clock is, the whols site stops up. I puts a hitch in the giddy-up of scrolling down...hmmmm

  35. Def gonna mak one of these for my sewing room! I've seen and even made similar ones before but this is the best version of this idea i've seen. Top marks, Karen. LOVE it! xx


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