Monday, July 6, 2009

A few questions and a New Do...

Hello everyone. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. We finally had sun here in the northeast 2 days in a row. I was on vacation last week and it rained every day. Wednesday was the worst...5 1/2" in one short span. The rain was ok with me, because I finished so many house projects last week...very productive. We went to bed dog tired every night. I just have one more painting project to do before we have a graduation party for Courtney in a few weeks.
The title of this post is "a few questions and a new do", so here's the question part.
  • What are your feelings or thoughts on answering back to comments that were sent to you?
  • Do you respond to every comment on every single post, because some of you post everyday?
  • Do you get the guilts like I do when you don't respond back in time or at all because the next round of comments has come in for the next post?
  • I'm new to blogging, only 6 months, so I'm not sure of the blog etiquette. Are there any about replying back?

Ok, now onto the second part of the new hairdo!! I have to color my hair every 4 weeks to cover the gray. I wanted to go a little darker this time. My hairdresser actually keeps track of the color numbers every time. I have been this color before, but it's been a while. I also cut it short too. I wanted the back to be a little wedged. I was afraid, so she only angled it a little...I think I'll go more next time.

Have a great day and I'll see you tomorrow for Tool Time Tuesday. This is when my guilt begins, because I work 12:00 to 7:00 pm tonight. Then I work tomorrow from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm and that 2 whole days of comments. The only thing is I love, love, love bring 'em on. I just might reply to you next month though!!!


  1. Love the new hair-do! It looks great! And I do reply to every comment I get, but I don't get very many compared to you. Sometimes when I don't hear back from someone after leaving a comment I wonder if I should even bother to leave a comment again. I don't know if they read it and don't have time to reply or aren't interested in replying or what. To me it's a courtesy thing...if someone takes the time to leave me a comment, I will take the time to reply to them. But that's just me. :0)

  2. Love your new do - perfect!

    Oh, I struggle with the comment/response thing so much! I don't always receive responses to the comments I leave and I don't always respond to the comments left on my blog! I believe the proper etiquette would be to respond to a comment but it's just not always possible (for me and for others) I don't know the correct answer to this one and have asked on my blog numerous times and received a mixed bag of comments. Sigh!

  3. I'll be anxious to read the responses. I do my very best to reply to all comments, but I'm not a prolific blogger so the number of comments I get reflect that. Love the do!

  4. The hair is great.

    I don't/can't respond to all comments and I don't expect to receive responses to all comments. I try to respond to a comment from a new visitor and intermittently on other comments. I have a badge on my blog "Blogging Without Obligation" which I believe initially was about not HAVING to post but I let that spill over to the comment thing. If someone wants to comment, that's GREAT! I read all comments. And respond to ones that are more than a situation of "I like your quilt" and "Thank you." I don't feel offended if someone doesn't respond to my comments. I'm always delighted when someone does respond to answer a question. I hope I'm not perceived as rude. . . . . .

  5. Have a super day ~

    Everyone is pretty nice & understanding I think that you can't be on every blog every single day particularly with a large following but I do try to reply everyday when possible. I don't anyone feels guilty about not being able to reply every single day ... we all have lives &/or jobs to take care of as well. TTFN ~ Marydon

  6. I love the new do, it looks great, and the color is perfect!

    I do try to answer all my blog comments, but some you can't becaues they are no-reply. I certainly don't have as large as a following as you do, and I don't blog every day so its usually not that hard, and yes I do feel guilty if I don't respond!

  7. I respond to some comments if they seem like a question. I never expect a response to my comments. I leave comments just put in my 2 cents and let people know that I was lurking on their blog. I love your blog by the way and lurk here often just to see what you will come up with next!

    Love the hair (my 2 cents)!

  8. Love the hairdo and the color - mine is about the same and I have to color mine about 4 weeks too - wish it would stay in longer.
    On the comments: I try to respond to comments especially for a new person that stops by. I don't always respond to comments because they don't always need on if you know what I mean. Most times I leave a comment on my comments and kind of write something to each person sometimes I send them a personal e mail. It depends on what has been said. If it is a compliment to my work and there has been more than one comment I just thank everyone at one time in one comment.

  9. Karen...very cute new hairdo! That's a hard thing to change for me--my hair! As for the questions, I will be interested in the comments you receive but the time it can take to respond to a large number of comments can be huge for a large following like yours.........hmmmmmm.........still thinking! Looking forward to tomorrow!

  10. Great hairdo, you look terrific!
    About comments, I leave comments when I feel that I have something to say, but I never expect a response, unless I've asked a specific question in my comment. To me, comments are just appreciation on your post, not something that requires further action on the blogger's part.

  11. I do respond to all comments - and enjoy it when I get a response on my comments. Some blogs I've commented on for weeks and finally quit - since I didn't receive a reply back - just courtesy I think to answer comments. I guess one thing that annoys me is a blog I like very much that says above the comments "I respond to every comment I receive" - and I've yet to receive a reply - oh well - I'll just read other more polite blogs - just my opinion.

    And I like the hairdo - quite cute.

  12. I, too, try to respond to comments and probably average about 95% of them.....ALWAYS when it's a new person (unless they are a "no reply" and then I try to see if they have a blog and I go and post there as a reply). I don't expect a reply to all my comments to others...unless it is my first time to their blog and then I'd like to feel that they noticed they have had a "new" person visit them. Your hair looks cute. I don't worry about the hair turning gray...can't be bothered with the coloring. So....I just let mine do what it wants to do (as far as color goes). :)

  13. Beautiful hair! I really like it.

    I respond to comments. I feel like it is making friends and communicating which is what blogging is all about for me.

  14. Your hair looks fabulous.
    I try to respond to each comment but there are days when I just cannot because of work pressures. I eventually catch up and do respond to them, though. I respond when I have time rather than feeling guilty that I don't respond immediately.

  15. My second visit to your blog and this time I saw the verse about your mom. Taking this in with the "bigger picture" of your blog, I'd like to comment that you must be a very special person and that your family --especially your mother and father-- are surely very proud of you. And they must have been a wonderful couple to have had a hand in making you who you are today. Do I love your blog? YES!!! Mary Annn in La.

  16. Cute, cute hair!
    I'm also pretty new to blogging, so am very interested in what answers you get to your questions.

  17. Very nice new do! Great colour, too.

    I try to respond to all comments and usually do, but I average about 8-10 per post, so it's not overwhelming. There are some bloggers who never respond to comments and I wonder why, or if they only respond to people they actually know. There's one gal whose blog I just love, but she has never, ever responded to a comment from me. I still visit her blog regularly, but I don't bother leaving comments any more.

    I guess it's personal preference, but I think it's sort of rude not to respond, at least once in a while.

  18. You are just too cute for words, I love your hair!!!
    I respond to all my comments, unless they are a no-reply. If it is a question, I try to find their email. I do not comment everyday on other blogs, but I do read them all. And when I comment, I get an email back, but if I did not, that would be fine too! Whatever makes you feel comfortable.

  19. Love your new hair cut but you're right...I think you should go shorter in the back. It would make the wedge more pronounced.

    I used to have to get my hair colored every 4 weeks as well and then I bit the bullet and let it grow out. Now I'm grey and I'm loving it! Honestly!

    I reply to all my comments. I just feel if a person took the time to leave one then I should take the time to respond. Even just a thank you says it all. But this is my humble opinion only and I respect the opinion of others as well. Whatever works, huh?

  20. I do try to respond to every comment. Sometimes it becomes difficult, like during a giveaway. As you know,I just had a giveaway and had 359 comments. Then was away for 3 days right after the post, came back did the drawing and was away for another 3 days. So I have not answered all the comments and have also not responded to the comments on the drawing post either. But I think in times like that it is difficult. On regular posts, I do respond to every comment, because I feel that people have taken time out of their day to read my blog, they should at least know that I read their comments and appreciate them. I don't feel bad however, if I don't get a response after leaving a comment on someone else's blog.

    Your new do is fantastic!! You sound just like me, every 4 weeks faithfully to cover the gray. My hairdresser does the same, she knows exactly what color to use. So I have no worries.

  21. I finally gave up on coloring my hair and got so many compliments when it grew out that I was completely amazed. It started turning gray in my twenties and it just got to be too much trouble.

    I try to reply to all the comments. I have a few people who usually comment and we even email off-blog sometimes. I'm new to the blog world, though, so that makes a difference because the number of comments I get is manageable. I also wonder, if I comment several times with no response, if the comments are being read.

    I love tool time Tuesdays!!!

  22. I am new to blogging since Jan. I do not have a lot of followers but I do answer every comment. I want them to know I got it. Even just a thank you works for me.

  23. I'm new to blogging and don't have a super large following. I didn't realize at first there was anyway to respond to comments so I simply visited their blog too and then I upset a few people (by not responding) and a more experienced blogger explained. Now I try to respond to everything and also visit blogs and it can be daunting. If I go a long time without replying I post on my site....hey I'm busy with this, this and this. Sorry it's taken we awhile. Thanks for reading. Hopefully no one is horribly offended.

  24. Love your new 'do, Karen! Very gorgeous.

    As for responding to comments -- I have read both thoughts on it. Respond to everyone. And it's no way possible to respond to everyone.

    I too, struggle with the proper blog-iquette with this, but try to always acknowledge a comment on my blog with visiting their blog or sending an email to them. And believe me -- and this is huge! -- I have met/maintained some incredible friendships just through comments made to me or by me. (Ahem. *grin*)

    But honestly, if you are someone who is getting 500 comments per post -- are you replying back to every single one? Is there enough time in the day to do that???....

  25. Your hair looks great and I really enjoy your blog. I'm still trying to figure out all this blogging stuff as I've only started very recently. I don't get many comments yet, but I think it's good to reply if possible - just worked that out as well. Continuing on the learning curve, Anne

  26. Love your new hair cut and color! And I'm glad you brought up this topic...I enjoyed reading all the responses! I don't comment on every blog I read...but I do try to comment regularly. And I try to respond to every comment...even if it takes a few days depending on my schedule! But I think it's okay if you don't respond to every comment during a big giveaway!

  27. Love that do you gorgeous thing!!

  28. I am your 30th comment tonight so you do not have to reply. I read about 100 blogs and thank goodness they do not all post every day. I comment on probably one 5-6 each day. I post 2-3 times a week and the most comments I have every received is 9. for that reason it has been very easy to respond to each. I love getting responses but don't all the time: no problem. I read blogs that interest me or that stimulate my creativity. But the bloggers are not required to spend their sewing time responding to my every comment.

  29. Hi Karen! You are so darling, your fun personality carries through your blog! Love the cut and color!!

    I do answer all the comments that are left, I feel that is how I've gained some 'real' relationships.

    There are times that I don't respond on the very day, but I do respond.

    If I don't get a reply to the comments I've left elsewhere, I do not think poorly about the person, blog or post. I know that everyone has different reasons for blogging or just don't have time to reply to everyone. I usually reply with a comment, not a question, so if the blogger doesn't get back to me, no big deal. With that said, I feel like when a comment is reciprocated, it is a two way relationship.

    I think that 'visiting' through charming blogs such as yours are like when you go to a fun independantly owned shop verses a national chain store. There are personal touches and character that make it uniquely yours.

    Love all that you post, so don't feel pressure to stop posting just because you aren't able to keep up with the comments!

  30. Hi!
    I'm new to your blog and blogging.

    First, what a great hair cut! It's a cute cut and must feel SO good for summer!

    Here's my comment on commenting... I don't have a lot of traffic on my blog, so I am able to respond to comments. I know some people check back and some people don't. To me it's sort of like finishing a conversation with someone. And I do want to get to "know" people.

    But the flip side is - some bloggers simply have so many comments it is overwhelming. I am not offended if they don't respond to my comments. I just like looking at pictures and projects. It's WAY cheaper than magazines!

  31. Hey there!!!

    Love the new do! I actually just did a post about my hair too yesterday! New hair makes you feel so wonderful, doesn't it?! I really love your cut especially the bangs.

    Wonder what kind of quilt you are working on? Gonna have to dive in to your blog and see if I can find out!!!

    Don't you just hate when you have to WAIT to sew??!!! I stayed up until 1:00 last night just because I had missed it "sew" much!!!

    Take care!

    .mac :)

  32. * What are your feelings or thoughts on answering back to comments that were sent to you?
    * Do you respond to every comment on every single post, because some of you post everyday?

    I do my best to answer all comments.

    * Do you get the guilts like I do when you don't respond back in time or at all because the next round of comments has come in for the next post? YES, I do.

    * I'm new to blogging, only 6 months, so I'm not sure of the blog etiquette. Are there any about replying back? I know there are some who do not answer back and many who do. I think you have to do what you are most comfortable with.

    I enjoy your blog and would not be offended if you had so many comments that you could not reply to me every time.

    Happy Stitches,

  33. By the way your new hairdo is Fabulous! Sew long,

  34. I am also relatively new to blogging and I do try to reply to comments, especially a new person. Based on the comments above, I guess I need to do a better job on replying, even if it is only to say thanks.

    I don't reply to my sister's comments since blogging and posting comments is one way we stay in touch.


  35. Hi Karen - this generated a lot of comments with lots of good advice - be true to your personality and find a way to be who you are - make a decision on what you want to do with your comments - do it your way... Maybe do what you can when you can and trust that people will be understanding because we are real women with real lives and don't exist to make others happy in blogland...
    And I just love the new do... you are so pretty! And I understand about the grey - I started going grey at 17 and now I'm in my forties (sigh)and want to stop dying it but my husband and friends were horrified so will persevere for now... but if a grandchild comes along I'm drawing the line!
    Hugs - Shari

  36. Great question. I just heard a piece on public radio about Facebook and how people shouldn't feel hurt if they don't get comments from some friends because you don't know what's going on with the other person. Facebook is about having fun and shouldn't be the source of bad feelings.

    Seems like the same thing applies here. Sometimes a response to a comment is not necessary, and sometimes it's hard to do.

    Heck, I have trouble blogging once a week because of the time factor. I started my blog to have a record of my quilting and I want it to be fun for me, not an obligation or more work. If others enjoy it, great. If not, that's OK too.

    I lurk on lots of blogs because I enjoy reading them, comment only when I have something to say or something really strikes me, and expect no response back.

    Love the hair!

  37. No need to reply but I love your blog. I read it and love it. The hair do is darling. Take care!

  38. Love love love the new do. Got one of my own yesterday. Oh yes I did. lolol
    About the comment thing. I really, really do try to respond to all but sometimes it's just not possible. I try and make sure I pick everyone to write back to at one point or another. I feel bad when I just dont get around to each one. But I do read them and love them. I dont mind if people dont respond to my comments all the time. But every now and then would be nice. Some gals just dont ever respond to you so I stop leaving comments. After I've left say.....4 or 5 and nothing.... I move on. If someone has left 4 or 5 comments I for make sure I respond to one or two of them. Ok Ive rambled on long enough. I've got comments to respond too. lolol
    Did I tell you I love your new do??

  39. I love your new do!!! I tried getting that same hair cut, but my hair is too thick.

  40. I love your hair... it looks great!
    Speaking of great... I think your blog is great! I can't believe that you are so new at it... I am new to reading blogs, and so at this point in time I am reading zillions of them; I'm sure I will start editing the quantity soon... still, your is one of my absolute favorite, especially your "tool time tuesdays"; I love a good tutorial and yours are; not to mention how creative your thinking is! Kudos! And I comment when I am moved to do so... depends on how much time I have and how exciting the subject matter is... Your subject matter is great! Keep up the good work...

  41. WOW, love the new do! My son's wedding is next month and I need a new one.

    You have some great advice here from the blogger's point of view. I am a blogger, but I tend to agree with what Shari and Ann Marie stated in their comments. Blogging is about fun, when you spend so much time responding to comments, it no longer is fun. Yes, if questions are asked, respond, that's a given. But, I draw the line at responding to each and every comment just because a comment was left.

    Now, from the viewpoint of a person who comments on a lot of blogs on a regular basis: I do not expect a reply to each and every comment I leave. In fact, I feel privileged if I do receive a reply. I do not think a person is rude for not replying. Thank you for your wonderful blog. I get so much enjoyment from visiting you here.

    P.S. No reply necessary. :)

  42. You know, I'd never responded to my comments (not that I get many). But recently I've commented on one gal's fun blog, and she has responded. And I nice was that!

    So I'd say don't feel obligated by any means (that's just me), but don't think it isn't appreciated when you do!

  43. I completely forgot...your hair looks great! Wish I could wear mine that way...


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