Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tool Time Tuesday...CD Case Frame

This week's TTT can turn something that is just hanging around in a drawer or bookcase into something that is front and center on your desk or sewing table. How many empty CD cases do you have? Are all your CDs in one of those big folders or are they collecting dust because you have an ipod?
Maybe you're crazy like me and you purchased 50 jewel (CD) cases, because you thought you had plenty of time to burn Christmas music onto CDs and give them as part of the party favor to all the ladies at your annual Christmas party.
In any event, we must all have them!! This pack of 25 cost about $10, that 40 cents a piece.

Here's what an empty one looks like.
This is what it looks like when you bend it back so the cover is on a slant. Some go back further than others.

You can also place it so it is horizontal.

The CD case that have music in them are a little different. First remove the paper front and separate the plastic part that holds the CD in. It does come apart. Then you can remove the back paper. (Don't you love Bobby Darin...Mack The Knife and Beyond the Sea are my favorites!)

Here are all three parts that come out.

If you want to turn your old cases into cute little frames, here's what you'll need.
Card stock...

One or two pieces of card stock cut into 5 inch squares. One piece if you want the frame on the slant or two pieces if you're holding the frame horizontally.

One or two pieces of Heat and Bond cut 5 inches square.

Next you'll need any of your favorite fabrics from a charm pack (they're already 5") or cut into your stash, scraps or fat quarters. Aren't these Moda fabric cute? Pick the perfect one to match your room.

Pick one fabric square and fuse one square of Heat and Bond to the wrong side of the fabric. Follow manufacturers instructions for your Heat and Bond.

Let it cool and then peel away paper. Now take one of the 5" pieces of card stock, place the fabric that has the Heat and Bond on it rough side down on card stock. Iron on the fabric according to instructions.

You will now have the fabric fused to the card stock. With a quilt ruler, mark a 1 inch border on all 4 sides.

Here's the square. With sharp scissors or an exacto knife, cut out the center to form a frame.

This is the front of the frame. Measure the inside of the CD case. You may have to trim a little. Mine ended up being 5" x 4.75".

Tape your favorite picture to the back and slip it into those little tabs that held the CD cover. If you are using 2 pictures for the horizontal frame, one side of the CD case doesn't have those little tabs, so you may have to use a spot of glue or tape.

Bend it back to form a base for the frame.

Then put it on your desk or sewing table so you can always have your loved ones around...your family and your favorite fabric all in one place!!!

You can also put it into the case for the cover picture and give it as a gift. You can burn music onto a CD or put the CD that your get back when you develop film in there. The front picture can represent what's inside.
This picture of the girls is from our trip to Disney, so I'll place the CD that has all our pictures on it inside the case.

Hope this helps clean out some unwanted CD cases that you have. Great to turn them into gifts for moms, dads, grandparents, teachers and many more. If you have any other ideas for these let me know and I'll share it with everyone!!
Have a great Tuesday,


  1. Great idea Karen!
    Got me thinkin . . .
    What if you made a charm pack gift out of your own stash, put the precut fabs into the empty cd case and gave them as a gift?

    I need your inspiration around every day!!

  2. Great idea, Love the fabric mat. Might use it in my fabric collage.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. I don't know how you think of something new every single week...but I'm glad you do!!!

  4. Where do your ideas come from?? Wow, you just amaze me, you are always thinking.

  5. Great idea. I have a stack of those things and had no idea what to do with them.

  6. what a great idea, I would have never thought of it. How do you come up with these?

  7. Karen!! Are you kidding, what a great idea, I wish I was still a Girl Scout leader, we would be all over that idea!!

  8. Karen...you are so smart! I can't wait to try this!. Thanks so much! Have a great week!

  9. I made these years ago, put photos back and front of the case.
    Very cute...thanks for the reminder.

  10. Karen, I wait for Tuesdays and your wonderful ideas. So clever. I will be making one of these for all the gals in the office. Thanks

  11. Ditto here....I just wait for Tuesdays to see what you are going to come up with. Another great idea.

  12. Ahhh. Yes. You have done.it.again!

    I not only love this idea -- but am going to do it for grandparent's day & teacher appreciation day.....soooooo many possibilities.

    btw--You so need to write a book!

  13. You always come up with such clever ideas! Have a wonderful graduation!

  14. I became so excited when I saw your design wall that I ran out to Lowes to buy the pvc pipes. I have a picture of it on my blog and have given credit to you.


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