Thursday, February 26, 2009

Went for a little drive...

Hi everyone!
I had to go on a little road trip...not bad, just 30 minutes north of home. Our high school has an all night graduation party for the graduating seniors. After the ceremony the students are bused to a location where they have food, activities, performances, shows, name it they have it. The students are there from 10:00 pm until 5:00 am. It has been a great success in the school system for many, many years. However, the cost of this event is $24,000.00. Yes, 24 thousand dollars. Well worth it for the safety of everyone. The parent committees have several fund raisers. The one we are having in May is a major golf tournament. I am in charge of asking businesses for donations that will be raffle prizes for after the tournament...I need alot of stuff, so the pressures on. I had to go to 2 large golf stores to pick up some certificates.
So, if you drive 30 minutes and there is a fabric store in the area, you have to stop in...right? My husband thought so too. Our car instantly becomes a quiet library for him to read the newspaper while I shop. He's such a sweety. Here are my finds for the short time I was in there. The blue and brown fabrics are so cute for a little baby boy and I needed some new star fabric. I bought some ribbon, ric rac, some notions, a hexagon ruler (5 different sizes in one) and some note pads. Hopefully, I will have something to show for all of this soon.

Be back tomorrow with some pictures of something I saw on the way home!
Have a great day/night in your part of the world,


  1. Anybody who has a guy that will just sit and wait when we go into a fabric shop is a keeper! So keep him....and happy too!

  2. You got such nice fabrics, I love the ribbons! I'll be looking foward to seeing your pictures and your new projects too!

  3. Nanci, my DH does that too! And I know he's a keeper.

    Karen, I have the exact same hexagon ruler and they're the greatest time savers for cutting hexies. I love mine!

    I love the fabric, especially the brown polkadots and brown bears. How special for a little boy.

    Sounds like you had a full day. Can't wait to see the pictures.

  4. I love the Hexagon ruler...I need to find one!!!!
    Looking forward to seeing your new projects!!!!!!

  5. Love the fabrics, you have nice taste. Can't wait to see what you have planned for them. A few posts back you had 3 patriotic blocks that were extras from a quilt you made. I'd love to see the quilt. I really liked the blocks and have been hoping to see the finished quilt.


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