Friday, February 20, 2009

Something Nerdy...

Hi everyone, just thought I would share a little tid bit about myself. I belong to another blog...The Great Hexagon Quilt Along. Robyn, who started the blog, has put out a question to all of the members...What do you need to sew hexagons? Well, I revealed a secret on that post. I have to quilt with a cup of tea while watching "The Walton's" on dvd. Yes, "The Walton's"...nerdy I know, but there you have it. As I said on the other post, the first step to an addiction is admitting the problem. Well, I've said it to the world. I just love the family values and all the sappy stories too. I still cry during some episodes...ok there's another revealing fact that you probably didn't need to know.

The question that Robyn asked was for sewing question to you is what do you "need" to quilt/sew with??

While I am talking about Robyn from The Great Hexagon Quilt Along...she is from Australia, where they have been devastated by bushfires. She is such a wonderful person, she has started Hexagons for Hope. It is a separate blog where people from all over the world can send sets of basted hexagons in little baggies and then she will distribute them to women who have been affected by the fire. You can read further on the Hexagons for Hope blog. If you have some extra time to sew a few hexagons and send them her way, I know she would greatly appreciate it. If you need help with sewing hexies, I have a tutorial on my blog here.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend,



  1. I don't think it's nerdy at all...I love the Waltons.

  2. Oh Karen, that's too funny! I loved the Walton's when I was a little girl but I haven't seen an episode for decades. In my house, I don't get to choose what's on the t.v. so I hide in my sewing room and pop a cd or dvd in my laptop while I sew. I've never made hexagons - I'll have to check out your tut.

  3. I Love the Waltons, right now I am into Murder She Wrote, pop it in and you can just listen and really do not have to watch, I also need something to drink, in the morning hot coffee, the rest of the day really cold water!

  4. If this is true confession time, then here it goes. I LOVE hockey! Okay, okay...I hear all the eeewww's out the and ,"Is she nuts? Hockey?" Yep, ya heard it here first. I'm addicted to hockey. I can watch/listen to all the games...mostly listen...because if something important happens, they always have replays. We even pay an extra $200 a season to subscribe to the NHL network.

    Some people drink or do drugs. Others watch the Waltons (wink) and I do hockey. There ya have it. Whew, I feel so much better.

  5. We LOVE the Waltons! I really never watched it back when it was on TV but hubby did. I bought him the first set of DVDs and now the whole family is hooked! I see from your photo you have seasons 1-7 (as we do), but did you know there's a season 8 available now??

  6. Waltons are NOT nerdy. LOL. I didn't even know you could get them on tape/dvd. mmmm. ;o) ooxx`jod

  7. I love the Waltons! Years ago, when we lived in Texas, my hubby would rush home at lunchtime where I would have his lunch ready and the channel turned on to the Waltons. We would watch it together and then he would go back to work. It's a nice memory for me. The Waltons never get old. :)

  8. I have been a big fan of The Waltons for years. So you aren't the only one.


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