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UPDATE...I wanted to let you know that I am slowly, but surely, updating all of my older posts with new pictures of the NEW Blogger dashboard. If it's an older post and the instructions say "design", that feature no longer exist.


Taking new screen shots and re-doing the post is a slow process, but I'll get it done!! I promise

Hi Everyone!! Welcome to my Blogging Tips Page...the place to find helpful hint, tips and tutorials for your blog. As I have said in many of my posts, I am not an expert in blogging (or anything for that matter LOL). I have learned so much by trial and error...mostly errors, that I wanted to share it all with you!!

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  1. How To Add Pages To The Top Of Your here

  2. How To Add A Button To Your here

  3. How To Link In Your Blog here

  4. Don't Be A Lurker, Anonymous or a No here

  5. Change To New Post here

  6. How To Change The Time And Date Of A here

  7. How To Add Labels To Post And here

  8. How To Comment On A here

  9. Gmail and Answering here

10. Linking To Your Profile here

11. Followers And here

12. How To Add A Comment here

13. How To Change Your Comment here

14. Blogging-Getting here

15. How To Add A Static Sentence Under Your Blog here

16. Are Your Pictures Flipped In A here

17. How To Add Social Media Icons To Your here

18. How To Change Your Google + Email here

19. How To Truncate Your here

20. How To Make A Blog here

21. How To Add A "Follow Me On Pinterest" here

22. Why, When and How I here

23. How To Use Random Number Generator for Give here

24. Are You A "No Reply" Email With Your here

25. How To Make A Custom Blog here

26. Explaining Blogger's Post here

27. How To Add A Favicon To Your here

28. Picmonkey For Photo here

29. How To Change Feedburner Email Delivery here

30. Commenting Features On here

31. How To Print screen or Add A Picture Of Your Computer here

32. How To Start A here

33. How To Load Pictures On here

34. How To Change Your Navbar Color On Your here

35. How To Adjust The Width Of Your here

36. How To Un-Follow A here

37. Do You Want Web Version Or Mobile Version Of Your Blog To Show On Mobile here

38. How To Add "LinkWithin" To The Bottom Of Each here

39. How To Send Blog Comments To Your Email here

40. How To Back Up Your Blog. Two here

41. Changing Your Photo here

42. Blogging From Your here

43. How To Add A Poll here

44. Image Properties. Alt Text and Text here

45. Easy Color here
46. Dealing With here

47. Adding Email here

48. How To Search A here

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