Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tool Time Tuesday...Shower Caddy Sewing Organizer

Hi Everyone! First, I want to thank all of you who commented and emailed me this weekend during the blizzard. We were hit hard in New England...about 2-3 feet of snow Friday into Saturday and then ice Monday. We lost power for about 3 days and just had our internet restored Monday. I took these pictures with my phone just in case I needed to do another Phone Post with my Blogger app, but thankfully we're back in business!!

Today's Tool Time is all about the shower caddy. If you have or had children in college or you're in college right now, you know the "shower caddy" all too well!!

Our 2 daughters are both in college and they each have one to carry all their bathroom and shower necessities from their dorm room to the shower/bathroom area. Keeps things organized, contained and easy to carry.

I found this one in the clearance rack at Walmart for $1.50 and had to get it. Can't beat $1.50. I've seen them in so many stores, but Bed Bath and Beyond online has them for $7.99. They can cost any where from $5.00 -$10.00 if they're not on clearance. Some are much higher, but not sure why.

This is the "hot pink" one...can't be choosy when it's $1.50!!  I do like the pink. I'll never miss place it, that's for sure.

Each caddy will have a different configuration, but in general there are several different sized compartment.

I have one of the girl's older caddies under their bathroom sink at home to hold bathroom cleaners and sponges etc.

Great for cleaning supplies when traveling around the house doing the weekly cleaning.

Well, forget about cleaning, how about sewing, crafting, painting, knitting, scrap booking...

Look at all those pockets!

Scissors, glasses, cell phones, snacks..

Fabric or yarn or books/instruction pamphlets...

This is freezer paper for English Paper Piecing hexagons, but another larger section for just about anything.

If you love hexies too...click here for 2 tutorial I have

Two smaller sections where I squeezed in a pincushion and another for thread.

These caddies will hold anything you want...

They are great for anyone or anything...perfect to carry from room to room or to sewing/quilting classes

  • kid's toys, books, crayons, snacks for the house or car
  • husband's for car washing stuff...just not the "hot pink" one, lol
  • quilting sewing classes, retreats
  • cleaning supplies for around the house
  • dog or pet care supplies
  • cute gift basket too...add all the goodies inside and wrap it up!

I'm sure there are so many other uses for these handy caddies. If you use them, share in the comment section!

Happy Tuesday,

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  1. Just repurposed one of these from cleaning to use for scrapbook supplies. I have clear large envelopes (12 x12) for my colored scraps. They fit in the larger side of the caddy and leave two other sections open for other things. I am going on a retreat in 2 weeks and am brainstorming ways to use this caddy

  2. I've used one before as a gift basket for a silent auction.

  3. What perfect timing, I just re-purposed one of those for myself. Not for sewing supplies, but for my Herbalife meal replacement shake powders. There just wasn't room in any of the cupboards and I share a house with three other people and couldn't justify rearranging any "community" storage space for just my stuff. Instead now I have them all in one place, and it fits easily on top of the fridge to take down whenever I need it!

  4. Gift basket full of shower stuffs!!!! Or you know, anything else. I love shower stuff. and gift baskets full of shower stuff.

  5. We use them at school: with pens, pencils, and exercise books for that session - one for ech "square" desk, ie or 8 kids

  6. I like the idea, hmm it could be also used for kids toys

  7. I'm getting ready to drive from Minnesota to Tennessee, and 18 hour drive, it would be great in the passenger seat to hold my phone, cords, snacks, sunglasses, maps, etc. Because my car only has two cup holders.

    1. I use mine for just about that purpose. I am a "roving" teacher. I see one student at a school, drive to the next, see another student...repeat until day is over. My car is my office.

      I use my caddy in the front seat. It has: a large plastic cup to hold cords and chargers, box of tissues, note pads, my weekly schedule in a sheet protector, a pocket calendar, my mileage sheet, bottle of lotion.

      I keep my pens in a small plastic cup in the cup holder. I keep assorted pills (advil, excedrin, etc),and scissors in the glove box. In the center holder between seats I keep something to clean my glasses, something to scrape ice, dental floss, disposable toothbrush, carmex, tape, a comb and a pack of gum.

  8. I like the idea of using it in the car. You could even fill it with the kids stuff and put it in the car to entertain the kids on a road trip. I'm off to my local Wal-Mart to see if they have any on clearance.
    (we may get more snow this week Karen. I'm in Mass half an hour from Worcester so you know I got A LOT)

  9. The car idea sounds great - I always keep wet ones and Kleenex in my car - and it's usually all over the floor in the back seat. I have something similar I use when I doing housework - it holds furniture polish, Windex, cloth wipes, etc. Just have to grab it from under the sink and go. Sorry to hear you lost electricity - my kid is in Quincy and lost his for a few hours. Here in New Hampshire we did fine - just 3 feet of snow, with the icy snow on top of it Monday ... and more to come at the end of the week! Oh joy!

  10. I love it. At least, if it's pink, it won't be "borrowed" by the man of the house! :oD

  11. Love the idea, hmmm what will I use it for, I am thinking.

  12. Glad you made it thru the blizzard. I would use this caddy exactly the way you did......SEWING SUPPLIES! :)

  13. When I was teaching I too used them at each table for supplies. I always got them at Dollar Tree. I will let you know if they still have them. I like sewing and car use!

  14. Karen where do you live? I live in Kennebunk Maine. We got 28 inches and could not get out our front door. But we didn't lose power ... Yeah but generator was ready!

  15. Love the car idea. I was thinking about using it outdoors at a BBQ to hold ketchup, mustard, mayo and pickles. Or maybe the forks, knives,spoons and napkins.

  16. Oh and if you don't like the color you could always paint it. Lol

  17. Funny you posted this. I just picked one up last week in orange and thought it would be perfect for beside my machine. And it is! it holds my scissors, pencils, ripper and scraps. I love it!

  18. you can't beat the Dollar Tree stores....yes, everything is really $1.00! they have so many caddies it's hard to chose just one, so i usually end up with many of them and have used them for so many things! money is so tight with everyone that Dollar Tree is my go to place, we have a ton of them in Taunton, Massachusetts...thank goodness!!

  19. Oh, this is the perfect idea for containing all my yarn, crochet patterns, and other items that I need for any one project that I'm working on at once. Thank you so much!

  20. We use one to hold all the remote controls, batteries for them, tv guide, etc. We call it the "Daddy Caddy".


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