Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tool Time Tuesday...Coffee Filter Wreath

Hello everyone!! I know coffee filter wreaths have been around the internet for a while, but this is my first attempt. I love how it came out...it's a super easy project and inexpensive too...about $3.00. I'll show you how to make it and my do's and don'ts too.

Found the perfect spot in our master bedroom.

Here's how I started out...

You need a wreath form, coffee filters ( I used a whole package and a little bit more) and lots of hot glue sticks.

For the wreath form, I used a length of foam tubing that you cover pipes so they don't freeze. It works great for the shape and good substitute for a wreath form, but not for this project. I'll show you why later. So for now, buy a real wreath form that is sturdy.

Use a medium to large size. If you use a small form, the filters start to fill in the center and makes it look  like one big filter.

My form is 17 inches from outside edge to edge.

It finishes at 24 inches across!!

Take a coffee filter, place your finger inside the center and pinch the outside bottom.

Kind of makes a puffy flower.

Bend a little part of the end for gluing.

Then hot glue 3-4 filters across the wreath form. One on top of the form and one on each side.

You don't need a lot, so space them evenly like this. At first, I started too close and I was wasting them

Here's where the foam tube didn't work. The wait of the filters stretched the foam. When it was hanging on the wall, it drooped to an oval. Very pretty, but I wanted a circle!! The oval looked like an egg, so maybe for Easter.

My fix was to hot glue 2 sticks to keep in the circle form. Never a dull crafting moment.

I added a fabric bow that matched the pillows on my bed.

The filters are just the best...they really give the wreath a curly rufflely look.

I hung the wreath on a 3m hook and the bow on another hook. The bow does not support the wreath at all.

I do want to add more length to the tails of the ribbon, so it sticks out beyond the bottom of the wreath.

Coffee filters come in white or this natural tan color. One package has 200 filters and is less than $2.00.

I really hope you get a chance to make one.

Happy Tuesday,

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  1. Karen.....this is so AMAZING!!!!!!!! Thanks for the great tutorial too! Love, love your master bedroom.

  2. Uauhhhh!!!: That's great!!.
    You are wright with so less, money and lovely results!!:
    Thank you as always for sharing!!:
    Hugs from Spain!!!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for the tutorial.

  4. So pretty! I love the way you fixed the form with sticks! I love little solutions like that!

  5. This is a great tutorial.
    Love the texture of this wreath.

  6. Woohoo! your blog isn't on the malicious sites list at work any more... :-)
    Love the wreath, knowing me, I'd attempt to dip the edges in food coloring and turn it to Tacky. What about running a heavy wire inside the foam? then you could also change the shape if you wanted. I've been seeing a lot of square wreaths in magazines lately.

  7. Very pretty. It makes me think of that elementary art project of gluing pinched squares of tissue paper on projects. (one I like because I like texture)
    Your home is so lovely! I am a bit envious.

  8. Love this idea!!! (FYI It would cost less if you saved your filters every time you made a pot of coffee...of course you would have to rinse them and hang them out to dry.... AND they would be coffee dyed right away so you could just buy the white filters...maybe you'd get a little modeling in there. hahaha)

  9. Clever idea. Cupcake liners would make a darling, small wreath, too.

  10. Love it! I want to make one asap!!!!! Thanks for the heads up on the wreath form!!

  11. I like Nancy's idea to use cupcake liners... I could make a smaller wreath, with more colorful "guts"!!


  12. This is such a cute idea! The wreath looks lovely hanging above the bed.

  13. Love it. I must make one. Thanks for showing me how.

  14. That is cute, we made ones like this but with 4 inch pieces of fabric, crammed in one of those straw wreath's with a dob of white glue on the end, you use a metal nail file for the cramming, lol, that is a technical term. I will have to try it with the coffee filters, no cutting of 4 inch fabric squares!!

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  16. Brilliant idea Karen!
    I love this wreath such a gorgeous. I will give a try.
    Unfortunately,we don't drink coffee,so I will try to find other material quite the same ..thanks for sharing
    hugs from Rome

  17. Oh dang...that's way too much glueing for me. I think I'll try this idea but use a wooden embroidery hoop instead, then poke the filters over the end in alternating order so the ruffles stay fluffed against each other. Grand idea!


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