Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Quick Christmas Decorating Tip...

I wanted to share a quick and easy Christmas decorating project that uses things you might have around your house!!

A bowl full of Christmas Cheer...

Great little center piece for a dining or coffee table.

Here's the TIP...

You know the best look for something is volume...lots of something!!  My trick is to make it "LOOK" like volume.

Gather up your supplies...

  • vase, jar, decorative bowl
  • candle
  • base fillers like casserole dish, bowl, box etc
  • decorative fillers, like ornaments, candy, bells etc

Start with vessel. I found this in a consignment shop for $3.00.

You can use a...

  • pedestal punch bowl
  • glass vase from a previous floral delivery
  • wicker basket
  • wrapped opened Christmas box

Now fill in the base to take up space. Turn a casserole dish upside down on the bottom.

Perfect platform for a candle.

Now fill in the remaining space with aluminum foil. I used foil, because I was using silver bells in a silver dish. Use something that closely matches what you are using.


  • newspaper
  • plastic wrap
  • plastic shopping bags
  • greenery

Fill in with decorations. I found this silver bells at The Dollar Tree. A package of 9 for $1.00. Using the foil and casserole dish fills in all the extra space, so I didn't need too many decoration.

Fill your bowl with...

  • bells
  • ornaments
  • berries
  • sugared fruit
  • candy

Look around your house. You might have a Christmas decoration just waiting to happen!!

Happy Decorating,

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  1. Love the centerpiece! What a great idea to use the foil for filler underneath the bells. You are just too clever!

    Thanks for the wonderful idea.


  2. LOVE it Karen!! Looks wonderful and love that it didn't cost much!! how cute!


  3. Such a good idea! And so simple! I love it!

  4. A beautiful idea!! Thanks so much!

  5. You are a genius....excellent usual :)


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  7. Love all your Christmas decorating. I am also a serious fan of anything Christmas, but you put my efforts to shame! And what I would give to have a Dollar Tree store nearby, you seem to find the most amazing things there! I do have a serious question though - when do you sleep? There seem to be new drapes or a newly-made-something in your house every day!
    Beth, South Africa

  8. I really enjoyed your post. And really love your idea for Christmas decorating. Just love it. It is so pretty.
    kerstboom met ledverlichting

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