Sunday, February 8, 2009

Peg Board, Curtain Rings and Clothes Pins...

I know those three things are an odd combo, but they work well in my sewing room. For my birthday last month, my in-laws asked what I wanted. What does every woman, clothing, flowers. Nope, not me! I wanted a Home Depot gift card. I bought this beautiful (to me it's beautiful, lol) white peg board, more hooks and a bunch of accessories. Crazy I know, but when I moved my sewing room to the basement for more space, I left my old peg board up stairs in my old sewing room. Can't live without it. If you don't like the white or the brown peg boards that they sell, you can always paint it the same as your wall color in your sewing room. Then you could frame it out with trim molding and it would look great!
Peg Board
It's so easy to find things when they are hanging up.

These are my rolls of freezer paper and heat & bond.
I also hang zip lock baggies of everything.

These are jars that just unscrew, but the caps are mounted to the peg board.
Great for little things: safety pins, needles, thimbles, beads etc.

Curtain Rings

Not just for curtains anymore!

I store everything in zip lock bags: little templates,
hexagon bags for on the go, squares for future projects etc.
I clip a curtain ring on the top of the bag and hang
it in clear view so I know where it is.

I use a curtain ring to clip an acrylic ruler that
doesn't already have a hole in it to hang up.

I also use them to display quilts.
Easy to change out new quilts
and you don't have to sew the
pocket for the rod on the back!

Clothes Pins

I buy the extra large clothes pins at Walmart (where else!)
You can print the row number with a label maker
or you could just use a permanent marker.
I use these to clip together the blocks or squares
that are waiting to be sewn into rows.

Just a few crazy things in my sewing room...
Hope you can use a few yourself!!

Until next time...


  1. You are very clever. I'm on my way to Home Depot! I have a peg board wall, now I need the rest of the goodies. :)

  2. very cute! now if i just had an area i could actually do this too...

  3. I love this idea!!! I've been putzing in my sewing room this morning tidying up and labeling drawers and bins so I know what's inside. I think the peg board idea is great for things that are used all the time that would be within easy reach. I think I'll ask my DH to make me one about 4' high by about 3' wide and put some molding around it like a frame.

    Oh thank you so much for the great idea! Now I just have to wait til our next trip to the BIG city 60 miles away to go to Home Depot.

    Isn't blogging great?

  4. Great ideas. I love seeing where people create. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Ohhh, I REALLY like this idea. I love to be orgainized, staying that way seems to be a challenge. Great wall!!

  6. I absolutely love your ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Great ideas. I love peg boards and wish I had more room for them. What do you use the golf tees for.....I HAD to enlarge the photo just to see your great stuff. :-)
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. such a good idea... what a space saver!

  9. Hi, how did you attach your jar lids to the board and what do you do with the golf tees? Great ideas!

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  11. Just awesome ideas!! Thank you for sharing. I will link in a future blog post!

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