Saturday, February 7, 2009

GFG photo update and The Underground Railroad Quilt

Hi everyone. I had a few email questions about the pin in the hole that is punched out in the freezer paper method of the Grandmother's Flower Garden. Here is a close-up of the pin. I place it inside the hole and grab just the fabric not the paper. It holds it in place if the paper isn't sticking too well, especially if I have shoved the flower in my purse and it's all wrinkled.

Oh, did I say shoved a flower in my purse...well maybe I do. Let me set the scene for you. Your in the doctor's waiting room for an hour... your lap is covered with a spool of thread, hexagons, little scissors and snips of thread everywhere... they call your name. Ahhhh!!! You scramble to gather everything and shove it in your purse, not even the little baggie that you carry your hexes around in. It's all in your purse!! You walk in and you notice that you have snips of thread hanging off the back of your pants. Lovely. I know some of you have been there...admit it.

The next few pictures are of a quilt that my daughter is starting for her graduation requirements for high school. Our state has mandated 2 required projects that must be completed to graduate. One is called PBGR, proficiency based graduation requirements. This is an electronic portfolio of work that is specially graded, then scanned into the e-portfolio to show a student is proficient in 6 major areas. This is all extra work on top of the regular school work. This years class needs 32 PBGRs.

The second requirement is a senior exhibition project. Each senior must chose a subject that they are interested in and then expand their knowledge of that subject. It consists of an 8-10 page report, a physical project to demonstrate, 16 hours with a mentor, a journal of the process and then a 10 minute speech in front of a panel of judges. This sounds like a lot and it is. I feel for the kids. I have a senior and a junior so we have to through this back to back.

Well, our oldest daughter, who has no interest in sewing, crafting or cooking has surprised us by choosing to make a quilt. It is the Underground Railroad quilt. She has already finished her paper and now we, oh I mean she has the task of making the quilt. I forgot to mention the mentor can not be a family member. She doesn't even know how to turn on the sewing machine...this is going to be a process for sure. If you have children, you know a part of you is walking across that stage at graduation. Remember all the years of cutting, glue, sewing, typing, crying, up all night or is all this just at our house!!! lol. Thankfully our girls are smarties and always do well. Our oldest has a 4.0 and has so far been excepted into 2 universities...waiting on four more letters. Never mind waiting for letters...I'm waiting for money to fall from the sky to pay for it all!!

Here's the fabric: civil war era, mostly from Windham and Andover. There are some pictures of the book and some pages inside. It is by Eleanor Burns and Sue Bouchard.

Wish us, I mean wish her luck with the quilt!!

Have a great weekend!!


  1. OOooohhh.. I love historical quilts. I'm gonna have to check out this book you got! Love your blog!

  2. Good luck to you both! Julia decided to make Quilts of Valor for her Girl Scout Silver Award, but that's not surprising. She likes to sew and quilt. So who will your daughter's mentor be?
    Our town has chosen to not do senior projects. Students need a portfolio, and then they count regular grades and NECAP tests as a third each. Julia would do well with a project, but Pete is a really good test-taker.
    See you soon (on the 19th).

  3. I love the Civil war quilts,
    This book looks very interesting!..
    Julia ♥

  4. Best of luck to you...oops, I mean your daughter with the quilt. (wink) I know you'll...oops again, I mean your daughter will do just fine. I LOVE all the civil war fabric and I'm sure the finished product will look smashing with the fabric she chose.

  5. Hi Karen :c)
    Wow, that sounds like so much for her to do. They expect a lot of the kids these you know my son finished HS last year.
    Sooo lots of luck to your daughter!!..(and you of course :P)
    I am making an UGRR quilt right now...I currently have 15 blocks made and wondering how many more I want to do.
    I'm not a great historian on this but if she needs help with a block anytime, please ask...although I do know her Mum is a talented lady :c)
    Robyn xx

  6. I came by to look at your hexies, to see if your method was easier than any I have used, lol!
    I love CW repros, fell for them after I began to make quilts for Home Of The Brave families of our Fallen Heroes.Now I have a large selection and last year I also mad e a mini Railroad quilt-it isn't quilted yet it's so small I am still trying to figure out what to do in those tiny blocks. Good luck to your daughter she has a big job ahead.


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