Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Two Freebies and a Blogger Question...

Hi everyone...hope all is well in your part of the world.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I like to make quilt tops and then move on to make more quilt tops. These 2 sets are a perfect examples. I had extra squares of red, white and blue fabric, so I made up these sets. You may recognize the star on the left. It is a blue star banner. This is displayed by families with loved ones in the armed services. The history of these flags can be found here.
I have made 2 sets with three pieces in each. The rectangle flag is 10"x15", the square one is 10"x10" (and could be made into a pillow) and the last piece is also 10"x10", but it's a picture frame. The four corners are folded triangles which will hold a picture of your loved one.

I want to give these 2 set away to the first 2 people who leave a comment that they are interested in them. Remember they are just the tops. You or someone you know will have to finish the quilting. I hated to see these go to waste just sitting in my sewing room. Don't forget to leave an email address if I can't contact you through a blog.
Before you move on...scroll down for my blogger question. I'm desperate for an easier way!!

This is the second set of three quilt tops: the only difference is the picture frame corners are in red.

Now the blogger question...

Is it me or is creating a new post not as smooth as it should be. Why can't I type my thoughts in order and then put the photos where I want. When you insert a photo it automatically ends up at the top of the post. Then you have to drag it down where you want...and then that messes up the spacing or things disappear. This post for example...I know that I want the freebie pictures and the words to be first in the post, but I'm writing this part first because I know blogger enters from the bottom up. OH MY this making sense? Another thing it does... it doesn't post exactly what I've done in the posting box. Sometimes I have the right spacing from the title to the first paragraph or the right spacing between pictures and words, but when I post it, it does what it wants any way. I've had things centered in a preview post, but when I submit it, it's off to the left. I need some advice!! (I think that was what they call my first rant!! I won't do it again, I promise)
Ok, I lied, I'm adding this part... I just finished the whole post and didn't realize as I was typing away that there are huge (and I mean huge) spaces between each paragraph. I have to go back and delete the gaps. Why???

My question do you create your post and insert pictures and do you have these same issues?
Thanks in advance for your help,


  1. I really like those red, white and blue blocks. They look great! They are perfect for a armed forces service member.

    As for Blogger, I didn't know that it did it any different than what you described. Mine has always done it that way and I just go fix when I am all finished with my post and then preview it! LOL!
    So I guess I can't help you since I didn't know it was supposed to be different when posting!

  2. I wish I could help you but I struggle with it too. I do patch-work on my post before I'm done. You have a nice blog, I've enjoyed visiting.

  3. i still love mine that you sent me thank you agian! as for the blogging issues i think we all have them. usually i just upload all my pictures before i write anything and then i delete the spaces in between. i just figured that was the process, i guess if people complained to blogger they could possibly try to fix it. sorry i'm not that much help!

  4. Hi Karen, well first I am sad, I would have loved one of the tops, most of my home is decorated in that theme. As for blogger here is what I do, I write my post in Microsoft Word, save my pictures to photobucket. So, lets say , if I type... Today I have a great set of fat quarters, i go to photobucket, copy the html. from the fat quarter picture, return to word ,put it wher I want in word, then past and copt the whole post from word into my blogger area, you are right the picture never goes where i want it to go. Please email me if that makes no sense to you.
    pnkcndy at sbclobal dot net

  5. I agree- I did not know that was not how blogger was supposed to work and it is annoying! I usually upload my photos first and then type in the spots where I want them. You are right though it is weird the way it works!
    Love your little tops! The first one is perfect for a military service flag!

  6. Ahhh...I have the same issues with my blog (also in blogspot). And because I'm an a-type personality, I feel I have to go back and fix all the problems, sometimes multiple times. The spacing issues really annoy me.
    I also haven't figured out how to put two pictures side-by-side. Can this be done?

  7. Hi Karen!
    I find that if I add my photos first and then work the text in the html mode you can keep the spacing nice. It takes a bit to get used to using the html instead of compose, but it is worth it in the long run.

    Those squares are very pretty and I love your organizational ideas in the previous post. I don't have a designated sewing area right now, but maybe someday.

  8. Once posted, my paragraphs are always bunched together. Positions change, etc. It doesn't matter if you put the photos in first or last. Then I spend a half an hour trying to correct it.

    I just had a look in Bloggers Help section and found a place you can post a question. So, I did. They do not reply, but they look into it. Maybe this will help.

  9. I just started uploading first, then typing. It's a little better, but still not ideal. I wish the create a post window was bigger. But it's free, so I'm pretty happy!

  10. Don't you also love how you try to clean up the big spaces and suddenly you have deleted the picture that you wanted to keep?!!! I also hate, and this nit-picking, but, blogger doesn't show the two spaces that I put after a period. Instead it just crams my sentences together.

    Anyway, your blog looks lovely despite bloggers not doing what you want and you are so generous in giving away your very lovely work. I am hoping to get the pictures of the heart runner you sent me posted to my blog tomorrow...if blogger will co-operate.


  11. Oh Karen, I missed it. I snoozed and I lost! Boo hoo! I love ALL THINGS red, white and blue.

    I have exactly the same problems with posting as you only I thought it was something that I was doing wrong as I'm a newbie at blogging. Now I have a question. How do you reply to a comment that is left on one's blog without having to backtrack into that person's profile to see if there is an email addy there? It looks as though some of the replies I've received have pressed a mysterious "reply" button that would seem so much easier. Is there such a thing?

    I'm still sulking about the red, white and blue goodies.

  12. I can't help you with your blogging problems, but it was so good to hear that others have the same struggling as I have! I wish it could be easier to compose the blog as I want it to be.Now I know that it is not just me :)
    Anyway, your blog is nice!

  13. i LOVE your blog! i'm so into red white and blue right now. i just got done doing a big quilt that i call 'stars & stripes forever.' I'm sooo interested!

    i have the same problems with blogging too.

  14. Hi Karen...
    Yep just blogger...and you can spend a fair bit of time editing etc.
    However you can make sure you're pictures are small, med or large and you can choose how you want to justify pics and text, by clicking, None, Left, Centre or Right.
    Yep you're pics always go to the top.
    I find it easier if I click 'none' to drag them down... It is fiddly.
    Love your tops but I don't need
    ..and I owe you an's been a strange week.
    hugs to you,
    Robyn xx

  15. I'm sure I missed the boat on the tops based on the number of comments you have. My mother in-law was born on the 4th of July so I always look for anything red, white,and blue for her.

    But as for Blogger--I also have issues. When I upload pictures it lists them in the wrong order. Or it won't allow me to set a pic immediately following a block of text. Instead it inserts it to the top. A lot of cutting and pasting! Glad I'm not alone but that doesn't solve our issues. :)

  16. Hi Karen!
    I am finally back on-line!!! I don't even want to talk about the whole computer issue!!! I lost out and don't even know who won the Jan.31st give away!!! But I am back and love your blog and maybe someday I will win something? I do like your Tutorial on Hexagons. The whole pin idea was great! Happy Valentine Day

  17. I had the same problems, I almost gave up blogging when I started...Well,I just found that if I add the pictures first, it is easier for me to write the text afterwards. I'm not sure this is the best solution, but I got used to it, it is a bit weird, one have to think from the botton to the top!!!!What an issue!...But I hope you will find your way too. Happy Valentine's Day!

  18. I get all the photos at the top - so I just click on one photo - hit control X - which deletes, but copies the photo - the move the cursor to where I want the photo and hit Control C - for copy and, presto - there is the photo right where I want it. I sometimes have to do a little fiddling with the spacing - but not much, and not often. Hope this helps.


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