Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Add a Pop of Color to Your Kitchen...

My kitchen is all white with black counter tops. I love it, because it's so neutral and I can add pops of different colors throughout the year. This winter has been long, full of snow and bitter cold, so after Christmas was over and the house was bare of all decorations, I needed a little splash of color.

I found these fake green apples in Marshall's/TJ Maxx Home Goods. They were even cheaper than buying real apples and these will last forever!! Real fruit is expensive.

kitchen splash of color

Artificial fruit is great now. They look so real.

kitchen splash of color

Little specks, textures and dings to make it look like a real granny smith!!

kitchen splash of color

So the next time you see artificial fruit in a store, take a second look. You'll be pleasantly surprised!!

What do you add to your decor for a pop of color?

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  1. I'm not much of a decorator, so the only pop of color in my kitchen are the curtains and my dishes.

    (I managed to find a way to stop my blog comments from bouncing, so this morning I am happy.)

  2. These really do look real! Hope you get some spring SOON!!!

  3. Great idea as long as no-one thinks they're real and tries to take a bite out of one lol. Seriously though your kitchen looks awesome with the punch of green.

  4. I used to put a bowl of apples that color in a blue colander or a pottery bowl--love that particular shade of green. I can't believe how real those apples look. Whodda thunk?

  5. A rental with white cabinets , black counter tops,white plastic panels on the wall and not being able to add anything permanent really made me stretch my mind. I also can't hang curtains. So new knobs,painted red, a valance made from vintage table runners on a tension rod and red towels and rugs and accessories. :)

  6. I have some fake lemons that I put in an apple green dish on my dining room table everyone think they are real!


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