Wednesday, June 4, 2014

DIY Tic Tac Toe Tree Stump...

Remember the tree stump fire pit I made a few weeks ago? Well, I added a little game table to the area.

Here's the fire pit area where a I sewed little comfy pillows for each seat. Click HERE for the tutorial of that.

tree stumps seating

Here's the game table you can make with things from the yard.

Perfect for campsites and backyard parties.

tree stump tic tac toe

Just use pine cones, rocks, leaves or flower petals for game pieces.

tree stump tic tac toe

tree stump tic tac toe

You can draw the lines on with a marker or use long twigs.

tree stump tic tac toe

I tacked on ribbon to form the cross sections.

tree stump tic tac toe

tree stump tic tac toe

Looks like 3 pine cones in a row…Winner!!

tree stump tic tac toe

Have fun with your friends and family this summer.


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  1. This is such a terrific idea! My grand daughters love playing tic-tac-toe. What fun to play it outside! Now I just need a tree stump!!

  2. Such a cute idea. Love your stump chairs and fire pit!


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