Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Send Me Your Pet Pictures For Annie's Birthday Party!

This Saturday, May 25th is Annie's (the dog) Birthday Linking Party. I did a post HERE for more info. It's a fun party for her 13th birthday and all YOUR furry friends are invited too!!!


On Saturday you will join the linking party just like all my other crafty linking parties, but instead you will be linking to a post on your blog that is about your favorite fur babies. I just wanted to remind you so you'll still have time to write your post.


There were lots of people who mentioned they would love to share a picture of their pets, but they don't have a blog or a way to link to the party. So here's my idea...

Send me a picture of your pets and I will do a post on my blog with all the photos. I will then share that post on the linky party. That way everyone can still see your pets too!!

I can keep adding photos to the post, so send them to me anytime...even after the party.

If you want to send me your pets name and where you're from, I can add that too. I don't need the location...only if you want to share.

Hope you can come to the party!!
~Karen and Annie~

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  1. Sorry, I have no pets. But I collect butterflies and moths, so I might say that they are my pets. But I just take a photo of them, and bring them back to nature again. You can see one of them in my last blogpost. They're beautiful.

  2. Annie looks so adorable. Thanks, Annie and Karen! My quilty kitties and fur-grandbabies want to wish Annie a big "Happy Birthday!" We would love to come to your party. For this occasion we will write a special post from Sierra, who is my daughter's one year old lab/shepherd/hound mix who loves other animals, people and parties ... and food ... and quilts ... and well, Sierra loves everything ... ;) Pat

  3. Your party idea made me LOL! What a great idea! Your Annie is so cute--we just love labs.We lost our retirever/newfie mix last August and recently rescued a flat-coated retriever from the South. We just learned that she has heartworm which will take months of harsh treatment. So my life is very centered around my dog Ellie right now. This party is perfectly timed!

    Happy Birthday to Annie! Linda

  4. Happy Birthday Annie!
    I have the same love of dogs. My favorite girl Sonia left us for the rainbow on May 13. We would have gladly accepted the invitation to your party!

  5. Hi Karen, have written the post and our fur baby Treacle would love to come to Annie's Birthday party See you Saturday. Susie x

  6. Happy Birthday Annie ..
    My fur baby says: High Paw to you and have a great day as we will be camping and I can chase wild turkeys out of our camp. I also get to play in the river with my fur Dad, while fur parent Mom crochets or whatever she does when we go camping.. Maybe she will make me some treats !! Happy Birthday to you: Love Brie

    Wow and she types without any mistakes !LOL Have fun and Happy Birthday Annie !!
    Have a great day and enjoy !!

  7. My old boy Rex (9yr Golden Retriever) and his newer adopted sister Maggie-May (or may not, 2yrs; we adopted her from the pound the in December after two other homes' returned her. Shes' a Kelpie: Australian sheep dog of mixed breeds) think any party is a good party.
    Enjoy yourselves AND keep the barking down so the neighbors don't get upset, hahaha.
    Cheers from Oshawa Ontario

  8. This is such a great idea Karen! I am so close to starting a blog (I've been close once before but didn't have the time...)

    You provide inspiration in so many ways!

    Happy Birthday to Annie :) I look forward to following the linkies.


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