Monday, March 11, 2013

Blogging Tip...Easy Color Codes For Your Blog Design

Today's blogging tip is about color!! Color on your blog...font color, gadget color, link color, separator color etc.

When you are in the blog design mode of the blogger template, you can only choose what colors they offer...or can you. Have you ever wondered how to change the color options to something different.

My daughter Courtney introduced me to this site a long time ago and I wanted to share with you. The site is really for designing your own website, but there are a few features we can use in our own blogger template...

This color chart for example.

The website is called If you are a techie, then this site will hold more info for you than me. I just love the color charts!!

You can view this color chart by clicking HERE.

Here's how to use it...

Pick one of the color dots the arrow is pointing to.

Once you select the initial color, the "shade" chart will show up on the right hand side.

Select the shade that you like and the code will appear in the box that I've circle below.

For our blogging purposes, we would only need the code. That submit button is only for the "building your own website" process.

They also have a chart for the HTML Color Names...Click HERE for the chart below.

You can see the name, code and the actual color on the chart. There are 147 choices. If you click on the code you can see what it looks like with other colors as fonts.

Just an FYI...I did a poll for blogging Likes and Dislikes. The one complaint was a dark blog background with light font color. It's hard on the eyes.  Click HERE to see that post.

Now let me show you where to add these codes.

Go to your dashboard and click TEMPLATE.

Then click CUSTOMIZE.

In the upper left, you will click arrow.

Now click on each topic and add the color code you previously selected from the charts.

It will show on the sample of your blog below the chart, but will NOT be added until you click APPLY TO BLOG in the upper right corner.

Hope you find this little gem of a website helpful. I have no affiliation with them, I just thinks it's GREAT!!!

Happy Blogging,

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  1. Great info! And so helpful to me who is just setting up a new blog! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Thanks so much for these great tips!!

  3. This is awesome! Thanks so much!!


  4. This is great information. I didn't know you could add colors in addition to what blogger offered. Sometimes I think I will never get this blogging thing down. Thanks for the tutorial!

  5. Thanks for all of the wonderful blog tips!! I am a new follower and have loved all of the blogging tips you have for us!

  6. This is super cool. Thank you so much for this useful tip.
    I guess I'm going to use it really soon. :)

    x Vanessa |

  7. I have had to use this before to get the background of my signature to match my blog background and it was really helpful. I actually matched it by the numbers of the color! Thanks for the info on this. :)

  8. I wrote this comment already but blogger ate it. Let's see if I can remember what I wrote! :oD

    You *can* change your colour to anything you like in the blogger customise thingy. All you need to do is click on the wee colour box with the down arrow - in your screenshot above, it's the wee grey box next to the #333333 code box - and that will bring up the whole colour palette for you to choose from.

    The colour you're currently using is shown by a wee white circle which you can move around to change the colour. You can also move the slider or choose from the grid of colours and then move the wee white circle around until you're happy with what you've chosen.

    I hope that helps ... and I hope it doesn't get eaten this time when I click "publish"! :o)

  9. Hi, Karen, I have been looking at one of your old posts about linking your picture with your blog. My picture (when I leave a comment on another blog) goes to Google+ profile page. It's confusing and I still don't know where my blog link is on Google+. Thanks for any help you can give. Linda

  10. Hi Karen,
    Can I add more to a tab? I'd like to have tabs for different kinds of quilts. I started it, but I don't remember what I did, and I don't know how to add more to a tab. Or would there be a better way to organize the quilts? I have no idea what I'm doing, as you may have guessed!
    Thanks for any help.

  11. Great tip !!! Thank you

  12. I used this tip and it works great, however, I had to edit the html - my "advanced" template option is not working. I wrote goggle but haven't heard a thing. I'm a seasoned blogger so I'm pretty sure this a glitch with Blogger. I just changed my background and can't see how that would affect it. Do you know anywhere I can email and get a response on blogger issues?

  13. You can be fruitful with colors! You can even work a blog design controlled by colors. Even with fewer graphic, a site can be effective. It’s good you’ve found a site early enough, which allows you to use the exact same shade of color from time to time, whilst skipping the part of memorizing or noting its hex code. That was really my trouble before. -->Lesli


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