Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tool Time Tuesday...Sewing Organizers

Happy Tool Time everyone!!  Today's post will use one item from the hardware store, but used in 3 different ways.

This is one way...a bobbin tray.

Here is the item...a corner guard or wall corner protector. It's clear, so the picture is kind of pointless, but still wanted to show you. Looks like a long stick.

 A corner guard is usually placed on the corner of a wall to protect it from wear and tear.

This is a clear plastic version, but they come in all shapes and sizes.

This was a 4 foot length for less than $2.00

This is a picture I found online for an example of what it's actually used for.

Here's the Sew Many Ways versions of the corner guard...

#1...utility tray for front of sewing table

Can you see it? Remember it's clear, Lol. It's just under the black tape measure.

I attached it to the front of my sewing table. It's at a 90 angle, so it's like a little shelf to hold seam rippers, pencils or little sewing tools for your machine.

Perfect small shelf for the little things that I always lose while sewing.

The plastic cuts easily with utility scissors too.

#2...Bobbin Holder

The next project will be used with the "V" shaped point glued to a surface.

I hot glued the corner guard to a shelf to hold bobbins.

With the "V"shape facing up, it holds bobbins perfectly.

You could glue this little shelf next to your spools of threads.

#3...Pencil Case Bobbin Holder

These plastic pencil cases are in most office supplies section in all stores. They are usually under $1.00

You can find them in CVS, Staples Office Supply, Walmart, Target etc...

just slide out the case and measure your corner guard to fit inside.

I used a bead of hot glue on the bottom ridge...

and glued it in place inside the pencil box. I know...clear on clear. Sorry!!

I fit 3 rows of the corner guards inside the box.

Holds all your bobbins in each row.

The inner drawer just slides back in the box and keeps all the bobbins safe and sound.

Perfect to take to class or a retreat.

Have fun shopping in your local hardware store for your corner guard!!

Remember...Always think outside the box

Click HERE for a link to the other Bobbin ideas on my blog. This first post will show up, but scroll down for the others

Happy Tuesday,

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  1. Fabulous ideas Karen
    Love the idea of putting them in the pencil case
    So many uses

  2. Very clever!

    I am always amazed at the tips and ideas in your posts. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for the tip...I might just take you up on this one. My bobbins are always in a mess.

  4. Wow! Great ideas. I'm with Heather, bobbins are always problematic for me when it comes to storage and organization.

  5. Yay! Another use for those adorable plastic pencil boxes! I made a little beading travel kit in one, a sewing travel kit in another and several are in use as rotary cutter cases. Now, I have a reason to buy more of them!

  6. Thanks Karen, what good ideas and so practical for the budget.

  7. I admit to being a fan of the doughnut bobbin cases but have my new macine on order with extra large bobbins so I though I would have to reinvent the wheel, but you have again provided an answer! Thank you.

  8. Thanks Karen, what great ideas. I am always loosing my bobbins.

  9. Just how clever are these ideas! You have a very creative and imaginative mind...

  10. What fun ideas today. Thanks, Karen.

  11. Terrific ideas and so easy.
    Thank you.

  12. Love these ideas! I have so many of those pencil cases floating around my house, I can't wait to make a bobbin holder. My bobbins (some threaded, some not) are all thrown into a little box and they make a terrible mess. I need one of those!

  13. How very clever! Thank you for sharing :)

  14. love the idea of the pencil case, thanks for sharing.

  15. What awesome ideas! My bobbins needs this organization. You are so creative !

  16. Pinned ya! Love your last tip most!

  17. Do you wake up thinking, "Aha! I've got an idea for Tool Time Tuesday!!"??!! You amaze me, how you come up with such clever ways to use inexpensive items. We, your readers, thank you!! :)

  18. Great ideas, Karen! I love the small tray idea for a seam ripper, bamboo awl, little snips....thanks for your clever ideas. Back in 1999 I was using my rotary cutter and ruler and it slipped. I didn't get cut but it was close. Brad took a length of that corner guard and applied it to my rulers with double sided scotch tape. It's still on there! A few years later one of the quilt supply companies put out a version but it didn't seem to last long.

  19. I so look forward to Every Tuesday Morning.. The other way is to store metal bobbins on a magnetic knife strip.

  20. I saw one on Pinterest using the clear tubing for like waterfalls, you slit it and it holds the bobbin

  21. Great ideas, Karen! I really like the idea of attaching it close to where I store my thread spools, but that just might be too much of a temptation for my cat. She already finds the spools fascinating!

  22. Fantastic ideas!! I would have never thought of so many uses for a corner guard. I can't wait to see what I can use on e for in my scrap area:)

  23. Ingenious! Perfect timing- I was just complaining of bobbins everywhere! Thank you, thank you!

  24. This is awesome - I am going to Lowe's today! Thanks!

  25. Great ideas...I have bobbins everywhere and this will be a good way to corral them. Thanks for the tip.

  26. Awesome...I too wonder if your mind ever rests...how do you think of these great ideas! I will definitely make the bobbin pencil box holder for my eight year old granddaughter. She is just starting to get her own supplies! Then I will make one for myself. Ann

  27. I love these ideas --off to the store tomorrow!


  28. How creative and innovative! Well done! How do you come up with these brilliant ideas? ~Thea

  29. This is a great idea and so useful. Thank you for sharing this.

  30. absolutely ingenious! I'm off to the hardware shop after work!

  31. You are one smart lady !!! LOL ! Love your ideas!

  32. What an awesome idea for bobbins!

  33. You are genius!! Greetings from Spain!


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