Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thrifty Thursday...Upcycled Brie Box

It's Thrifty Thursday...the day we do something cheap, cheap, cheap!!! On Monday, I did a recipe post on baked brie. If you missed that post, you can click here.

Brie cheese comes in a wooden box. A box!! You know I can't throw that away!!

Upcycled Brie, plus some crafty stuff I already had.

Brie comes in all different sizes and is usually packaged in these thin, light weight boxes. Eat the yummy cheese 'til your heart's content, but don't throw away the box.

Rummage through your crafting supplies and pull out some scrap booking paper or fabric, some ribbon and maybe some other decorations for the top.

I used Mod Podge to not only glue on the paper or fabric, but to seal the top as well. This stuff dries super fast too, making this a quick project.

I used old sheet music...just trace the cover.

or trace on the wrong side of fabric.

Thin coat of Mod Podge first.

Lay on fabric or paper.

You don't have to wait until it's dry to add the top coat.

Add a ribbon around the edge of the cover to hide the writing.

All Done!!

You can use these for so many things...

Cute little sewing kit to take any where with you or give as a gift to sewing or quilting friends.

or a box of treats for Valentine's day! Add chocolate, those little conversation hearts, M&M's etc

You can use these boxes for...

  • gift boxes
  • to hold gift cards or money
  • a place for your kid's collectibles
  • memory box

Have fun decorating your brie box!!

An FYI...the boxes don't smell like cheese


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  1. This post makes me wish I liked Brie cheese. ^_^*

  2. Oh wow Karen! I love Brie and these are the cutest darn things I've seen all week. I'm trying to calculate how much Brie we can eat to make enough of these for all my Valentines! Thanks so much for the inspiration. Hey, would love for you to consider guest posting on Inspiration Cafe sometime...come by and let us know if you're interested:

  3. As always, I'd love to hang out with you and watch you create. How did you make the bow?

  4. Fab idea! Now I've got an excuse to eat more Brie! Maggie xx

  5. Like I needed an excuse to eat more Brie. Love the idea! Thanks!!

  6. I love the boxes, they are so cute. I might borrow this idea. Thanks for sharing.

  7. You are amazing. I'm completely smitten with these boxes. I'm going to make little felt dolls to put in them for a valentine treat my granddaughters will love. A thousand thank yous.

  8. So clever! Wondering if you have any suggestions for reusing the tall plastic containers that Crystal lite comes in? I've been going thru 2 a week and just keep hoarding the empty containers with lids!

    1. I've been collecting the containers too; they're good for something, I'm sure! I can only have so many pencil holders, rotary cutter containers, etc. Hopefully we'll hear of some great ideas.

  9. Ohhh .. what a cute idea. I will have to look at our brie here in Aust and see if any are in these little boxes.

  10. Love it! So sorry I tossed the brie box earlier this week, but there's another in the fridge. I'll put a note on it now to make sure it doesn't get tossed. :)

  11. Your ikea jam baked brie recipe is on my menu for thus weekend and this is a beauiful project! I save all my Brie boxes too. Once I recovered one and added mini spool legs to make a dollhouse table.

  12. Karen, ingenious idea! I love Brie but I don't think they come in those handy little containers here in Austrialia....not that I have seen, anyway. Can you feel my disappointment all the way over there!
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  13. I knew I was saving those little boxes for something. I have covered a couple previously using scrap paper and they're a perfect fit for some of my smaller and round dies, you can also add the name of the contents on the ribbon or paper covering the mfg's, writing.
    Great job, thanks again for sharing.

  14. I love how your mind works! And I'm with Donna, how did you make such a perfect bow?

  15. Thanks for the idea! I do not have Brie boxes but I have Laughing Cow boxes, are not wood but they seem sturdy. Doing the Weight Watcher thing and these are low points for me. I have saved, now I know to keep saving them. Always thinking something could be used for something and here you come with an idea!

  16. What a great idea. Now, to go shopping for brie!

  17. Love this idea. I have Laughing Cow boxes too and will have to try it on them. Hope they don't warp with the Mod Podge?!

  18. Love Brie and the boxes, cute idea!! :)

    Thanks for sharing. I have been following your Thursday posts and now I keep every box and empty container I own! HAHA!


  19. I literally laughed out loud when I first saw this. I can't throw them away either!!! Seriously, it's good to know there's other weirdos out there who hoard empty food containers. :) lol
    This is super cute. Now I have a reason behind the madness.

  20. Cute boxes good for putting little things in!

  21. I about to finish up a round of Brie and am so glad to have seen this post before the box left my house! What a cute idea. I am definitely making one of these for Valentine's gifting.

  22. You are very clever, I liked the idea and the boxes are very helpful. Yasmin

  23. These came out so cute! I can totally see myself using these to gift cute little things!
    With Luck

  24. Great Idea! They look like mini hat boxes. Wouldn't they be cute to hold doll accessories?

  25. OMG! I wish you would have posted this before the holidays. We went through several brie boxes during holiday festivities, but I threw away all the boxes....Oh well...guess, I will just have to get some more brie!

  26. Awesome idea!! Now I can't wait to try baked brie & get crafty with the box!

  27. I have just become a brie eater. I want those boxes! They could be cute mother's day gifts.

  28. usual! Keep on keepin' on as I am always inspired!


  29. Cute! Now I have another reason to keep more random stuff to craft with! I just did an upcycle project myself, because I couldn't throw away the middles of some chipboard letters! I think that a big heart-shaped decorated cookie would fit in the Brie boxes nicely for Valentine's day.

  30. That's great!!!. You have choosed lovely colors for your boxes.

  31. You can send me the box with the chocolates. Those are my favorite. LOL
    Thanks for sharing the cute idea.

  32. These are adorable! I'm going to start saving brie boxes (my son will be so happy as he loves brie!) and I'm going to make your recipe for baked brie too. I especially love the one with the music sheet paper although they are both cute. These would be ideal for giving away my homemade peanut brittle at Christmas ... or homemade fudge ... or homemade saltwater taffy ... or gift cards ... or ....


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