Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sew Darn Crafty Linking Party...Week 98

It's Sew Darn Crafty time...the linking party to show off what you've been up to this week. Share what you've cooked, sewn, crafted, where you've visited and things you'd like to do.

If you don't have a blog and can't link with can still have fun at the party too. Just click the picture links below and enjoy what everyone has to share!

If this is your first time here and want to join in, read below for the "How TO's"


I subscribe to a linking service, which provides the ability to link thumbnail pictures on my blog. The picture is a link that other bloggers provide to share their projects.

Two things can happen at a linking party...looking and/or linking
  • you can be greatly inspired by wonderful projects, ideas or vacation pictures (looking) and/or
  • you can share what you've been up to (linking)
If you want to be inspired by all the great ideas...just click on a picture and it will take you to that post from a wonderful blogger who was willing to share her thoughts and ideas.


Sew Darn Crafty is all about YOU!! Show off your projects, share a tutorial, show us your vacation pictures, share a family favorite recipe...share anything. Not only does linking inspire us all, it also brings lots of new people to your blog for a visit. Click here for past parties and lots of inspiration

Easy steps to join in on the fun...

  • link up to the specific project post, not your whole blog. Makes it easier to link right to that post and not  search through all your entire blog. To find the http address to a specific post, just click on the Title of your post. Copy and paste the address that's at the top of your computer into the linky steps.
  • link as many projects as you'd like...old or new
  • anything, sewing, knitting, crafts, organizing, remodeling projects, vacations, parties etc...
  • visit other links to share some blogging love! You know we all love comments!
  • linking is open til Saturday night, so plenty of time to join in
  • just click the blue phrase "click here to enter" which is at the very END...below all the other picture links that everyone has shared. Click and follow the easy steps

If you want to add the button to your blog's side bar or add it to your list of parties that you're in each week...Click HERE for a tutorial for adding a button

Have fun linking up! Don't forget to come back and take a look at all the great projects during the week

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  1. I'm excited for another fun party!! Thanks for having such great ones:)

  2. Thanks for hosting another great party!

  3. Thank you for your link parties!

  4. I had something new to share this morning so it was fun to link up! This is inspiring me to sew more and get things accomplished so I have something new each week! Thanks so much for hosting!

  5. Creo haber entendido más o menos en que consiste el juego y voy a participar en el pero os quiero pedir que me perdoneis pues mi inglés es muy malo.
    Me quedaré como seguidora del blog y así poder participar en nuevos juegos.

  6. 68-69-70 han sido puestos por mi. Yo solo quería uno pero no sé como salieron todos. Si es necesario puede borrar el que considere pues yo he intentado hacerlo pero no me es posible. Perdón por el error.

  7. Thanks for the party, Karen!

    <3 Christina @ I Gotta Create!

  8. Thanks for hosting another great party! I just G+ your post.

  9. Thank you for hosting your great party! I also wanted to thank you especially because you were my 3rd biggest referral of 2012, so thank you for sending so many lovely visitors my way through this party!! Hope you're having a great weekend :)

  10. Great post...thanks for sharing!I will be visiting many inspiring links, today....thank you for hosting!

  11. I love sewing its very theraputic pleaseee view my blog

    Hello sorry if this is totally random but im a teen going through a lot and i would like for you to please view my blog. I am going through DID multiple personalities and would like to make the world aware of what it is and how hard. so please visit my blog at

    thank you have a wonderful dayy

  12. Glad to be linking up for the first time. I've added your party to my sidebar. Looking forward to checking out everyone's projects!

  13. I'm all linked up, thanks so much for hosting!! Feel free to stop by anytime and add your party to the growing list!!


  14. My first Link Party thanks for having these!

  15. Hi Karen I've never linked up before thankyou! I amnot sure if my link has gone through as my webpage crashed and now it is saying there is already a link on the list to my log so I assume it has? Fingers crossed! Thanks again Hannah

  16. Thank you so much for another awesome party! Have a wonderful week. :)


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