Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sew Darn Crafty Linky Party...Week 96

Hi everyone!! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and special holiday with your loved ones. Can't believe I've been away from blogging all week, but we've spent a lot of time with our daughters since they've been home from school and it's been great!!

We're also getting Courtney ready for her school trip to Japan. She leaves on January 1st for 17 days. She is so excited. She is a graphic design major and 15 students and 2 professors are making the trip. If anyone has been to Tokyo or Kyoto, any tips will be helpful!!

We had a big snow storm here in Rhode Island and the northeast last night into today, so we're shoveling out this morning...well, not me. I'm in here typing while hubby is using the snow blower. He loves it. Must be a guy thing!!

It's a pretty one though. The kind that sticks to everything.

Enough about me and the snow...let's see how your week was. Let's start the linking party. You know the rules...

Anything Goes!!

If this is your first time here and want to join in, read below for the "How TO's"


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  1. Thanks for hosting Karen. I've been MIA for a few weeks but am glad to be back. Love your snow(we got about a foot!) Doesn't it make everything look amazing? ;)
    Have a wonderful New Year!

  2. In Tokyo you have to use the pedestrian crossings and not jaywalk. All outer footwear must be left at the doorway and indoor slippers used, often provided for you. Trains are wonderful, fast, efficient and comfortable. Learn a few words of Japanese, it is appreciated. Get out into the country if you are able to and a stay in a "ryokan" is a must for authenticity. A visit to. The 100 yen shops is also recommended, great for gifts to bring home. They are the equivalent to UK pound shops and probably Americans also have dollar stores. Tokyo is an interesting, crowded city, full of things to see and of course Kyoto is not to be missed. Try to get a look at a capsule hotel, but don't stay in one!

  3. I can't see your linky button, but I used to be able to. The same is true for another homesteading blog(s). Is it me or the linky tool?

  4. It's totally a guy-thing! My hubby loves his snowblower, and even more since I got him the windowed tent for it. He's out there, happy as a clam, every time it snows! :o)

  5. Feliz año nuevo para toda tu familia...Saludos,desde Argentina.

  6. Love your winter wonderland!!
    Thanks for hosting!!

    Happy New Year,


  7. The snow is so beautiful! My kids were bummed that we didn't get any. 2 weeks off of school & work and no snow! Thanks for the party!

  8. The Tokyo subway system can be confusing, but the routes are all color coded, and the station names are in Roman alphabet as well as Japanese characters. Get a map and you'll get the hang of it quickly, so be sure to venture out. Visit the Imperial Palace grounds as well as the Meiji Jingu Shrine - both are like large parks, and they are beautiful. Don't miss out on visiting a hot spring bath house (onsen). Don't let the language barrier and no swimsuit rule keep you from going. it was the highlight of my visit. Be sure to visit one of the shopping districts. You can find great deals on kimono and other souvenirs by visiting a second-hand store (and that, to me, is more meaningful than buying from a souvenir stand - the stuff has history). You need to go to Asakusa for the cultural experience. Visit the temple, get your fortune and don't miss out on getting a snack from one of the street vendors. And finally, the fish market is a MUST. Go very early to see the tuna auction, then get sushi for breakfast. It's the freshest sushi you will ever eat. I loved my visit to Tokyo -one of the best international trips I have every taken.

  9. Looks like a Christmas card! long as you have a snow blower guy in your life! Great excuse to sew...or blog...or both!
    Thank you for a lovely blog!

  10. We have had beautiful sticky snow for the last two weeks... I know it's hard on the trees but it is just stunning to be outside!

  11. Love your snow pictures they're just gorgeous. Christmas for me is usually late 30 degrees and into the 40's. Always hot and dry although this christmas it rained and turned cold, but nobody really minded. Would love to see a white christmas one day.

  12. Hi Karen, just read your current last two posts. Very glad to hear that your blog shows up where it is supposed to now. Thank you for hosting your party this year. I've just recently discovered your blog and love joining in. Happy New Year.

  13. Karen, your house is beautiful! Love when the snow is on the tree as the sun comes up! I miss that - we grew up in New Jersey but have been in North Carolina since '94 - not any snow yet down here this winter - but there is always hope!

  14. Hi Karen - I love your winter wonderland photos! We live in Southern California so snow isn't one of the perks of winter. I've linked up my Top 12 Projects of 2012. Thanks so much for hosting your Sunday parties.

    Happy New Year!

  15. Thanks for hosting Karen! You're the best, glad you got your blog problem sorted. It must have made you feel very panicky :(
    Happy New Year and thanks for all your help with our blog with your wonderful tips! xx

  16. Love your snow! Winter is definitely here.
    Happy New Year!

  17. I spent a month in Japan last May. It was a wonderful place to visit. The people were so friendly and helpful. We found English was widely spoken in the large cities but less so in country areas. We travelled by public tramsport all the time and it was fast, efficient and clean. We only ate Japanese food (even if we had to just point at the plastic models in the windows) and it was awesome. We visited countless temples, gardens, museums etc One highlight was staying in a Buddhist temple for 2 nights and just living the life of the monks. Their vegetarian food grown in the temple grounds was wonderful. We stayed in ryokans and despite my initial misgivings , had some communal baths. 7/11 stores are great places to buy ready made food or snacks cheaply - although we found all the food cheap. Kyoto station is not to be missed -it has to be one of the 7 wonders of the modern world - 2 hotels and 17 stories of restaurants, shops, entertainment space as well as the railway! There is a suburb of Tokyo called Nippon which only sells fabric! I was in 7th Heaven and it was a fraction of the price of material in Australia. I had to buy another bag to bring it home. We were able to buy a railticket before we left which gave us unlimited usage for the month and saved hundreds of dollars. Have fun - I would go back any day. Sharyn

  18. Hi-- For some reason I can't see all the craft pictures or people linking up with your linky parties. Help!

  19. Okay when I read your posts in my google reader, I can see all the linky's but when I click through from someplace else they weren't showing.


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