Saturday, December 8, 2012

Embroidery Hoop Tinsel Wreath...

I've been busy decorating for Christmas, but wanted to share a very fast wreath project with you!!

I needed 2 small wreaths in the girls' bathroom. They are away at school until next week, so these wreaths are just up for a Christmas party I'm having tomorrow.

The project is so simple. It uses a package of tinsel garland and any hoop or wreath form.

I have lots of embroidery hoops that I'm not using any more for cross stitching and I always buy them in yard sales or thrift stores when I see them just for this reason...perfect shape.

Open the hoop a little and pinch the end of the garland to secure.

You can also open it up and use the 2 parts for 2 different wreaths!!

Then all you do is wrap the garland around the hoop.

This is a 10 inch hoop...

This package is 15 feet of garland. If your hoop or wreath form is small the garland will be thicker. If your hoop is larger, you might need 2 packages of garland.

Here is the wreath hanging in the girls' bathroom.

I hang little ornaments each year on their shower curtain.

This year I found these flat ornaments at Walmart.

The tinsel tree was an after Christmas sale a few years ago, but to make it a little more substantial I added a candle stick for the base.

Just an old candle stick that doesn't have a mate any more.

Try the is so fast and easy.

Happy Decorating,

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  1. very pretty and i now feel guilty you decorate your bathroom more than i have decorated my house the last few years!!

  2. Another clever idea - thanks!

  3. You are just so up there with all your quick & easy tips. Your girls are so lucky coming home to a decorated bathroom.

  4. How did you attach the ribbon to the mirrors, Karen? This is a lovely project!

  5. Very pretty wreath and what an original idea! Definitely need to do this!

  6. These wreaths are lovely. The silver and yellow go wonderfully together. Turns your bathroom into a classy place to hang out!! LOL

  7. Such a cute idea! I love the colors!

  8. Such a pretty idea, Karen. I love it and your girls' bathroom too!

  9. Que demais...amei!!
    Parabéns !! Beijus!!

  10. love the combo of silver with yellow. Such wonderful ideas.

  11. That is so lovely! The bathroom is gorgeous! I love the idea of hanging the ornaments on the shower curtain, that's so clever. You inspired me to do some more decorating! Thank you for sharing. :)


  12. Simple, easy, and lovely!

    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!

  13. Oh Karen, these are just so cute and so simple. Thank you so much for sharing!


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