Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tool Time Tuesday...Window Ironing Board

I know...Window Ironing Board? Well, it was going to say Cat Bed Ironing Board, but I didn't want to scare you away!!

The famous saying of "Necessity is the mother of invention", doesn't work for this post.

My new saying for this project..."laziness is the mother of invention" and here's my explanation.

I did a post the other day about raising the curtain rods on 3 large windows without changing the curtains. Click HERE to read that post. In short, I raised the curtain rods 4 inches and let the hem down on the curtains 4 inches.

By the time I re-screwed in all the hardware, ripped out all the hems for 6 panels and then hung them back up to check the measurements, I DID NOT want to take them down again to finish the hems.

That's when I saw this in the window, right next to the drapes...

Hallie's bird watching perch!!

I removed her quilt and it's my new portable window ironing board!!

I used Stitch Witchery to iron the hems back together and needed to steam out the original crease.

Instead of taking down all the drapery panels again (laziness), I used the cat perch right there to iron (mother of invention!!)

The perch has little parts that hook into the track of the window and then the brackets underneath just rest on the wall with little rubber pads for support. Totally portable to move from window to window.

Sorry this picture is so dark, but it was so bright out and I was taking the picture facing the window.

Portable window ironing board...

  • perfect for any small ironing projects like quilt blocks (or full length lined drapes, Lol)
  • great if your sewing machine is next to a window
  • frees up floor space in a small sewing/ craft room
  • great to use in your dining room or other room that you sew in and have to break your sewing things down each time. Just take it down and pop in a closet

or put the quilt back on it and give it back to the cat.

We've had this cat perch for a while, but I think it's from Walmart. You know my brain is ticking on how to make one with PVC pipes and brackets. This will be another Tool Time in the future!!

Happy Tuesday,

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  1. Karen, you are so funny. That is a purrrfect solution to your hemming dilema, You are so clever. Love it!!

  2. Okay, now that is scary just 2 days ago I asked my DH if he could think of a way to convert our grandsons hi chair( you know the ones that hang off the tables with no legs)into an ironing board that I could hook on to the table instead of having to get up all the time to iron my blocks. So karen hurry up with that TTT blog and pattern for the pvc pipe ironing board I will be all over it like a rash Cheers

  3. What a genius idea! You're so clever! I await your tutorial with baited breath!

  4. And you got to enjoy the sunshine and take your turn at bird watching. Love the dual purpose idea. How many of us have done minor repairs on clothes without taking them off? he he he

  5. This totally cracked me up!! Oh my word. I don't have a cat perch like that, they use the furniture, but if I did, I would be competing with them to use it for an ironing board!! They use my regular ironing board as a bed!
    What a clever idea for sit down ironing. My mother would have loved something like this. Enjoy the wildlife and have busy hands all at once. A win-win.
    I think you did a post one time using a TV tray table to make an ironing board...I am still considering that one ;0)
    The cats will sleep on it, too, if I make it.

  6. As I was reading this post, I felt sorry for your cat. Poor thing had his lookout post stolen! But I'm very glad it's back with his quilt and all is well again.
    Your curtains look terrific! What a perfect solution to borrow the cat's throne to make your final touches to the hems.

  7. Ha! That made me laugh, but it sure is a great idea! You saved yourself from having to take down / hang up the drapes again, and I love anything that simplifies a project!

  8. I don't have a cat but I think that is a perfect idea for an ironing board! Way to think out of the box!!

    Judy :)

  9. Brilliant, Karen. When we replaced all the woodwork in our house I had Brad make the diningroom window sill 8" wide....Maui's favorite spot. There's a lip on all our new vinyl windows that stands up about 2.5" between the sill and window sash so we couldn't use our perch anymore. Maybe the sewingroom needs a deeper sill....my machine is next to the window.......hmmmmm.

  10. What a hoot you are! Great idea to use the cat's perch for an ironing board and the fact that it is portable is even better! Can't wait to see your PVC tutorial! You are one clever lady!

  11. HAHA...I can see me 'arguing' with one of the girls about use of their perch. They would want me to iron the bedding so it was warm when they lie down on it.

  12. I love your writing style as much as your sewing style. You are so funny!

  13. Hi!!! I think that is a wonderful idea!!!!

  14. Just a note of caution -- if you buy one of these perches or order one online, save the receipt, and test if the perch fits before the return period ends. I ordered a perch & found out later (too late) that our wooden window molding is some odd-sized chunky kind that absolutely won't take the perch. So there it sits in the garage, waiting for "someday," when DH might be able to alter it.

  15. LMAO Glad that kitty was willing to share!

  16. LOL Karen, this post is the PURRfect example of necessity being the mother of Invention!! I love it!

    Hopefully, I've fixed the issue with my email showing up when I leave a comment! If not, please go ahead and let me know!! I appreciate your help!

    Thanks again,
    Kristy @ Shona Skye Creations

  17. Hi!!! I think that is a wonderful idea!!!!


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