Monday, October 8, 2012

Jumbo Fleece Blanket...2 into 1

I'm pretty sure most of us have fleece blankets in our homes. They are warm, soft and super comfy. My 2 daughters collected them when they were little or received them as we have a lot!!

The standard size for kid's fleece blankets is 50" x 60". Using this size blanket now, when you're laying on the couch, is pointless. The blanket is either up at your neck and then your feet are freezing or your feet are covered and then your arms are cold!!

Here's a quick 2 together. 2 into 1

Put 2 blankets together, match the edges and sew one straight stitch. I sewed along the 60 inch side (on the right in this picture).

The finished size is now 60" x 100".

My husband is 6' 3' tall, so this is perfect to cover him up completely.

I know the color combo is crazy and not "cute", but we're not going for looks...we need warmth!! They were just stored away and not being used, so this is perfect!!

If you really want to make it look like it was done intentionally, maybe you could cut each blanket in half and then sew the four parts together in alternating strips.

Always good to find a new use for something and free is always great too!!

Have a great day,

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  1. Last year we discovered our son is allergic to fleece blankets! That was a bummer. Now I HAVE to make an offical quilt ;-).
    Great tip though, I can do that for my non-allergic familymembers.

  2. I have been toying with the idea of fleece blankets. We live in WI and we are always needing to cover up at night because it's so cold. I am going to go out and buy a bunch of fleece, we all have wool allergies at our house, so that is not an option. Good idea!

  3. great Idea And i love the different colors.

  4. In Florida, we're not so concerned about covering up to stay warm, but this reminded me to mention that you can make a nice sized beach towell by buying dollar store towels (4) and sewing them together in a similar manner. Much less expensive than buying the beach towels at a department store, and they are actually long enough to lay on, without having your hair or your feet in the sand!

  5. One Betty Boop fleece blanket here (my fav) I made and did the blanket stitch around it. As Jessica said, it is cold here in WI.


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