Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thread Organizer...Soda Crates

Thread...we all have it and we all try to organize it. I know I've had "sew" many different ways of storing it, it's ridiculous.

Well, here's one more way...old soda crates.

I found these soda or bottle crates years ago in a flea market. I've used them in so many ways over the years...
  • stacked them up on the front porch and filled with flowers or evergreens for the holidays
  • saved empty water bottles and then used the crates for a ring toss game for a carnival party we had
  • stacked them up and had them next to a chair as an end table. Cute with a lamp and books on them
  • you can also plant wheat grass in them for an Easter center piece with eggs in the grass
  • use the crates for wall decorations to display little collections

Here is one way I had the crates set up. The tower of crates works great for small spaces. If you lack wall or floor space, always go up...vertically.

Warning...This way is fine for small children around. You can also SECURE it to the wall if needed

I used zip ties or straps to secure each crate to the other.

Just had hooks to the back if you need to attached the crates to your wall.

Each little compartment holds a spool of thread and the matching bobbin.

This is how I finally have it...four of them inside the wall unit. I have a sad thread collection :(  but it works for me!!

I do love the tower too...hmmm...might go back to that. Maybe I'll find more crates, so I can have both ways!!

Look around your house or yard sales and flea markets to see what you can use for a thread organizer!

Happy Sewing,

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  1. Wow, what a cool idea! It looks really cool...may I say I prefer it inside the wall unit? I have small children and big dogs, and your beautiful tower makes me nervous!
    I enjoys reading all the clever ways you find to organize.

  2. So cute! I love that idea! Giggle....I so wish that I had you here at my house to design my sewing studio. It is fairly large (20x24ft)and pretty much a blank slate....oh and did I mention that I am working on a "broke budget" LOL!

  3. i really like your site. gives me great ideas on how to organize my sewing room/guest bedroom. thanks for sharing your ideas.debra

  4. My thread stash is even more sad than yours.:( I too have struggled with how to store them. I've decided, since I don't have that many, to make a peg board for them to fit in my drawer next to my future sewing desk. I thought it would be really simple to cut a small piece of plywood to fit the drawer, then drill holes for dowels. I've seen one woman make the dowels tall enough to hold the bobbin on top of the thread spool. Of course, as I accumulate more thread, I'll have to have a better solution. As an additional FYI, Viking has different colored bobbins so if you have different types of thread, you use a different colored bobbin. It's easy to pick out the type of thread just by looking at the bobbin color.

  5. Fantástica idea para almacenar!!!

  6. Love how this allows you to store the bobbin with the thread.

  7. Oh I adore this and so many of your fun ideas for using them. Need to start yard saling and hitting flea markets - my hubby loves that so.....


  8. Yet another great idea! Karen your ideas amaze and inspire me. I was cleaning out the basement and my husbnad was a milk crate horder and user (our garage has all sorts of things stored in them)...thus they will be used in my sewing room with your cover idea to store fabric and such!

  9. That's a darling display! I would love to do something like that.... Someday when I have a studio! (Right now I have a dining table and a closet!) However, I'd need a whole lot more of those crates..... like 3 or 4 times as many..... My addiction isn't only to fabric..... there.. I said it.

  10. Another nice idea. I'll be keeping my eyes open for something similar.

  11. Love the look. What a good idea! Thanks for sharing.

  12. I love the idea and the look of it! Will have to hunt around here in the barn and see if I can find something similar. Thanks for the idea!

  13. This is so attractive and organized. Over at my place, we go with various methods. Such as

    Where is the thread?
    Oh no, I already had 5 of that color.
    Didn't I have that yellow spool yesterday?
    Oh that's right, I had a group of them in this basket (box, pocket, drawer, tote ...)

  14. I love this. What a great idea. Going to keep my eyes open for such boxes, I really want to do this!

  15. Thank you for that post. Never would have thought of having the bobbin with the thread. I have them all in transparent cases so I can see them easily. I have 4 sewing machines that take bobbins and OF COURSE.... they are all different sizes so they have to be kept separately. Love your work! xo

  16. Thanks for sharing this idea it looks so pretty.I do not think it would work for me however as I have 5 grandchildren under the age of 10 living with me.I have a thread organiser but it is up very high to stop it being touched.

  17. I have just one of those crates that I have also used in various ways over the years. I currently, and only coincidentally, use mine for thread storage also!

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. That is so awesome! I love that it is so organized, and that it has an antique feel to it too! thanks for the tip!


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