Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tool Time Tuesday...Fabric Heart Bookmark

Hi everyone and happy Tuesday. It's Tool Time!! Today's tool is your sewing machine. This is a quick and easy heart shaped bookmark perfect for anyone or anytime, but with Valentine's Day coming next month...it's extra perfect!

This tutorial really is easy, but it's picture "heavy"...you know me with my pictures! Lol...I just think it's so much easier to explain each step in a picture. If I got my act together and started doing video tutorials, this would take 5 minutes vs 40 pictures!!

Here is the finished heart bookmark...I made up this pattern, so with lots of trial an errors...I hope you like it!

The fabric heart hugs the page and keeps your place...

with this little pocket on the back.

and it's thin enough for the book too.

Here's what you'll need...the heart pattern I found fits in a 4 inch square. Your heart may be a different size so adjust accordingly.
  • heart pattern
  • 2 pieces of scrap fabric 4 inches square
  • 1 square at 3 inches (I'll explain later why it's 3 inches)

The most important thing about your heart pattern is the point. It MUST be at a 90 degree angle to fit at the corner of the book.

I found a free heart pattern online somewhere and then placed it on the corner of a piece of card stock to get the 90 degree corner. Just adjust the shape to get the correct point and look.

My heart fits a 4 inch square.

Here's where the 3 inch block comes in.

Measure the distance from the point of the heart to just where the rounded part starts. Yours may be different, so make your square the size of your side.


Place your 2 larger (4 inch) squares together with one wrong side facing up.

Place the point of the heart in the corner of your square and trace the heart

Cut on the line.

to get 2 hearts...

Now take ONE of the hearts and measure about 1 inch up from the point.

Draw a line horizontally across and cut on the line...only on ONE of the hearts.

So far you should have one full heart, one heart with tip cut off and a 3 inch square.

Are you still with me? Lol

Take the 3 inch square and fold into a triangle on the diagonal.

Press. Fold is at the top.

This is what you'll have...heart, trimmed heart and folder square.


Take the full heart right side up and place the folded triangle on top matching the points

Now take your trimmed heart and place it on top of the other 2, right sides together...matching the rounded top.

Here's a peek inside before I continue...

Please pin, pin, pin.

Now sew with a quarter inch seam allowance.

Here's a few tips for sewing curves...
  • keep your stitch length tiny so it takes the curves better
  • keep needle DOWN when you have to stop and pivot.
  • when you feel like it's not taking the circular shape, stop (needle down) and lift presser foot to take the turn better. Sometimes the foot drags the fabric and lifting up the foots release that

Tip for the "V" section of the 2 rounded parts...draw a pencil dot a 1/4 down from the "V" shape. That's where you will stop, needle down, and pivot back up to the next curve. You may have to go one stitch passed the pencil to be sure.

Always needle down before you turn.

Sew ALL THE WAY AROUND without stopping....back stitch at the end to secure. There will be NO opening. The secret is that trimmed off point...that's the turning opening

Make little snips in the curved sections to release the tension especially in the "V".


Open up that trimmed area and turn the heart inside out.

It should look like this at first.

I used a chop stick to poke out the edges.

Now flip the heart over...you'll still see some stitching on the point.


Take that little pocket and turn it down towards the bottom point and over to the other side.

Now this little pocket is on the other side and you are DONE!!! WOO HOO... no opening to whip stitch closed.

Iron  flat.

That little pocket on the back is where the page slides into to keep your place in the book.

ok...I have to say...I just LOVE this. Nothing like tooting my own horn.

I might even read more with this little heart bookmark.

I hope you love this too. Perfect gifts for just about everyone...
  • teacher gifts
  • classmate Valentine's
  • friends
  • family
  • easy gift to mail...just put in a card with a little extra postage
  • quilting/sewing friends for their quilting books
  • mail to your kids in college to let them know you love them...and that they should be reading! lol
  • great for cook books too
  • buy a book for a gift and tuck it in as an extra treat
Hope you have fun making these,

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  1. Now that is pretty cool! Thanks for an easy and quick project!

  2. This is a really cute idea, Karen. And, it sure would be fun to see you do some video tutorials!

  3. Exceptionally great tutorial for a bookmark AND a wonderful gift idea for the next holiday coming along!
    Turning and not having to whip stitch is delightful! :)
    Christina in Cleveland

  4. Great tutorial, thank you. Want to make some for my daughters.

  5. Very, very clever. And so sweet as well. Toot away on that horn!
    It's a wonderful idea.

  6. Great tutorial, Karen!
    Thanks for sharing

  7. Karen, está fantástico el tutorial y el corazón es precioso y muy útil. Gracias por las explicaciones, un beso

  8. Wow!
    Just have to make one.
    Thanks for the tutorial.

  9. una gran idea! que bonito te a quedado!!!

  10. What a great idea! So cute! Love the fabric.

  11. What a brilliant and cute idea, I will be making some of these in the not to distant future (might have some done by next Christmas for stocking fillers) Also, thanks for all the pics in your tutorial!
    Cath :)

  12. What a great idea. Have to make one.

  13. What a great idea!! I'll definately be making a few of these. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Great idea and excellent tutorial. Can't wait to make my own. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  15. That is an adorable bookmark.Thanks for sharing your pattern..

  16. Brilliant idea! I will be making some of these for sure. Thanks Karen.

  17. I just made corner bookmarks myself on Monday. These are great! Thanks for sharing!

  18. How clever Karen! I can see how this little project would have taken a bit of trial and error to get it right, but I just love that there is no finishing work to be done! These would make wonderful little teacher gifts...so practical!


  19. Too cute, Karen :-). I can see a lot of these in envelopes to friends pretty soon.

  20. Great tutorial and wonderful idea for a little something to tuck into a Valentine's card!

  21. Karen, muchas gracias por el tutorial. El corazón está precioso. Excelente idea. Feliz semana!

  22. I love this, nothing to do today but make hearts...and think about the ones I love.

  23. Nice and cute tutorial. Thanks!

  24. LOve it Love It Love it...
    really like the last turn out that finishes the back pocket...I sew look foreward to your blog

  25. Me gusta mucho es un regalo perfecto y te agradezco que lo ayas compartido!! un saludo

  26. Cute!! Love it Karen thank you :)

    Another little addition that might work is just 2 or 3 lavender seeds inside the heart so when you close and open your book you get a little treat! :)

    Love Sarah

  27. Happy New Year! This is an awesome project and perfect for a teacher gift for Valentine's Day that I've been searching for! Although, I may not make 75 of these for the faculty like I did the coasters - haha. I'll see how energetic I get. Thanks for sharing!

  28. C'est une très belle idée pour des petites attentions. Merci. Amitiés

  29. Clever, clever girl, this is delightful, thank you. Laura UK

  30. That is PERFECT!!!!!
    And did I hear you say "for next Christmas?? Perfect for when you give a book as a gift???!!

    (I am still in the - great ready for next year -mode!!)

  31. Very cute, Karen! Where can I steal the heart pattern?

  32. Love it - and the photos make it SO easy to follow, thank you - going to try one today

  33. Thank you so much Karen-I do love to read,so do a lot of my friends-this will make a wonderful February 14 gift :)


  34. This is adorable and thank you for sharing. I can't wait to make it as Valentines favor's. Love all the pictures :)

  35. What a clever idea!! Thank you for sharing!

  36. Thank you for this great idea. So quick and easy! Just the thing for a Valentine swap I'm in.

  37. Darling! Love all the pics....I need those too.

  38. Yea I was thinking it makes the perfect Valentine!

  39. Too cute, easy and quick. Thanks so much. Guess what I'm making for all my friends for Valentines Day?

  40. Very cute! Do you mind if I adapt your idea and create one for machine embroidery?

  41. I love it!!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

  42. Love it - Hearts, Books, and sewing what could be better? - At my house - there is nothing better. Thanks for this idea and tutorialree

  43. LOVE this!!! Off I go to shop the stash....

  44. Adorable and easy! I'm going to go try these tonight. Thanks so much for the tutorial.

  45. I pinned this... what a fabulous idea! I have boys in my house who love to read, and have a fish pattern ready to try. If it works out, I'll blog about it, and post a link here. :) My mom is also an avid reader. I'm planning on making her a purse (have the fabric... just need the time!!) and will make her a bookmark or two out of the extra fabric. So excited for this project! Thanks!! :)

  46. Great Tutorial, very easy and funny to sew, a nice present for me and my Love to crime books ;-)
    thank you
    Silke from germany

  47. Just made on out of scrap flag fabric for my hubby. Easy and your tutorial was.....AWESOME! thanks!

  48. bravo et merci pour ce tuto!! ce petit coeur prendra bientôt naissance dans le sud de la france!!! bisous

  49. bravo et merci pour ce tuto!! ce petit coeur prendra bientôt naissance dans le sud de la france!!! bisous

  50. I just love this!!

    Karen, would it be OK if I mentioned this post over on my own blog? I have made this heart for my DD and I know my readers will want to make one too. Of course I will link back here if it's OK with you.


  51. I think I understand this project, but it would have been easier if you hadn't used three pieces of fabric that were all of the patterned fabric -- after all, this is a demonstration. If the smaller square had been of a contrasting fabric it would have been clearer.

    However, I suppose I'll muddle through -- this suggestion is for your future tutorials.

  52. Thanks for the fun idea! I'm going to pass this along to my Mom. She is always making handmade gifts- AND she is an avid reader. She will probably make one of these for herself! Great way to use up scrapes of fabric!

  53. I've been making lots of these--thanks! I liked this so much I referenced this on my blog. Here's the link: http://fosterandboo.blogspot.com/2012/01/book-worms.html

  54. What a cute idea!! I love the book mark!

  55. I love your heart bookmark. Great idea to put it into a b-day card to send an extra special thinking of you gift besides. I'm going to make a bunch for the future. Thank you, warm bee-hugs, Debby (Wisconsin)

  56. what a clever thing you are! i found you via pinterest. i need to make a bunch of these. they would make such sweet little gifties for friends!
    thank you so much

  57. Oh my! This is like an answered prayer. I have been looking for a little something to do for my kids' teachers. My daughter likes to give to ALL of them, principals, counselors, etc. This is a great project as it won't break the bank or me--- and she can do some of the sewing! Yippppppeeeee!

  58. Preciosos estos marcapáginas me encantan y muchísimas gracias por estas explicaciones.


  59. Estupendo el tutorial.
    Muchas gracias.


  60. Thank you so much for this wonderful tutorial. I love it! I am just starting up a sewing group for 10 to 13 year olds and i think it is the perfect sewing starter project. Love it! thanks.

  61. Love the bookmark. I will be making several for holiday giving. Love your blog.I bookmark you, grab your button and put on my blog and listed in my good read list. You are batting a 1000. thank you


  62. Hi, Karen...

    I was googling for fabric hearts and came across your post. This is just wonderful. A perfect idea and so pretty, too. Thank you for sharing.


  63. Sew cute! Thanks for sharing and game time will be a perfect time to give this a try!

  64. Es un regalo lindísimo, muchas gracias

  65. So cute and clever! Thank you for the great Valentine's idea!

  66. These would be great to make and donate to the library! I'm going to get started on them right away!

  67. Great Tutorial. Great little gift. Thank you. So clever. Have not tried it yet but with your instructions and pictures I can't wait. Thank you

  68. I made these for my coworkers this year. They were a huge hit. Thank you for the tutorial. They are easy and a great way to use up my scraps.

  69. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! I made one and loooove it!!! Now my books will have love in it!!!
    Eliene Moronte ( http://www.lnmoronte.com/)

  70. Just came across this post and no wonder everyone loved it! Thank you for sharing a tutorial and will keep on eye for your other posts. I like reading books and have a collection of bookmarks but now I'm thinking to try making one just like this. Let's see :)

  71. Great tutorial! Love all the pics as I'm more a visual learner! Thanks for the idea, perfect for a gift :)

  72. What a perfect tutorial!! thank you very much, I will make for my friends and family. Thanks for sharing!

  73. I am going to make 25 for a quilt retreat present to all attendees. Thank you for the clear instructions. Ana


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